Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Scheduled Show


My scheduled song went smoothly!!!! wee hee... The so called Bustu BRunch Show with Dj xHu went well for 4 hours straight. Filled with music, requests, dedications, and of course musics! ehheh

I played pop, pop rock, british rock and anything requested. Evn the boss got to listen to my show... hahha glad she was pleased and liked the show!! haha

So we might have a new server and a new address for the radio! hhehe

So bye!

Monday, December 19, 2005

BruStu Radio + DJ - ing

heya Peeps!

BruStu or Bruneistudent.com has reached to another milestone, that is BruStu Online Radio. So, what about?

Well it has been a dream of mine becoming a DJ or whatever related kind of work, news caster or weather report in that sense. So through BRuStu my dream has come true! eheh

It was all a coincident. I tried filling in empty slot, and it turned out to be pleasing to many brustuers. Due to their positive feedback, I came back and do a longer show. And yeah, alhamdulillah they like it more and more. I hope it will be progressively that way!

So yeah... I have a scheduled show starting tomorrow from 9am to 12noon Brunei time. My show is known as "Brustu Brunch Show with DJ xHu" hehehe.

so basically that's it!



Mally: yeap... ehhe enjoy the show! and thanx for tuning in!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Guitar Lesson DAY ONE.

Hi ya!

Today I had another remarkable day. I made my first day for a guitar lesson with Zool. Hehhe

First, I was searching around town for a guide book and couldnt find any. So just waited for Zool to come around 5pm. So he taught me some and now I'm ok with it. 4 chrods altogether and thanx to the internet that helped me to udnerstand better. I got C, A'min, F and G. hehehe.. cool !! eheh

So basically that was my day today! But again... too bad, my itchy hands disturbed the tune and the 1st striong came off!! yites... sakit tangan ...

and my fingers are sore!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The one with me buying GUITAR! aahah

Yo peeps, Assalamualaikum.

The day started with Pinky picking me up and followed by the rest of the crew. Biasalah the 4 of us. haha..

We headed to Malaysian Hicomm in Bandar to get Zool's stuff settled and we went to the wrong way on the way back. We headed straight to Yayasan school plang! ahaha.. thanx to our brilliant navigator DIANA! ahaha

From there, we makan at a new place called "Mulaut Grill". It's kinda like Ideal Cafe but nothing is similar. They have different menu and all. Best of all AYAM nya nyaman! The environment.. not bad. Macam those Halal fast foods di UK catu lah...

After makan, we went around Bandar sightseeing, snapped few piccies macam tourist! aahhaha... then I bought a Fenders brand acoustic guitar! wee hehhee...Zool and Kev will be readily to be my instructor! Thank you..

Went to Yayasan, roam around and looking at few stuffs around, as usual nothing nice to touch and feel. ahaha... So we headed back to the college.

I got my Recommendation settled but not yet ready. Maybe around a week or so. They were quite helpful on that note. I was like suprised by how supportive they are with my choice and all. So... yeah basically Im a step closer to my dreams.. ehhehe Before moving on, we went to Library while waiting and met Madam Suraya, my inspiration. We sat down and talked for quite sometime and it was really amazing having the chance talking to her. Many issues she discussed within the short period and the usual her to inspire one! Thanx madam!

Went to the Mall, lepak with the Bandar boys for teh tarik altho I had Kokoberry! aahha... we chatted a lil about studies, Rafie might be goin to Oz, some will be heading to the job market, some join the army, shell... and the list goes on and on. Good Luck guys! I really want to see all of us succeed!

Headed home later in the afternoon around 5, and now settled down tll the evening. I just woke up around 3am and now here I am blogging. Such a crap!!

Anyhow. Bye!!


Sol: ehheh thanx mate!

DingY: kan BBQ you.. hehe bah nanti tah... ehhee...


Hello chaps! hahah.. wassap ladies and gents? ehhe

Right, today for a start, I went to Seria to settle some insurance stuff for mom. Later on, we had breakfast at CA Mohd and I had the long waited murtabak ayam... kebulur ku menunggu! ahahha...

After breakfast, passed by Thai shop and asked for the borneo bulletin. Checked the paper, wow... my article lah!! ahahha... and so... I texted few people saying about that and all. Suprisingly, they didnt change many, only few words and that's it! ahhaa... like... eh? I;ve improved with my English!! ahahhahaha... how I wish my school days were like tat! ahha except they changed the title. Originally it was "17th Intake Nurses: Ready to serve the nation."

So here's how the article goes:

Never mind long wait, be ready to prove your worth

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all 17th Intake College of Nursing student nurses on completing their course, especially those who have successfully passed the exams.

Throughout the three and a half years of the course, I have learnt many invaluable things that many other professions would not be able to impart. At the outset, my colleagues and I had no idea on what nursing was all about and we had no clear idea why we joined nursing in the first place.

As semesters passed by, we started to have our own opinions and grew interests. We began to understand the science as well as the arts of nursing care to start with, and realised that nursing touches beyond its original scope.

During our clinical placements, it certainly impacted many of us in many ways, either socially, psychologically or professionally. The thirst for knowledge was also undoubtedly increasing and it made myself more motivated and to develop further.

Now, it has come to an end. Nevertheless, it is just the beginning. Lifelong learning and continuing professional education is no exception to nursing graduates. As technology progresses in the area of health and medicine, nurses have to equip themselves and be one step ahead to face the challenges.

Thus, nurses today must not be complacent and only motivated by incentives such as money and promotion, but also as a personal choice to develop their career.

Hence, I sincerely hope that the Nursing Education centre will develop and spread its wings in offering more courses such as Bachelors Degree and eventually PhD's locally.

Today, we have seen many fresh graduates are still waiting for employment. I certainly look forward to such a long wait too.

However, we must not feel let down by this. What is important for the nation is that, we are part of the country's assets as educated people in giving the best nursing care in the country and we must be ready to prove that.

On behalf of my intake, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the lecturers, tutors and staff for believing in us and helping us to achieve our dreams in becoming Professional Registered Nurses. Not forgetting the nurses and doctors nationwide, who have taught us during clinical placements and we certainly owe you our sincere thanks.

To those colleagues who have not made it through, don't give up and you will finally make it! We will be definitely looking forward to our graduation in the upcoming convocation and be readily to serve the nation!

To the 17th intake student nurses, We Made It!

Sun E

Borneo Bulletin, Opinions Page Dated 14th December 2005

I've been planning to do that since years ago and made a promise on that. So yeah, it came true... ahha.. I did that in just few minutes as if I was blogging. It took me around 10 mins kali to compose and asked Lilac's help to proof read. And she said sumthing like "give it a go". So I did.. and sent a copy to Brunei Press! ehhe... As far as memory could recall, that was around 2am on a Monday night.

Later on today, had a buruk time and went online (as usual....) *yawn*... so got Kevin online.. ahah at the same time melayan texts from feedback about the article I posted. Many were saying like "kambang bulu" "proud" "good" and all... hehehe...

We had a usual chat about PUNANIS hahaha and about RUssell.. I dont know when we gonna quit talking about RUSSELL PETERS! ahhaha... LAter we headed WyWy for tea... I didnt eat.. was full only had Miloshake yet unable to finish.

Now, Im blogging and about to say bye! hehe

So, BYE! hahah

Sani Kamis


Dingy: ehhe thanx gal! ahaa.. we are now officially penganggur! ahaha

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just another day,

Assalamualaikum! ehehe

So quick updates:

Woke up late. Online and wasted my time...

Popped in few mates from different parts of the world in my MSN...

Decided to go out, texted Zool and he was busy scandal-ing... sigh

SO... Kevin wanted to come over and pick up Russell Peters DVD + some PORNs... too bad.. I dont have PornS *ehem* hahahahha

SO burnt him the cd, pass him over at Rojak place. I was craving for rojak after reading Mistress's tag... so yeah... called Kev and I had rojak woo!! ehehhe

Went to OGDC jogging. Too bad it rained just before we arrive at the car park... and I headed back to KB straight.

On the way, I yawned alot... and I felt like floating. Headed home straight and there I was in my cosy bed pampering my eyes!

Now online lagi balik.... sooo buruk lerrr~!~~~~~

Okie Dokie

p/s: posted sumthing on opinions page... but wonder if it will be published or not! ahahha

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's over yet it;s just the beginning.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all 17th Intake College of Nursing Students for passing their final exams with flying colours. Guys... WE'VE MADE IT!!!!

Saturday 10th December 2005.

The most anticipated day among us. Why? rumours were telling that the results will be out. Yet, many including myself had no idea what to expect. We had a general assembly at the hall with all the usual blabbering, and it was said that the results will be released by noon of so. Suddenly, the Zimbabwean friend of mine ran to the hall shouting "I PASSED!" We were like.. what? you gotta be kidding!... and yes the results were out on the notice board. I ran outside... yet had the feeling of hesitation to look the notice board. What if my name was not listed? What should I do and all....

So there it was my name was listed!!! right away i turned around and looking at the crowd with tears and a big hug to my best mate Pinky... and she made it through too.. cos I saw her name first... along with my other mates. We were all in tears of joy. However, the tradition in an exam, there are failure who didnt not go through due to a way or another. Anyways, to them, my prayers will always be dedicated for their success and not to give up!

10.30am : the certificates from the board were issued... and some did not receive cos they have not cleared their fees and all. hehe... so yeah.. hehe I'm a Licensed Nurse. With that I can apply work anywhere as a nurse, or anything related here or elsewhere.

After that:

My mates and I headed to the mall for a lil celebration. It was so minimal pasal bajit kurang! ahhaha... but yeah it was somewhat special. I bought a new phone too! ahhaa. SE750i (just in case you out there got curious).

The very next day, hung out with Zool. Well he came in the early morning knocking on my window. I didnt realise he had texted me many times. So we went to Bandar and I got to drive Vios.. hehe for the first time. Along with us were his girlfriend and two cute girls!! ehhe...

