Sunday, July 24, 2005

Being 22?


22 is just a number some say, but to me, although there are no significant changes than the day before, it does somehow made me feel the responsibility carrying that age around. Not only being responsible to myself, but to my career, academic life, my future, my family as well as friends. Oh well, as far as today, life has to go on.

I've celebrated my birthday in a simplest yet as meaningful as always. I've got tons of text message greetings from my friends either of whom I call "friend" or otherwise. Of course, my family and bestmates will always be the frontliners of greeting me and celebrating it together. They threw me suprises and mini dinner and a huge lunch on a next day. It may not as extravaganze as many would want, but what I wanted was what I got. I had my bestmates sitting around talking and reflecting on what we had for the past throughout friendship. All the triumphs and failures we went through in this life. Of course, laughters were the best I could highlight!

For the past 22 years of this invaluable life experiences, I thank you the lord for giving me all the strength and all capabilities that making me who I am today. I understand everyday is precious and it's a gift not from a friend nor it's from a close family, but it's from God. It's life, the air you breathe, the land we put our feet on and the health we live on and there are so many things beyond we can think of. So, appreciate life and thank the creator before it's too late. Hahha apakan?? Napa ia aku ani?? hahaha...

What makes my birthday different this time?? I am celebrating and yet getting older without someone I love the most, my mother. I only heard her voice that I love the most and missed the most throughout her absence. I missed her daily kisses although I used to grumble about that smooch she gave me daily. ehhehe...

As for now, my ideas of writing has been diminishing. Heheh maybe I am just too tired to do things which are basically extras to what I should be doing. I just wanna concentrate on my finals and that's about it. I guess it's a way of appreciating myself in the end with flying colours for all the efforts and hardwork I've sacrificed, as well as a way of paying back to people who have supported me for this while. Like my lecturer says "Dont study for 3 yrs but do study for just the 6hours paper". Simply means... do your very best for the finals not just for the past semesters. Because, the finals are the crucial part of it. It's what you depending on.

I guess I'll end my words for today. heheh I definitely need a proper rest before I devote myself for Night duty tomorrow. It will be my first!! ehehe.. Excited yet I am anxious!

Therefore, it's a good bye!

Not quite yet, my thank you is owed to My Mother, Sisters, Friends (cathy, pinky, diana, diding, g lijan, g ajiz, brian, kevin, mikey, hairol, yus, minol, tak, thilak and many more.. thank you guys), to my beloved nieces and nephew for making me the most kambang uncle of yours, coursins (chevvy, karen and denise) and colleagues.

Not forgetting too, those BruStuers who greeted me with wonderful says in their greetings... and most of which are my friends now. (hotdamn, Lilac, Mistress, dreamer, bondy, nova, kyrie, calad, and many more...) Thank you!!

Signing off with love;
Sani Kamis aka xHu

thank you for making 22 less painful! ahahhaa

Monday, July 18, 2005

The day has started.

Hi Yall.

Today had been a tiring day for me. It all started at 5.30 in the morning with heavy brakfast. Thanx to my maid for that matter. So headed work an hour ealier before it has to be and before everyone else did, obviously.

So what's happening today? Today my colleagues (35) and I stepped into the real world of clinical nursing. We will be managing the ward as a real ward manager would be. We had a welcoming session and orientation which is for me quite important in a way.

Being away from medical surgical floor for almost 2 years, it has somehow impacted on the confidence which was once at its maximum. I felt nervous than ever before. Perhaps due to more responsibility and the amount of roles to be carried out that anyone of us is legally liable for. Hence, I certainly need to refresh myself with loads of skills and theories. Although, some are just matter of simple anatomy questions, but as more and more stuff loaded into your brains, the more and more you get things into a complicated conclusion. A first year students would have answered the same question marvellously, but yet, as the so called final year student, you'll be expected more concrete answers which in a way of presenting should be different from those in the first year. and that is torturing.

Overall, it has been okay so far. Too early for any conclusion. I'll try my best to take things as my advantage rather than looking it the otehr way round. I've got my shift schedule as well, and it really freaks me out.

At the ward, the staff nurses, facilitators, mentors as well as our clinical tutors are all have been great so far. They guide you in which ever they can, oh well at least that's what they promised us. So we started to work semi-independently today.

It's Monday, and we had rounds by our superiors, the Principal Nursing Officers, and otehr Nursing Officers. They basically were there to drill and to evaluate how much you know about each diagnosis and it's relations plus each patient holistically. I must say I'll have to congratulate myself for that. hehe.. something to fuel back my self-esteem and motivation.

Met few surgeons whom were being supportive in the Operating theatre. They all posed with huge smiles and short chat updating each other. hehe.. That's the best thing about our KB hospital.

To end, wishes of good luck simply be appreciated daily. I hope this 8 weeks will bring good memories and definitely fruitful, Insyallah. May your prayers be with me OKAY? hehehe...

Haji Sani
Extension Year Student Nurse

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The beginning of the end.


Monday was the beginning of my last and final semester. This semester is quite compact and the most important of all. It consists of my final exams and the crucial clinical hours. Starting Monday, I'll be attending lectures for 2 weeks before I brush up my bum for clinical hours for 8 weeks. During the placement, I'll be doing night shifts as well. hehe.. anyone wants to see me? I'm at the KB Hospital's Surgical ward. eheh.. If you're lucky, I'm incharge of the day.. heheh

As any of the semester's beginning especially flipping to a new academic year, head of course units will tend to make an impression to the students how strict they can be with introduction of their own way of managing. But yeah, we're immune to that. As for know, I myself and the rest will see how far this can go. Sounds fishy innit?

Well, for the few days, our head of unit seems to be making us uneasy! Definitely terrible. We've been treated like army trainee rather undergrads. Graaah!

Started lecture yesterday. Damn.. that was definitely critical and creative thinking needed. But all and all it has been ok so far.

So, basically, I'll have 2 weeks theory, 8 weeks clinical with clinical mentoring and assessment, 1 week revision, 1 week study leave 2 days of final exams.. followed by 4weeks elective placement and 2 weeks hari raya holidays then another 4 weeks elective placement before I finish!! yeah!! yes.. no break in between other than those break I mentioned.

I'll be working day and night at irregular hours! brrrrrr.....I'll be walking like Zombie ni nanti!

Results still pending! Wish me all the good luck people!

So thank you people for reading.. hehehe