I got myself contented with few stuff from Samuel & Kevin and a cheap polo from Giordano! ehhe... I really like the cargo pants from S&K.


I have to fill in all the forms required, the SPA forms, CV and Resume. In addition to that, I have uni application to get done. Really looking forward for graduation sometime March or April. heheh


Didnt do much, early morning went out with mom taking her to hospital twice for her blood samples. Then in the afternoon hung out with Kevin and Zool. Finally get to hang out with him. Hehe. So there we were at WyWy talking about some random stuff that guys would talk about! ahaha..

Both couldnt stop dragging me on the idea of getting drunk and sober! ahhaha... shite those two guys! ahhaha... My reply was "as far as I'm conscious, I wont be choosing alcohols, although I may go to Pubs and Clubs, but my choices would be Lemonade or Water!" hahha...

So yeah, we had a great time having nice teh tarik and all. Later, went off to OGDC for my usual brisk walking... ahha need to cut down weight really! haha... and I just got back really.

So there you go.

Before I end, I would like to express my sincere thanks to friends who has helped me in many ways, to those who supported me, teachers, family and colleagues and especially to those who sent the congratulatory messages. Thank you once again.

Sani Kamis

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today, the one with me jogging.

So hi ya peeps!

Today nothing much, as usual. Went to work (am shift) and I was quite pissed off with quite a few things around the ward. Hhaha... habis orang ku marahi! ahhaha... but I was cool anyways.

So this afternoon, after waking up from my nap, went to OGDC and went for a jog. Few, nothing feels best than the sweat out of your body! ahha.. but what happened in the end? BIG DINNER!! not good indeed! ahahha...

Looking forward for tomorrow's shift. As for now, it's my last day being around the clinical area as a student nurse. Not unless they will place us for the anotehr 3 mths!! yay.... 3 months for graduation... can't wait to put on the gown! ahha seriously!

But, at the same time, my heart will be start pounding hard! WHY? Results wah!!! ahah.. iatah had to go jogging tu... to make my heart muscles stronger.. or stronger Myocardium! hhahahhaha...

So I guess that's all for today!

Joining you soon;


Lina: hahaha.. yes lidah unta? and yeah.. aku memburuk and rotten di KB. Im back to Bandar life starting next week.. and not sure sampai bila! ahahha.. I miss jua kadangnya the stress and the "sophisticated" life in Bandar.. ganya soo money sucker di Bandar atu! ahahahaha... di KB kaya ku! ahhaha... but again... yeah... need some time spent in Bandar.

Monday, December 05, 2005

More updates about yesterday.

Assalamualaikum peeps! *wave* I guess I'm back with my regular blogging... well that's what I'm seeing at the moment... ahahha

So yesterday? I was just memburuk-ing at home and woke up late around 10am, in my room and having fun on my computer. Night time? I was at work.

At work: Did all the usual routine stuffs, then watched Flightplan and Desperate Housewives with a colleague over the counter as we chose not to sleep. So we watched while eyeing on the patients and the rest were sleeping till around 5am. It was all quiet and spooky.. hehe but what the heck, we enjoyed the night. It was basically my colleague and I running the ward smoothly. YAY.. we need no supervision no more.. we have our own clinical judgements. We finished all the tasks without being told and before they knew! ahahha.. *so proud*

The bad side: the staffs were taking advantage over us! and why not the other lazy students??? So my colleague and I decided this.... we should just leave before time... so let the "pemalas staff" pass over the report we've written... I DONT GIVE A DAMN!! ngalih sudah... on top of not sleeping throughout the night. One of our patients was dying, iatah we have to keep an eye. So we ran away lah.. heheh.. that was the best feeling. Ada jua yang inda buat kaja.. but still can balik at 6.15am! FUCK! But again.. he's not suprising to us at all.. andang pemalas atu jua bah..

hehhe.. so yeah... it's 1.15pm.. and yet.. I havent had breakfast or clean myself! aahhaa.. germs and microbial organisms are all over me! aahah...

What's on today? hmm prolly another session of memburuk.. *sigh*

Sunday, December 04, 2005

the 10 5 1 year bla bla... got tagged from Lilac.

*10 years ago
hmm where was I? hahah... *wake up* ahhaha I was 12... ahhaha oh yes, I just had my circumcision! ahhaha.. sick. Nothing much while I was 12. I was still in form 2. Very eager to drive a car. Had trouble with History and sometimes Maths. But managed to escape all the way. I think, I watched my first porn here! ahahah... so yeah.. there you go.

*5 years ago
2000. I was in SMSA. my first time stepping foot into a government school. Was really afraid with bullies and all since I heard so much. Insecurity was all there and all my grumblings with the facilities like toilets and all. But then, it turned out to be very very nice and fun. So memorable. I was doing my A levels and that time I started to have school mates who are girls. hahaha... Had crush on few people but never had the chane to say it out. Now most of my crush atu kawin udah!! hhahhaa.. *suck lemon* me dude! Here, I got more active in school activities. Joined few clubs and got more socialise with people. Got my self esteem on the rise as well. Met my old school frens from ugama school and some were my seniors. Went to UK with friends on a school trip. And that was the best among all! My first time being independent! woo hoo. Slowly becoming naughty too. Then I moved on to PreU2.

*1 year ago
I was still in my second year as a student nurse. Having soo many knowledge on handling medical and surgical cases, I got more confident attending to my patients' needs. it was the best time. I had placements in the community, operating theatre (The Best) as I get to cut living human on the table LIVE! ehhe.. Carried out Appendicectomy (removal of the appendix) one on one with a surgeon, followed by many other major surgeries. Best feeling! Met many new people from different walks of life and many were great. Better friendship bonding with my intake and get to know them better. It was a year ago that I went to the UK for christmas with my sis. My first time flying alone and also to Aberdeen alone. feeling wise, it wasnt really great at all. But I had fun nevertheless, experience yo! So, I enjoy BruStuing too and got to know many people from there, Lilac <3, Mistress, Lina, Xeno, Sin Adam, Mofoster.. and many of the rest whom I already know and I;ve met these people already! ehehhe....

*5 snacks I enjoy
- Kerupok udang
- Chicken wing cuts
- Donuts
- Savoury Pastry
- Popiah.

*5 songs I know all the words to
- National Anthem Brunei
- Dakota (Stereophonics)
- High (James Blunt)
- You raised me up (Josh Groban)
- Awan yang Terpilu (Ning Baizura)

*5 places I would run away to
- My room
- Cathy
- My sis's
- My aunt
- My sis in Aberdeen

*5 things I would never wear
- Pink coloured stuff (too bad my uniform is, so excuse me on that)
- Skin tights yang fit sendat
- any piercings
- woman's dress! hahha
- bra

*5 favourite TV shows
- Grey's Anatomy
- ER
- Friends
- Under One Roof
- Whoopi

*5 bad habits
- Panic
- Too worried with things
- Too blunt
- Tend to believe with stupid people
- Money Management = poor!

*5 biggest joys
- My significant others
- My phone
- My baby vit
- My pc
- Broadband

*5 fictional characters I would date or think are cute
- Lindsay Lohan (freaky friday)
- Hermoine (Harry Potter)
- Lana from Smallville
- Witherspoon in Legally Blonde
- The actress in What a girl wants

*5 people I tagged this to
- Cathy
- Lilac
- Sin Adam
- Mistress
- Chevelle

Right.. the continuation of updates v2.

So hari raya went well... that's all I can say.. ehhehe. Nothing unusual, just the best prolly as tons of frens came over at one go! ahaha.. terduduk uleh nya eh.. ahhahaha

So third week, I went to Langkawi via Singapore. So spent 2 nights in Singapore and tons of shopping whilst in Langkawi, I only spent my days at the resort swimming and sun tanning. So it;s like 2 weeks after Langkawi and my skin is back to it;s orginal state. Putih? ahaha.. prasan. But again.. my weight is nevertheless getting any lesser!! grr.. Im gaining weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 more shifts before Im officially off from the clinical areas! ehhe.. should I yay? or I'll be missing the idea of spending time nursing my patients hehehe... but yeah.. we have to move on.

Results will be out in a very short while. Again... I dont know what to expect. ehhe... *interframe kajap* ..... I love all the songs on my blog... yes... here... the one playing now! ehehe.. I like pop music and country! ahhaha nyaman telinga wah! ahahha


Sin Adam: have you dude? ahhahaha... ooh okay... ahahaha bah ani updated tah udah! hahhah.. buleh.. ahhaha...

Lina: awu.. ahha now updated tah udah.. hahaha gambar oh yea oh yea kamu cana? ahhahah... have I got u in my MSN? i doubt it u know. ahhah.. bah add me saja sanikamis@hotmail.com

Lilac: mestilah pandai! gahha exprooot ku udah! ahahahhaha

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Aberdeen Visit.

As you guys can read from my previous posting, about the decision to fly to Aberdeen was made in the very last minute. It's all for the sake of meeting the newborn Joshua and everyone.

So it was October 4th. Nervous but not as bad. Why? I hate flying alone, that was why! At the airport, not many Bruneians that I could pick. Mostly were transit passengers from Australia. So I went into the departure gate when it was my call. At the gate, they questioned me about my pasport. Well aint suprise at all. Cos my picture in there is soo different. But it went no problem.

So it was my call to board the plane. The flight was delayed a bit and we had to wait for quite some time in the plane. Then, an old Aussie lady came to sit next to me. We chatted a bit and we got along well. Then after take off, she moved since there were some empty spaces left. My front seat was occupied by 2 Bruneians. The crew was great.

As usual on RBA, we landed in Dubai. In Dubai, the two ladies sat in front of me smiled at me. And I find that so dodgy since they were sitting far from me. They looked like discussing over sumthing. In the plane she turned and asked. "Are you Bruneian?" Yes, I replied, and a little relief expression on her face. To cardiff? she asked. No, to Aberdeen. cut short, she was asking so she could get someone to give a hand on her BARANG! is she nuts!

So a crew came over the conversation and telling us that, they are only 4 Bruneians on board, 3 female and 1 male = me. The person they were looking for was a chinese guy with specs on. ahha and the crew pointed me. I said NO NO.. im heading Aberdeen.

Arrived at Heathrow on time. We landed quite far from the exit. At the immigration, it was quite deserted. Not the usual busy Heathrow. So, my turn was almost immediate. The immigration officer was an Indian lady (not trying to be racist here). So she fiddled around my pasport and questioned me with her thick brits accent! She looked at me, and asked me how old I am and stuff. Yes the picture again!!!!!!!!!!! Among the questions were, why do I visit UK more than twice in a year, what do I do, and how come I have free time, what my sister does bla bla bla. Luckily I brought aling my student nurse ID to show her as a proof. So I was released by her Senior after my case was brought to his attention! FUCK! well alhamdulillah.

Claimed my baggage, and ran straight to terminal 1. That was a long walk for me. Checked in and I got £10 voucher to spend on refreshment as British Airways temporarily stop refreshment service on board. Sat outside the Terminal 1 for almost 6 hours! and it was damn cold! Then finally it was my call.

Arrived in Aberdeen safely. There she was! eheh Kachu and her new baby. Gave baby josh a kiss and he looked puzzle. My heart start to *aww* on him. He's my nephew my heart says... ehhehe...

At home, mom was busy washing the dishes. I came in and say hi. She turned her head and just say hi spontaneously! and She turned again for a second time and shouted... "ALAI!!! Kau tu!!! her eyes teared and hugged me kiss me and say.. kau ni banar.. aku inda mimpi??" ehhehe... She was overjoyed and told me how she couldnt sleep and all. It was almost 5 mths! hehhe... and she told me the few nights she had teh feeling that I'm gonna come! ehehhe Mom instict.. dont play play! ahha

There, I spent good time. As usual, get to hang out with kachu's and kolin's friends. We had iftar the evening and I was booked for making my delicious corn soup for iftar at Maya's house. heheh we chatted and updated everyone on what I've done and all...

Shocking period when mom was speaking English well... nicely with complicated english words.. like "splendid" buleh.. ahhahaha and of course, how can I miss shopping in Aberdeen. we went down to Edinburgh in one of the days too. It was nice and walking through the memory lane. I went to Edinburgh with my frens on a school trip. Not much changes heheh but I had good time there. But weather was terribly cold!

Then it was time for me to say goodbye. But this time, I met Garry (kol's Bro) in London before flying to Brunei together. heheh So inflight he was aiming this particular gal and bla bla bla. I bought good chocs that he kept on asking me who are they for. yes the entire flight.. if I could count it was more than 30 times that he asked me the same questioned that I gave no answer. Inflight, I broke the airline headfone as it was stucked! ahhaha.. I did many terrible things. The crew served us were the same guy who served me Dubai London. So we chatted a while at the galley... ahaha...

In Dubai, we had McD.. ahha and Garry was trying his luck with this gal. So it went well. Then on arrival in Brunei, heheh things were back to the usual Bruneian style.....

I certainly miss the UK environment!! heheheh The highlight of the trip was paying a visit to the Spirit of the Dance show. It was worth every penny!!!!! SIOK BRABIS... nice tap dances, good quality singing, jazz and many songs by the Tanner Brothers. all and all... SUPERB, it paid off my exhaustion of coming there and definitely a chilling time for me after the exams. Will see if I have the money and will to go there again! wee hee...

Those were all happening in just 10 days... eheh I could write more but the above are just the highlights. ehhehahha... karang berdepa depa panjangnya! hhaha

Updates... finally!

As usual, it has been ages since the last blog. Just look at the archives section, it says October when I last posted.

Anyways, since the last post till date, many things and events happened. Among the highlights are:
  1. My Suprised Visit to Aberdeen, for mom.
  2. Hari Raya
  3. My Vacation to Langkawi via Singapore.
Maybe for the above, I'll just break it into sections as individual blog posting, OK? ehhehe..


Thank you for your setia-ness. ehheheheh

Syaf: yes.. talk to yourself indeed... your blog berjaruk jua! ahhaha

Chevvy darling: ehheh no worries.. you're still updated what! ahha

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sumthing I picked up from Hotdamn's Blog.

You Are 70% Boyish and 30% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

You Are 22 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Your Pimp Name Is...

Pimp Daddy Shagswell

Sunday, October 02, 2005

BBQ by the beach.

Hello fellas! heheh... Assalamualaikum bah... heheh

So yeah, as planned ages ago, we decided to have a BBQ gathering to celebrate the end of our course or at least just a get together sort of thing. After many plans, we made our decision that it has to happen today, Sunday the 2nd October 2005. And it did happen inspite of all the problems. So let me break it to help ya digest my words below.

We planned to have it firstly at my house, just by my window... ahha how cool was that? well yeah... but then.. we planned to have some thrill, make it outside. We decided Anduki Park. People wise, it was meant to be for my close mates and seriously close. Unfortunately, plan didnt go the way it should, many couldnt make it.

In addition to that, it rained early today. Pinky called and asked if the BBQ were to be cancelled. I told her, nope.. we just go on no matter what happens. 2pm, and I was in Anduki. Gosh, there were crowds here and there... so called Pinky and I decided to make it at Jubillee Perak place. We went there, set up our BBQ place and done... "ani sajakah?" ooh well... there were only 3 of us!! ahhaha...

What went wrong? Oh well not really wrong. Guess what... the fire wont start until 30mins or so. We had no plates, no utensils for the BBQ yeah.. it was all handled bare hands! ahhaa... piggang arang hitam hitam, cucuk ayam pakai garpu plastik...kesian...

So what we did was... sabar sahaja... and then the idea popped out from my genius brain *ma kasih* hehe... fold the newspapers and wrap with foil.. ehhe so yeah! eheh... then kami pun makan ayam sedap kami minum kunyanyang... and guess what.. the chicken tawar... no salt!!! ahah but nyaman still...

After makan... we headed down the beach on my baby vit SUV or Kancil Evo (lilac)... siukness... we drove up to the end from otehr end... made few stops bergambar in vain-ness... so yeah... check fotopages

In conclusion, although it was a small .. really small BBQ ever... but it was undoubtedly the most memorable one and another remark in my life. Like I said to the two.... let it be small supaya tani ingat.. kalau ramai inda brapa ingat tapi siuk saja.. cos lupa siapa saja datang and we didnt pay full attention to each and one of the people.

So once again, Thanx Jah and Jee Sahrin.. ehhe meriah tani ah!! ahhaa


Saturday, October 01, 2005

From the day I walk in. Now it's almost the end.

A very good day readers, Assalamualaikum.

Today is really a milestone that has to be remembered. From 14th June 2002, I signed up as a student nurse. It all happened very fast, from the day I applied until the day I put the last word in my final exam paper. It's 1st October 2005 today. I've sat for my last paper for the course. All I am wishing for now is excellent results.

Throughout my nursing academic years, I have learnt tremendously and it changed my life. One change I could confidently say is that I am much better off than many many years before. I am much more knowledgeable than yesterday as well as years before. Life is all about learning. We must make sure that our life is much much better off than the day before. I have gained many many skills, knowledge and of course life throughout the years where it can never be easily picked up without experience.

On a brief note, nursing may be seen as only a profession. However, to me it is more than that, or even more than what a nurse has to do. It teaches life and to an extend of appreciating every seconds of it. You tend to reflect back on what you have seen, feel and went through. I guess in one word nursing is all about change.

Alright, now let's move on. I am still yet to celebrate today's achievement. It certainly deserve a toss! Right now, I just wanna reward myself. Sleep deprivation is one of the "things to do" which I did. And hopefully UK trip this time more memorable as I'll consider it a reward itself.

Next is to start worrying about results and graduation. *sigh*. Before I am officially off from the course, I still need to finish my clinical hours and cover every skills that I have not covered in the hospital. Then I might start go into serious business. Start thinking on furthering my studies in the following year, funding, working experience, and all the etcetras.

To all my friends out there, GOOD LUCK!! To my fellow nursing friends... We've done it!

Sani Kamis aka xHu


DingY: Love ya!! no worries.. will do that some other time again... ehhehe yeah your treat next time ok! ehe

Solid: ehheheh.... sexy? no lah... ahahha *malu*

Syaf: oh no... you found my blog!!! ahahahah.... habis tah tag ku jua ni! ahhahahahah... thanx dude... have fun!

Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Friday, September 30th 2005.

Woke up around 8am today. Wanted to sleep longer but I couldn't. Why? well for one my bladder was full. Second, my phone couldnt stop ringing from few of my mates terlabih concern suruh aku blajar... haha thanx folks... and of course the cold woke me up...

Around 9am, head the shower as quickly, went to the Banks and ran some errants plus the extras since Im flying off on Tuesday. Zoom-ed heading Seria, settled my tickets and had a long chat with the wonderful travel agent. hehhe chat chat chat... there... my ticket was printed out. It shows $2005. Wow! ahhaha lucky number. Airfares are getting no cheaper day by day. Prices are rising high up. Although my London ticket was considerably ok, but Aberdeen sector makes it expensive. Hell to all those taxes and surchares totaling up to $400+ in addition to the price of $150 or so. And damn I was lucky, cos starting tomorrow the tax and surcharges will increase by two fold. So there goes...

Oh kan menikam numbur kamu? ahha... all my flight details has "5" on it. Time of arrival, seat number, price (2005 in yr 2005), 5 this and that... ehhe cool huh?! ehheh

before heading back, fit my few minutes at HSBC to change my money. Bought Sterling, although I dont need much, cos I have already some. But then again, I need it for safety and security reasons. I dont wanna take any chances! ahah No one will pay me stuff... and I cant go around like "mommy... I want that lolly"... can't I? ahhaha. Exchange rate was a little friendly today hehehe.

Okay.. enough of those crap. I supposed to be studying I know... Tomorrow will be the last paper of all. And basically it's gonna be my last day coming to school as a student. ehhehe... yay-ness! But what have I been doing? I am soo unproductive today. Such a couch potato watching tv. I watched "green stree hooligans" acted by Elijah Woods. Never seen such a good movie as that. It's mostly based on reality scenarios. And man, that was cool and superb. Watched it twice already...

So, I dont know whether to be happy with my coming flight or otherwise? hmm... Prolly not the flight. But I will make it the best among all hehehe.

Bah... Im off studying now. hehehe...

Sani aka xHu

To you loads out there.

DingY: thanx for luncging with me tadi! eehehhehe... see ya next time aights.

Cathy: thanx for the treat again... hehehe love you love you!! ehehhe......

Lilac: awu... saya sayang ito! ahhaha.....awu... mahal ticket ah.... nanti we meeting ah... preferably non-puasa time K.. we kopi kopi and rundau...

Hotdamn: awu.. sayang ku kau ah.. nanti tah ku ke Brisbane! ahahahahhaa...... kalau ku ada free time ah! ahahhahahahaha... *jauh bah~~~* hahahah

Mistress: good Luck! ehehhe...

So.. I hope I am not missing anyone ... ehhe... if I do... hahha no offence.... hehehe... business hours starts at 2pm... eh apakan? hahahahahahhaha ngek jua aku atu udah... ahhahahahhaha

*HIGH 5*

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The start, now the end.

It has been 3 years and 4 months. Another 2 months before I end my course. Throughout that long period of time, I am starting to realise how much I've contributed to the community and I also see changes that's blooming around Brunei Darussalam. My experience whether professionally or personallu, it has a tremendous effect on how my life is today. It is certainly an invaluable drop of magic portion that no other wizard could do but yourself. Hahha apakan? ahha

On a personal note, my chain of friends also stretch. From those whom I don't really know and now have stick and called as my dearest of friends. Stepping my foot into the course for the first time, I had no idea what changes will I be facing nor did I know what to expect in life after the three years or so. Now the pave is almost done and it's just about time to utilise the pave and drive along it safely and smoothly.

This month is an important year and moment of truth. It's the most important time that sacrifices is imperative. No turning back on this one or otherwise throughout the year would be vain. It would be like draning your blood and sweat along the drain just like that. Even so, that is just a very simple example. NO words could ever describe.

I am sitting my final exams. I've sat one paper in the morning, Medical and Surgical paper. Damn, that's the hardest exams among any semesters'. However, Alhamdulillah, it made me to smile, and I managed to utilise the 3 hours peacefully altho my hands were cramped writing 14 pages essay!!!! Of course, my debts of thanx would be many to you out there and of course those people who supported me in many ways. Saturday will be the last and the finals among all. It has 3 divisions altogether, Paper 1 and, and Dissertation. Oh well... wish me luck there.

Today also we had the last, and prolly the last teacher's day ever. It was fun and funny too. heheh... But that gave me a good short break from beginning another stress of studying for Paper 2. So yeah... I am aiming high, complacency simply not me. hehe.. chewah! ehhe...

Okie then, picture will come soon. So keep posted and thanx for reading ya'll! eheh

Friends out there... GOOD LUCK!!

Sani Kamis aka xHu

btw. Im off to the UK again on the 4th October. hehe it's gonna be a suprise thang for my mom. Kachu and Baby Josh will be picking me up at the airport.. ehhehe... gosh.. I hate flying alone!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Almost the end, yet it's just the beginning.

Hello everyone!

Im listening to Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. Im tryin to read between the lines in that song... oh well.

So, Noor's finally going to leave for something the best of her life. All I can say is All the Best of Luck! and of course Congratulations! And Noor, hope we can can hangout sometimes if I arrived "there" ok.. do inform me your contact details! ehhehe... Im sooo gonna miss the wicked laugh.. altho you claimed yourself as not wicked! ahhahahaha

It's a week before my final exams. Like the title says, almost the end of my course, but hey, it's just the beginning of my dreamt life. I hope and will give my very best for the crucial 6 hours papers. It will be just vain having to waste almost 4 years of time in the course. Insyallah I can do it! ehhe.. Wish me luck peeps.

Last Friday, after the prayers, headed to Noor's place. At the beginning I was a lil wacky in the brain.. ahha in addition to my migraine and mixture of my hectic busy schedule. I almost made up my mind not to go. Had been thinking about it for a week until Noor texted me saying that it's her motther who wished me to come. So yeah... ehhe.. I gave her in figures 60% going later to 80% and again to 98% and finally I made up my mind to go despite being alone. ehhe.. Reach there quite on time. Met few gals there and new faces too...

Oh well, on summary, had a good time meeting Noor's and here associates' friends. Mimi is one of them the rest are memang saya tahu punya... ehhe Mistress, Lina, Kyrie (not Brustu's Kyrie) hahaha, Syaf and Zool (cant separate these two) haha, Solinis and partner, Xeno (oh how could I ever forget him) hahha plus the rest... ooooye ooooye!!! ahhaa.. Man that was fun... Snapped few... or was it really few photos? hahaha... really camera whore! hahh... From 2pm till 9pm sumthing... so we decided to go "menyindul". Since Noor wanted to go to WyWy .. so I reccommended the one in KB.. ehhe

On the way, Noor hopped in my car.. ahhaha bergila seperti biasa in the car... made 3 rounds at the round about KB.. ahhaha the Bandar group plus Mistress.. ikut jua convoi dari blakang... ahhahaha... *andangnya org Kb slahau dikit* hahaha..

At the "scene" ahha we lepak.. well what do you expect lepaking people to do.. ahha again snapped piccies and laughters! sakit parut ku eh..

All and all I had the best time and great knowing new people.. altho some are rotten in my head udah! ahahahahahha

So to end.. all the best to you people for the upcomings.



Monday, September 12, 2005

Breathe in and Out... HI IM BACK!

Hi everyone... I know it has been yonks since I last blogged. Thanx for the support yeah! ehehe

So what's up with me lately? Alright... I was and still am busy to the extreme. I'm preparing for my real final exams which is up in 2 weeks time. I really can't believe it's just in two weeks. Oh well, I hope your prayer and support are with me.

Since the last day I posted which was like 2 months ago, many things happened. One of my old relative passed away, my sister gave birth to a new baby boy JOSHUA AMAN. hehe Congrats! I also have completed my 8 weeks management clinical placement. I had learnt a lot from it and I certainly did make the full utilisation of quality time out of it.

I would also like to congratulate to frens of mine here... Firstly DING.. congrats for your graduation... ehhe soon it will be me! ehehhe... Lilac... you know why... I dont have to say it here ehhe unless you granted permission.. Congrats yeah! ehhehe

On simpler things, I bot a new phone.. yaww! haha.. Kinda lovin it really... but again.. the battery SUCKS on 3G. hehehe

Hotdamn: ahha thanx... oh well I guess you are really quite right... I am lazy being 22! ahhaha

So I guess you guys just keep posted here eh! ahha I hope the long absence wont be happening again.. ehhe =)

Lina: you deserve my thanx too ehehe!

alright folks, love ya
Sani Xhu


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Being 22?


22 is just a number some say, but to me, although there are no significant changes than the day before, it does somehow made me feel the responsibility carrying that age around. Not only being responsible to myself, but to my career, academic life, my future, my family as well as friends. Oh well, as far as today, life has to go on.

I've celebrated my birthday in a simplest yet as meaningful as always. I've got tons of text message greetings from my friends either of whom I call "friend" or otherwise. Of course, my family and bestmates will always be the frontliners of greeting me and celebrating it together. They threw me suprises and mini dinner and a huge lunch on a next day. It may not as extravaganze as many would want, but what I wanted was what I got. I had my bestmates sitting around talking and reflecting on what we had for the past throughout friendship. All the triumphs and failures we went through in this life. Of course, laughters were the best I could highlight!

For the past 22 years of this invaluable life experiences, I thank you the lord for giving me all the strength and all capabilities that making me who I am today. I understand everyday is precious and it's a gift not from a friend nor it's from a close family, but it's from God. It's life, the air you breathe, the land we put our feet on and the health we live on and there are so many things beyond we can think of. So, appreciate life and thank the creator before it's too late. Hahha apakan?? Napa ia aku ani?? hahaha...

What makes my birthday different this time?? I am celebrating and yet getting older without someone I love the most, my mother. I only heard her voice that I love the most and missed the most throughout her absence. I missed her daily kisses although I used to grumble about that smooch she gave me daily. ehhehe...

As for now, my ideas of writing has been diminishing. Heheh maybe I am just too tired to do things which are basically extras to what I should be doing. I just wanna concentrate on my finals and that's about it. I guess it's a way of appreciating myself in the end with flying colours for all the efforts and hardwork I've sacrificed, as well as a way of paying back to people who have supported me for this while. Like my lecturer says "Dont study for 3 yrs but do study for just the 6hours paper". Simply means... do your very best for the finals not just for the past semesters. Because, the finals are the crucial part of it. It's what you depending on.

I guess I'll end my words for today. heheh I definitely need a proper rest before I devote myself for Night duty tomorrow. It will be my first!! ehehe.. Excited yet I am anxious!

Therefore, it's a good bye!

Not quite yet, my thank you is owed to My Mother, Sisters, Friends (cathy, pinky, diana, diding, g lijan, g ajiz, brian, kevin, mikey, hairol, yus, minol, tak, thilak and many more.. thank you guys), to my beloved nieces and nephew for making me the most kambang uncle of yours, coursins (chevvy, karen and denise) and colleagues.

Not forgetting too, those BruStuers who greeted me with wonderful says in their greetings... and most of which are my friends now. (hotdamn, Lilac, Mistress, dreamer, bondy, nova, kyrie, calad, and many more...) Thank you!!

Signing off with love;
Sani Kamis aka xHu

thank you for making 22 less painful! ahahhaa

Monday, July 18, 2005

The day has started.

Hi Yall.

Today had been a tiring day for me. It all started at 5.30 in the morning with heavy brakfast. Thanx to my maid for that matter. So headed work an hour ealier before it has to be and before everyone else did, obviously.

So what's happening today? Today my colleagues (35) and I stepped into the real world of clinical nursing. We will be managing the ward as a real ward manager would be. We had a welcoming session and orientation which is for me quite important in a way.

Being away from medical surgical floor for almost 2 years, it has somehow impacted on the confidence which was once at its maximum. I felt nervous than ever before. Perhaps due to more responsibility and the amount of roles to be carried out that anyone of us is legally liable for. Hence, I certainly need to refresh myself with loads of skills and theories. Although, some are just matter of simple anatomy questions, but as more and more stuff loaded into your brains, the more and more you get things into a complicated conclusion. A first year students would have answered the same question marvellously, but yet, as the so called final year student, you'll be expected more concrete answers which in a way of presenting should be different from those in the first year. and that is torturing.

Overall, it has been okay so far. Too early for any conclusion. I'll try my best to take things as my advantage rather than looking it the otehr way round. I've got my shift schedule as well, and it really freaks me out.

At the ward, the staff nurses, facilitators, mentors as well as our clinical tutors are all have been great so far. They guide you in which ever they can, oh well at least that's what they promised us. So we started to work semi-independently today.

It's Monday, and we had rounds by our superiors, the Principal Nursing Officers, and otehr Nursing Officers. They basically were there to drill and to evaluate how much you know about each diagnosis and it's relations plus each patient holistically. I must say I'll have to congratulate myself for that. hehe.. something to fuel back my self-esteem and motivation.

Met few surgeons whom were being supportive in the Operating theatre. They all posed with huge smiles and short chat updating each other. hehe.. That's the best thing about our KB hospital.

To end, wishes of good luck simply be appreciated daily. I hope this 8 weeks will bring good memories and definitely fruitful, Insyallah. May your prayers be with me OKAY? hehehe...

Haji Sani
Extension Year Student Nurse

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The beginning of the end.


Monday was the beginning of my last and final semester. This semester is quite compact and the most important of all. It consists of my final exams and the crucial clinical hours. Starting Monday, I'll be attending lectures for 2 weeks before I brush up my bum for clinical hours for 8 weeks. During the placement, I'll be doing night shifts as well. hehe.. anyone wants to see me? I'm at the KB Hospital's Surgical ward. eheh.. If you're lucky, I'm incharge of the day.. heheh

As any of the semester's beginning especially flipping to a new academic year, head of course units will tend to make an impression to the students how strict they can be with introduction of their own way of managing. But yeah, we're immune to that. As for know, I myself and the rest will see how far this can go. Sounds fishy innit?

Well, for the few days, our head of unit seems to be making us uneasy! Definitely terrible. We've been treated like army trainee rather undergrads. Graaah!

Started lecture yesterday. Damn.. that was definitely critical and creative thinking needed. But all and all it has been ok so far.

So, basically, I'll have 2 weeks theory, 8 weeks clinical with clinical mentoring and assessment, 1 week revision, 1 week study leave 2 days of final exams.. followed by 4weeks elective placement and 2 weeks hari raya holidays then another 4 weeks elective placement before I finish!! yeah!! yes.. no break in between other than those break I mentioned.

I'll be working day and night at irregular hours! brrrrrr.....I'll be walking like Zombie ni nanti!

Results still pending! Wish me all the good luck people!

So thank you people for reading.. hehehe


Thursday, June 30, 2005

My trip summary.

Hello ya'll. I know many of you are waiting for this bit. hehe.. no worries.

On the 19th June: I got set and ready for my trip to the UK. Purpose is to accompany my mom to the UK as she will be with my sister for her first baby delivery. The flight was fine, recognised some cabin crews from which had served me on some flights before.. that now I realised I travel alot! haha..

On the 20th June, we landed safely in Heathrow after a quick stop in Dubai. After 4hrs or so of transit and long walk in Heathrow, we boarded British Midland BA1306 to Aberdeen on the right time. We arrived few mins before time.

Anticipating that my sister will be waiting us at the gate.. which se usually did. But this time she took the wrong lane instead taking the international route. haha.. so We only get to meet her at the Belt. Waiting and waiting for our bags.. my instinct told me that we gonna be stopped for thorough check cos our bags seems to be the last.

Yes.. I was right... so we were detained fro few mins for thorough inspection. They retained our udang karing and a bottle of honey. Well at least Uk is not as strict as the Aussies'. And I had to put my name on the dotted line! :( am I a criminal already of trafficking? hahah... choi! My mom tu inda percaya!! I had to be no lies yet no truth when I speak lah.. hahah...which was hard.. cos Im kinda lurus bendul.

So for 10 days in Aberdeen, I know where to go and stuff. We had lunch at the Chinese restaurant (my favourite really and drooling now!) and they served us a huge portion of Kway Tiaw.. ala kway tiaw basah in Brunei.. and covered with fresh seafoods!! yes.. basar udang nya!!!! And it was fulfilling.

Besides those, I only managed to grab few bits as part of my shopping. Uk wasnt treating me good this time for shopping. Mostly stuff were limited as in size and suitability. Most of my frens kirimans pun I couldnt find. I was basically there for my family. So without orientation, I took my mom around, get on the bus while teaching her at the same time. So we had fun together and of course with the couple (sis and her hubby).

While the couple at work, mom and I were basically couch potatoes! hahah.. we eat sleep and headed town.

Among the highlights were, visit to Balmoral Castle, Hazlehead Park and of course the Beach! Ramai orang picnic... it was just that one day prolly cos the rest of the days were not Summer basically!! Masih chilly and no sun but angry clouds.

Next time I come to Aberdeen hopefully October... definitely gonna visit that Chinese restaurant again!! Damn!! It's totally different tasting than what you could find here in Brunei.

So I went to many stores, but too bad.. my size weren't there.. and some inda padan ku makai... some mati harganya! and.. probably last season.. cos I spotted stuff that I saw last winter I came. So.. malas ku..

My shopping highlight is my flipflop! ahaha bahagia ku!!

Flight Details.

So... on the 29th June, I got ready and to be sent to the airport. My flight were not as planned! Death I could sense! Supposed to fly from Aberdeen at 2pm and arrives Heathrow at 3.30pm. I checked my baggage in and the lady told me that I can checked my baggage to Brunei only up to Heathrow. Menaing I had to claim and recheck that baggage in just 90mins!!! Man that is not enough time! We're talking Heathrow here! So I managed to ask her.. bla bla bla.

Luck were on my side.. but not quite yet. So she called some of her colleagues.. and managed to put me in a delayed Flight which is just in few mins time. The plane should take off at 11 was retimed to 11.55. So after checked in I ran to the gate, hugs everyone (tears kali here? hehe) and I went off. Berat rasanya...

At departure, I had mix of emotions. Sad, scared and anticipating the possibilities. PLAN B was in my head. There I was... being told again the flight retimed to 1300hrs! Man.. so I only had 2hrs basically in Heathrow! die.. cos policy for check in has to be 3hrs before departure!

Sampai heathrow around 3.30pm... and I ran like mad person starting I disembarked the plane. At the baggage claim, it took me 20mins. And ran for Terminal 3. There were many doors and entry points.. paning ku milih.. luckily my seat mate showed me!

I thot that was the end.. but I was totally wrong. So I took a lift and there.. I saw this sign "Terminal 2,3 and $" bla bla... so.. I took the right path and run run run and run! It was a total Olympics for me. Lucky me I havent had my lucnh for that matter otherwise I wud have thrown up. And Lucky for me being alone.. otherwise.. if my mom were there.. I will put her on my trolley pakah!

20 mins of forceful run.. I arrived at Terminal 3 just 1.30hrs before departure. I had to run looking for the Right track that displays RBA. So there... met a wonderful Bruneian who I accompanied and vice versa. While in the que, made some friends with some Aussies haha we chat and chat... then The Bruneian gal atu was her first time travelling alone out of Heathrow. So she was lucky to have met me! haha.. prasan. She was nice and honestly terpikat ku!!!!! MAN she was not lawa but just nice.. macam minum teh secukup rasa!!

So I went in to departure.. helped her out with some bits.. and headed starbucks to reward myself. Had the largest size of Caramel Frappu and a Muffin.. that was lunch! Quick shooping at heathrow and we headed the gate. PUN JAUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mati!

Next to my seat was empty and I asked this stewardess yang LAWA if I can put the gal in.. so yeah.. we sat together and chatted thruout till Dubai. And I was not suprised that she was orang KB! hehe...

Oh yeah.. stewardess nya banar banar lawa!!! Unlike the biasa ones.. ani lawa! baik lagi tu...

Ok lah.. that was it... Pics gonna come up soon! Vry soon!

Love yall

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Break.

Well... I guess it's about time for me to appreciate my hardwork and well time to have a break.

Tomorrow is my flight to United Kingdom. As usual, I have mix of emotions. Damn... I bet there will be tears tomorrow.. cos my mom will be staying in the UK for quite long. Besides, there are important events happening while our leave... especially as far as mom is concerned. Cos my mom can be said one of the important people in the family.

Again... Congratulations on your wedding my niece! ehhe Happy life ever after. Chevvy Kambangs... sorry lengs.. me cannot is the live cnn telecast for you.. haha aku pun away di perantauan. You good Luck with ur exams by the way.

So, I'll be taking off at 2000hrs... and arrive heathrow 6am. Next flight around 12noon and arrive Aberdeen at 1.30pm. Gonna be a tiring flight.. but no worries... mom will be next to me.. happy... ada bantal bergerak.

Balik... alone :( grr... I hate flying alone!!!!!

On the brighter note... RIVERISLAND, FCUK, GAP... here I come!!! ahahahah... :P

Love and hugs... high 5 jua..
Sani Xhu

Monday, June 13, 2005

Semester Break?? Or more work?

Assalamualaikum ya'll.

Today is my first day of semester 6's holidays. Man, I have loads to do inspite the break. Altho I am settled with my bookings, I am yet to pick it up probably on Thursday the latest. God knows how much the prices are!

So, today, I went to the hospital for my usual appointment. So it has been quite sometime since I saw this particular doctor. He's considered quite a "person" in the nephrology unit. So we chat a while and he asked about my current career and I told him that I'm in my final year of Nursing training. So as usual the question pops out... "where do you want to be placed?"... and I said.. "definitely not renal.. cos I had too much of it."

So.. we moved on to other topic and bla bla bla. So before I left, he stopped me. He said this " I hope you would think with what you said earlier, cos I can talk to someone about a position for you. We need a nurse like you with first hand experience... to be a health educator. You will be a great asset to us... and no one can take the position the same as you, not even a doctor able to do so. If you want, you will be in a good position and we'll arrange for further education abroad soon. and you'll be working at the RIPAS Education Department under Nephrology."

I replied.." *smile*... yeah I might consider... cos health educator is one of the prospect I'm looking at.." hehe... and he said again "I hope you think it carefully and tell us the answer." heheh..

Gosh... is tat a good one or what?! ahhahah...

Other than that, my niece (my cousin;s daughter is getting married).. oh my gosh!! that is a totally a gunshot into my head! I was like... WHAT!

Oh well... I hope everyone is doing their very best for the best and the best ever after.. gehheheh

I'm off peeps!

Take k.. hehe


*thinking*.. hmm nurse educator,... hmm... hagahhaha

p/s: I have not talked about the payment $$$$ gegegeggege

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sani Kamis is Back!

Right folks. First of all what's with the title line? Hahah no biggie just that, now that I have control over myself and being myself again. The one who is known for his easy goin, charming and sweet?! ahah Did I say that out loud? Bet I "didnt" haha... oh well....

Right... Thanx for those peminat setia! hehe.. Hotdamn.. I know you're one of them! ehhe.. DingY, my sweetie.. than for the support, Mistress.. thanx to you too.

So for the whole long break of this blog.. I had loads of good moments which deserved to be blogged. Unfortunately, time did not permits me to do so. But then, I'm not gonna disappoint you guys out here cos I;m gonna summarise it all in here!

First, I've finished my dissertation at last!!! Yes.. and many was quite impressed with my work done. On top of that, I even finished it before time... woo.. I didnt expect I could manage. hehe.. So that's the biggest thang happening to me. Well that is really the triumph in the course. Again... results awaiting... die die die !!!!

Secondly of course, I had a call saying my flight confirmation. Sad or Happy.. I dont know which emotion to use. Sad, cos the time I;m gonna be spending in the UK will be short! Yes I HAVE NO LONDON TRIP!!! too bad innit! How is that possible to go to UK not spending time in London! ahha On the brighter side, I am happy because gonna be spending time with my loved ones there! heheh.. and flying too.. although a dreadful flight I anticipate.

So in detail, I'm flying off to London on the 19th evening and arriving London around 6am UK time. Then about 4hrs transit in London, fly to Aberdeen on the following. Then... antah... balik on the 29th arriving 30th!! Short innit???

So during the absence, I had a spongebob plush given to me by Pinky! ahha.. Tell ya what.. that was my first time given a plush toy! ahha... On top of that, Pinky gave me a rose symbol of friendship! eheh.. We gonna start a tradition soon! well that I cant tell.. hahaha... So in total I had a rose, spongebob plush and spongebob phone chain! ehhe... bahagia kan??

So I guess, Ive spilled everything out aight? heheh...

So okie dokie peeps! Enjoy!



Mistress: thanx !!

DingY: nah.. my flight details as above! ehhe

Chev: me sana 10 days! ahha...

Hotdamn: enjoy!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The journey! hahha

Holla ladies and gents! sorry for the long absence. I certainly have good reasons for that!

I just had my one and only exam paper for this semester. How was I doin?? Damn, I deserved a shit for that. Why? I didnt study much? Prolly because my new room is soo gloomy that makes me just wanna go sleep. So what did I do before hand?.... I went around town, driving in my luvly SUV babeh! ehhe.. Went to panaga club makan makan... then enjoying the serenity of green golf course and of course the pool. It's a poolside restaurant tho. Then went DVD hunting, bought 10 of them. And watched all of them. I only studied what... 5hours? damn! I have in total about 15 topics ... but hell! I only re-read what I have forgotten, others will depend on how much I've gained throughout my concentration in lectures. That is just my way really... pay attemtion in class and participate!

So during exam? I just smile and kusuting! hhaha.. I targeted the right questions really.. but I neglect to study them. So whose at fault? Ya bet! So I answered blindly on the

  • theories of child growth and development and it's association with home accidents.
  • nephrotic syndrome
  • a haematoma in the occipital lobe, discussion of diagnosis and emergency intervention <-- this I DIE but I like questions like this.
  • The primary and seconday assessment in triage.
  • lastly the discussion of patient undergoing General anesthesia.
Iatah bahagia kan?! iish... tuhan saja tahu... hahaha.... But I am not alone to have this situation. Evryone did, and everyone was complaining how hard the paper was. It's not the question itself but how the question was presented and critical thinking as well!!

On a brighter note, I;ve booked my tickets to Aberdeen! YAY! hehehe.. then My dissertation is complete and only waiting for Kamini to check it for me... hopefully by Monday. I cant wait for my semester holidays!... hmm time to fly alone .. again! gosh!! 24hours of boredom throughout the journey!

I also able to get my laptop live again! hahah... I bought a new adapter's cord! yippie...

So what are or were my coping strategies? I went to makan as usual! A BIG FAT MAKAN! hahaha..

So loving you guys!


Hotdamn: I know you're gonna read! hehe thanx

Xeno: waves balik

Nisa: hi hi! heheh

DingY: nothing much to say but missing you! Meeting ya soon before I leave for the UK okay!! HUGS!

Chevvy: hehe KAMBANGS!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hi just foto updates!

High peeps!

thanx everyone for coming here! ehhe...

Xeno: ko lintasi ganya? Ko tutuk ko karang eh! haha

DingY: yes luv! ehheh you flattered me too much... ehhe thanx tho!

Mistress: jet-skiing? gosh i thot fore real.. iski ku udah! haha

right folks.. here some foto shoot taken during my boredom! hahaha

righ enjoy and have fun!
sani xhu

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just nothing.

Hi Yall!

I've got nothing much to blabber this time. I just want to shout out the updates on my fotopage. hehe >click here<

Friday, I was at the ICC. The ceramah was soo funny. Hehe.. I wouldnt regret of going to that kind of ceramah again! On top of that the lecture at UBD was fun too... Have I talked about that yet? hmm well next will be on Saturday. Right after my exams on the 4th June. It's going to be Rehabilitation upon brain injury. ehehh...

So, how you guys goin? heheh... I am highly motivated now with my thesis. Looking great to me tho.. whether it will be to my supervisor too and yet to the mdoerator! Gosh..

Anyways.. catch ya guys around! Bye

Friday, May 20, 2005

Right ya!

Hi folks.. How things goin?

Right I know most of you out there are screaming to get this blog of mine updated. Hehe I am terribly and miserably busy. Busy with what? Oh my dissertation is less than a month due now. With that my exams are coming up. This is the final when they will assess who are the top 5 to get the scholarship abroad and who will do the post grad courses. *sigh*

On top of that my other commitments in the college's activities are also hightened! Gosh.. what a miserable time... I had to attend lectures at UBD till late at night, then dinner here and there, ceramah here and there, seminar here and there... iish macam artist or VIP saja prasan ku aku ani sudah! ahha... *prasan attack is back!!* ... Just take a look at the piccies here.

See for instance later, I have to attend ceramah at ICC... it will be presented by Dr Hj Fadzillah Kamsah dn Dr Mashitah. Hope it's gonna be fun!

Hmm by next week I will be very busy settling loads of stuff. I need to start booking my tickets too! Yay! but I heard many tickets are fully booked now! I understand students are coming back for the summer break! *gosh*

I am trying hard to cut down my weight now... too bad .. evils are everywhere! I havent had rice for 3 days now!! But been eating loads! gosh... how is that feasible to hear? Da'oh *tap forehead* sama jua cetanya..

bah.. not going to type loads... karang payah si Hotdamn baca! haha sayang ku si Hotdamn! ahha.. peminat setia ku!

Love hugs terajang hantak hindik and Hugs lagi tampar lagi
Sani Xhu


Hotdamn: thanx for your patience. will always be my tandoori...

DingY: Hi luv! awu busy busy.. nanti... udah ku management.. we go out! hehhehe tani party shake our bootie! yay babie!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005



To all fellow Nursing Colleagues... it's 12th May and Florence Nightingale was born. So Happy Nurses Day to you all and Happy Belated Midwives Day! hehe..

Enjoy the career and continue to strive for the best health care service!.

I am so happy and listenin to reggae and ska!

heheheheh bahagia ku ni!!

I finished my FINAL PRACTICAL EXAMS!! woohoo!! heheheh

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Right.. busy-ness it is.

Thanx peeps. You guys are the greatest! Thanx for being around and stay in touch with my blog. PIX UPDATED.

Aight... nothing much to share. Just had been in a sea waves past few days. Now it all settled down.

I dont know, maybe hari sibuk and stress sedunia! haha... Well in one day I had lotsa things happened in a negative way. Yes to my frens that was. Rather, closest friends I have at the moment whose friendship I'll never tarnish. Hopefully friendship lasts.

To start with, my sidekick just broke off. It was really a sad thing. Not the usual ones guys. This one is soo tragic and drama! haha... It was all one thing that erupted into tons. First "he" forgot his GF's burfday! ahaha... well... inspite of being given tons of long missed calls! Caya! buleh..

Moving on... lunch time.. someone had teared out. Kana kacau Bf nya... kesian ku... hehe but I tried to menjadi pelawak di keadaan tegang! hahah it's aint easy to be one peeps! Salah technique... bukan nya jadi ceria.. jadi tragedy! hahah... malang menimpa! hahah...

So.. I just moved on with this life. I wont share my personal probs here tho. Well, it's aint feasible for you guys to read anyways. hhahah..

On a brighter note? hmm I have my OSCE exams tomorrow. The last for my course! I had 5 so far! This is the last. Should I yay now or what? I have 5 skills to master. CPR an infant below 9 mths, a concious 9mth old baby but choked which finally not breathing, surgical gloving, hand scrubbing and then adult CPR! phew.. it's gonna be tiring mang!

Progress: My car still di ICU!! hahaha

gosh.. Thesis: well I am 40% done! Proud? gosh.. goose bumps! hahah... Dateline is less than a month! I need to book my tickets to the UK soon! ada sesiapa mau ikut?? help me.. I aint wanna fly alone!!! no more!!

I have many agendas, dinner and social activities to attend... hmm susah... kan berpisin tah lagi tu eh!!

hahah psst... guys realised sumthing... slowly this blog has some integration into malay udah... banyak udah malay words ku pakai sini! haha bangga!! ahhahaha Good Luck my besh fwens.. Pinky, Zol, Diana, and... semua lah... and to those yang kan exam atu jua!! hhehe

Hugs and wish me luck guys! Fingers cross
SaniXhu... ku~~ sayang kepadamu~~~


DingY: yes me busy.. but it's you that this blog and this piece of writing for today created! ehhe.. Love you Telletubs!

Hotdamn: hey tandoori! Gonna miss your residency at BruStu... guess I'm gonna be a brat in there. BruStu never gonna be the same with your absence! gosh... paksa tah ku preach others to be foods fanatics.

Chicka: haha.. thanx pal! haha ada blog biskita? Link up!! hhee.. btw... will you be my next food victim! haha.. btw.. are you foods fanatics? hahahah

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The joy and sadness...

Heya Folks! How ya doin?

Today I have finished my operating theatre placement. It was all great moments I had there. We had a reflection session there and I had a mixture of emotions. But overall it has to be moments to be cheerished for life. My sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to all the Doctors, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Nursing Staffs and Supporting Team, you're the best guys! You guys simply have done to your very best and the maximum you could. It has beneffited my colleagues and I.

As a memorabillia for myself, I had my scrub tops signed by all members of staffs and students! Amazing!!! Pictures Here

So now I have basically covered all my basic and specialty nursing areas as well as placements. I can be placed anywhere with confidence from day onwards. However, that alone is not enough to qualify me and run the show as I have few more months to graduation and licensing for practice. I still need to finish my course, exams and of course my management semester with placement to fulfill that criteria. But yes, I am almost content, but not being complacent. Triumph is now visible which is just down the road afterall. All I need now is hardwork, patience and determination. Of course prayers from all you guys and my families!

During my operating theatre placement, it was the most wonderful experience I can never asked for. It has always been my dream to go there and work. Yes, I will not hesitate to fill in a position there. Another experience would be my first scrub in for caesarean section of a baby girl. Although the mother had complication, with all the knowledge, we tried our best to save the mother and baby. No experience would ever be the same. I also witnessed twin babies delivered into this world. It was a pair. The first was a baby boy. This twin pair is a product of InvitroFertilisation (IVF). It costs $10,000 and can be done in JPMC. woo... yes.. I wish to have twin kids in the future so I wont hesistate to invest that much!!! woo hoo!!!!

Tonight, I'll be goin out with Cathy and celebrate. It's just part of our ritual to have mini achievements celebrated. But this is more than that!!! To Cathy too, congratulations on your acceptance to MMU! All the best for yuor upcomings. Let the ritual continues... dont just let it "used to be" ok! hahaha.. makan makan makan!!

Sani Kamis aka xHu


Hotdamn: no worries mate! Do link me ya..., and rajin rajin tag me here!

DingY: No darling... Thesis is really killing me in the arse! I need about 4K words more!! DIE DIE DIE... wish me luck!!

Mistress: My note of condolence to you and your family. I understand your situation. Other time will be definitely fine for me! hehe.. Take care!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

What is Saturday without fun?

Hey Ya'll!!

Saturday? Left house a little late than the usual hours. Cos Pinky made a reverse pick up today since she started her journey from Mumong instead of the usual KB. So happily went up to Bandar. It's not Pinky who's driving if there's no thrill in it! hahaha.. So yeah... We had that usual thrill. But today's was the worse I guess. Topic during the journey: our plan on mini teen's trip to Kuala Lumpur! hahaha... damn... that discussion was very long indeed.

Arrived campus, chat around with good mates, exchange news and placements rantings and ngumpats! LOL.. then started the cleaning campaign. We the seniors were so lucky since it was being told that "seniors jadi mandur saja.. biar junior buat!" hahah... Oh not a problem at all... so the chat continued...

Went lunching to the mall and had tandoori at LeTaj. Sorry Hotdamn.. I totally have forgotten who Hotdamn was when I ate it.. haha basically none of your image played in me.. but my tandoori was daaamn good! So meantime, we waited for Yanne, Zul's GF, and we didnt want to do the usual movies hang out. So another alternative was to go for Ice Skating... but then... pocket is really kampis! hahah... So we postponed that. During those times.. I felt so irritated since quite some time now with my hair. So I decided to try out a professional touch to my hair. So went to HairRock and headed for some rocking touch to that hair of mine.

10mins later... chik chak chik chak with the different types of scissors then alternate with sprays of water then moulding. Started with a huge handful of mousse, then wax, then cream then blow then wax then blow then twist and turn then god knows... The style I chose was Messy Spikey. Oh well, My opinion was: ani aku pun pandai buat... macam inda bergunting jua! hahahahaha....

Then, we dropped by at the CD shop. There was this huge see-through glass wall... so the four of us act like models or manequins when we saw Zul's GF. Hahha and she didnt realised until we frantically waved at her! hahahaha...

From the Mall we went to Ah Hantai Qlap. But then it was full so went off to Mamih Qlap. We ate again.. and I ate Nasi Ayam. Ok jua lah.. and again discussed the KL trip...

So basically those are the highlights for today. Supposed to go swimming too but then, Pinky couldnt make it. So cancelled probably next week in Bandar... ehhehe



Mistress: food fest? ooh nothing unusual really! ehhehe

DingY: yeah... we bumped at each other di Lumut! haha I saw you with your wicked babu's look! ahha... I was frantically waving at you too.. but no respond... putung stim kau ah! hahahhah...

Hotdamn: se sirang? napa inda conquer arah catering atu... since you just come for the foods! ahhaha....

Friday, April 29, 2005

Days of Ups And Downs.

Song: Irish Son
Artist: Brian McFadden

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! eehehe.. I know I have not updated this blog since.. hmm you do the counting...

Well, I supposed to update this blog last night. But since there was a black out, so I couldnt manage to do so. As for today, I managed to push myself to polish my bum with my Literature Review. But yet it's not complete. I am yet to give diplomatic and reasonable reasons to my supervisor. Tomorrow will be an anticipated tiring day. We'll be having cleaning campaign at campus. Gosh.. the never ending kind of thang... probably it's just the way we learn??

So what's with my heading? Yes, I have never experienced such a terrible time of my life. Yes too bad I cant share it not here but not to anyone esle too. The secret is deep inside me. No sympathy is needed but I just felt I've made the biggest mistake in life or rather I have made a victory in this whole life? I simply dont know. psst... it has nothing to do with opposite sex relationship nor it has to do with sex and intimacy in relationship! haahahahhaha.... See people, that the best part of me I guess. I am still able to lift my chin and head up to the world and smile with pride. Although deep inside it has bruises and scarrings. esewah... jiwang jua aku ani ah... but yeah people. Last week was such a pain!

As for work? I gained more anxious day by day. My rotation in my most wanted and interested area will be over soon. It has been my dream to work in an Operating theatre since I was a kid. Crazy no? hehe.. Yeah so the wish has been granted. Soo I'll just cheerish every moments of that.

Graduation is less than a year now. Finishing the course is in no time. Plans and options are all opened. Too bad I have not made my final decision. Decision at this very stage is aint easy as it used to be when we were kids, young, decisive and dangerous indeed. But now, it is a very critical point to where your life has to be. No one can lead you but yourself. Others can only support and it's you that able to push and lift you up. My dreams and motivation to that are set at the highest point one could ever imagined. But will I be able to make it?? That's the biggest question that I have no answer to.

I guess I have said enough. Probably I am just too nervous for tomorrow. Hahhaha...

p/s: keta ku masih di ward. At least ward biasa... hari atu surgical ward ya.. ahha kira kes inda paham! Pokoknya... minggu depan harap harap gue udah ada mobil. gue kepingin sekali mau nyetir motoka nye!!!!

Bah... buubbye!

Cheers Mates!

Taggers: (thanx for your loyalty) hahahahahha =P

DingY: I am always yours! haha Jiwang jua ko! haha.. whatever you say Ding... it's the same how I feel about you too.... hahahahahaha.... aku pun rindu ketawa mu, hawa nafsu besar mu (makan) hahahahah

Chevvy: hahahha bah bah... gossip kapit men it is.. ahhah stress ku ni masih. My work load meter is really dangering me sudah ni!!! kira tahap maksima!!

Hotdamn: nah ku update udah tempat taman larangan mu ani! hahaha...... ko mau aku tambah apa lagi? Nasi minyak? Tandoori? Tikka Massala? Grills? BBQ's? Roasts? apa lagi?? hahahha..

Mistress: bah bila kan menjaur menyukat jalan?? hahahah

Saturday, April 23, 2005

How was I today?

I am at my greatest feeling ya'll!! ehhehe...

Right... where shall I start.... first of all.... NEW PIXIES UPLOADED

So I woke up as planned around 5am. Yess... I woke up right before my phone rang. Good innit?! yeah I know... So got up and ready, took some snaps of myself. Just being curious how I looked in early morning with only 3hours of sleep! I am MaD! hahha.. So why that early? Well not pretty early tho, just an hour earlier than usual saturdays, cos we planned to have brekkie at Simpur so we did inspite of being late.

At college: No class just being blabbered on all those typical instructions by the Principal. It's like a script that I have memorised and long understood. Besides, any matured persons would have that in mind earlier. It's just a matter of self conscience! naaah... some people...~~~

Lunchtime: So no class, lepak and rest my weak body at different areas of the campus. Just to compensate the grumpiness I had this morning (blame the sleep deprivation) and the warm humid weather. Thanx to the airconditioning breakdown too!! So been doing soo much reading and supervisor kind of thang. I emphasised to my supervisor that she needs to enforce sort of punishment rule to make me work but she refuses. She looks at it at a different perspective than the way I do. So clock strikes 12, we headed Ah Hantai for lunch and the secretly planned Burfday Suprise.

After that: We had a movie, Infections. Damn it was really freaking..... hmmmm freaking un-understood-ly movie. Hhhahah I still couldnt get the message of the movie... oh well. A conclusion after 3 horror movies we watched, it's all takes place in a hospital!!! CRAP!! *goose bumps* KENAPA!!!! cuatah arah tampat lain!!!!!

Then headed home... On the way, somewhere Tutong, a fortune! My phone sms tone rang. Check it was Lilac. She was craving badly for sushi... and wanted to go bandar at that very moment!! I was like.. what?!!! haha... I was soo tired (sorry noor) to go but then I refused to put down the offer. I would drive if I had the ability. But yeah she understands me.. thanx.. So I decided to go out with her anyways...cos I really wanted to jua... MAKAN kali ah... So Pinky dropped me at her place. Lepak for a snap.. then off to BSB, Misato. (pix later) and we really felt like Japan. Why? There was a Japanese family dine over there too... ehehhe... arigato~~~ and yeah... price wise? It was Lilac's most expensive frens dinner? hahahaa.... Now you know me pal!! (will post that token of record breaking)

Damn, I urinate a lot today! haha... shall I blame the horror movie? too much drinking? green tea? hahaha.... Ada "baby delivery" scene tadi!! Lilac was the ambulance driver... luckily baby was saved and melepas di "hospital".. you know what I mean Lilac! hahaha...

p/s: I donwloaded Keanu Reeves Constantine.... too bad... it's again a porn!!! WHY THE HELL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Cheers peepo!


DingY: heheh... yeah Welcome Back into action dings! heheh missing you loads and very loads tahap ke ceiling udah...

Hotdamn: hehehe yeah makan!!!!! hehe where ya? Me Mish ya!

Mistress: eheh everyone's a hero. It depends on how they "hero" themselves... ehhehe.. even attracting the opposite sex can be heroic scene! hahahah

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sothpark Family of BruStu.

We have this Southpark BruStu family thing... haha So I created one.. hehehe

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

hehe does it really look like me? ahhaha Someone says it does...... hahaha....

hehehe... cool innit??

Cheers!! ehehehe

Updates?! heheh

Yaw peeps!! hahaha how you guys doin lately? As for me nothing much of a progress but rottening and ageing. And that explains the un-updated for sometime now.

Moving on, I have my car ready by today!! Is that a woohoo or what? Yeah... I bet and hopefully it is going to be.

So what have I done so far? My work is still damn dragging me up to my neck! I keep on postponing it... wonder what's my next reason going to be? You guys tell me! hahaha

Been sleeping late for quite sometime now. So what did I do? Nah.. just browsing and chat to those owls on my MSN list.. haha one of them is of course my Kambangness Cuzen Chevelle... ahha we flipped through friendster and gossip! hahaha.... nice one cuz!! hahahah "kapits dang...."

Wednesday was teribble for me. I had an assessment test. I sucks limau kasturi! hahahaha... We had no cases coming in. Altho we had in the last hours, but we were stucked by our mentor for this awful boring lecture!! gaaah!

Anyways... on a brighter note, the e-speed is doing me good lately. Hehhe Thank you... So I start downloading heavy stuff. I downloaded acoustics music from evanescene to maroon 5 to Bon Jovi U2 and Coldplay! Lawa Hantap Nyamu... nah.. meluah kedayan slaju! hahaha =P

I downloaded Scrubs, Constantine and Evanescene acoustic going under. About constantine, it wasn't I expected or rather you guys probably think what it was! It's PORN for god sake!! I was shocked to see that in the early mornming when I eagerly opened that downloaded file!! DAYM!!! (Xeno, if you're reading this, probably that movie is for you, your version of constantine... ehheh)

So there goes my life... and I am getting very old now!! hahaha

Bum To Bum peeps!!


Sol99: hahah yeah... it suits my dynamic life innit? haha.. I love tiring but fun job!!!!

Misstress: blood dies? hahah.. no no... there's not much blood to see. Probably there's more blood to see when you guys have your *ehems* heheheh...

Rosie: thanx gal... no worries! hehehe.. will do so for you as well soon!!


Hotdamn: mana biskita babunya? hahahaha... I windu cheesels, tandoori, briyani, tikka masala,and cookies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another day at work.

I came early to work today. Woke up a little early than usual. Felt bored, and the internet wasnt being nice to me either. So I rang up my sister and decided to arrive hospital as early. ehheh...

Arrived at the hospital, greeted everyone with that joy facial expression of mine (nothing unusual tho) hehe. Everyone was asking about my one day absence. Okay.. heheh sabar peminat... ehehhe

For this week's rotation I'll be in Operating Suite 3, allocated for minor surgeries under Local Anaesthesia. So I only had 2 patients in there, unfortunately one cancelled his surgery since the wart has gone.

So was pulled into theatre 2 since they need male student. Since it involved the male perineum... ehhe..
So I scrubbed in for that simple procedure, but my gloves were damn messy and soiled with blood! heheh..

After lunch, we had another thrilling moment. I and other students attended a caeserian section. heheh. Another baby delivery!! heehhehe... siooook!!! But this one had a minor complication. We had to do forcep method!! geeesh...

So overall... it was damn wonderful. Lunch? I had chicken rice and tons of laughs and mengumpats!! hahahaha buleh!!!! sakit telinga yo!!

High 5 guys


Hotdamn: it's up to you.. I'll be udner sedation anyways... haha as long it's appealing, yummy and sexay!! haha

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday Night!

Assalamualaikum... ahha chewah.... insaf ku yo!! hahahahha :P

So as usual, my saturday started off with Pinky picking me up for school. Heheh biasa.. panating in the car... update here and there.. hehe... and yes.. seeing Zool doozing off! hahah

So we got new class allocations and head of unit leader. And unfortunately, the day was not productive enough. Managed to chat a few with my thesis supervisor and negotiated her a bit... well thanx to that diploomacy skills! ahha yeah right!! boo... So went off lunching... met few other lecturers lagi buleh!! ahha.... Cg Rajiah.. you rawks! ahahha..shopping tah saja... ehhehe

Then went pampering me with new stuff... bot new pair of the so called my lawa pants! ahahaha........

Slept for a while.. then came the people to sukating my floors! heheh.. harga naik yo!! So.. got ready and few mins later... ada Dang Lilac came to pick me up. Headed straight to the airport.

Airport scene: many orang nasyid! ahha (the stewardess cos of the caps they wear) hahah... then the ground staff ada new headgear? ahha does that matter to me.. ahha NO! haha

Then .... after that... balik... lepak CZ jumpa lilac's affilliations... ahhaha... then such a small world last night atu eh.. jumpa my frens and anak buahs as well!! ahhaha buleh....

Bah atu saja eh!! eheheh... today still waiting for the Filipinos to fix my floor... hehe *excited*...
shite.... aku alum ambil usin!! ehehhe.... ~ada dorang bawa penggarut credit card kah??~ hahaha

pssst... aku alum mandi ni!! ahhaha

Bah kick you guys semua.. and tamparings... hehehe hehe...

ooh yess... ehhehe thanx to Lilac and her family for all the help.. and I had fun!! ehehhe...


Nova: eheheh nada... it's ok... siuk tu!!

Lyn: ahha cute? I dont think so.... cute will only come hours later!!! not during delivery!!!! ahhaha I'd say... gross *cringe*

Hotdamn: wubsie... hehehe.... awu... bah.. u do me my bum first k... then I'll do yours at least negotiate it with the best surgeon that I can find... hahaha

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another fun thing happened!!

Hey guys!! ehhehe

Straight to the point on the topic. Today we only had few minor cases. We finished all surgeries before 12.30pm. So I had lunch a little early.

At 1.00pm we received a call that there will be a mother coming in for emergency C-Section. Or Lower Segment Caeserian Section (LSCS). A little bit of jargon there I guess.... ehhehe... In simpler words, I was in OT to assist delivery!!

Oh man... nothing could make one feel better than seeing a new human being brought into this world before your eyes!!!! YESS... we silent for a moment mesmerized by the whole process. Heaven!!!

And later in the following afternoon, only tutorials on instruments and care of devices as well as techniques.

So that's about it. But the fun is damn damn indescribable.

Love your mum folks! that's all I can say!!



atul5353: thanx for visiting... heheh altho I am not sure who you are. Anyways, thanx.

Hotdamn: no worries!! eheh

A shout also gous out to my seniors on their graduation. You did it guys!!!