Friday, September 30, 2005

It's Friday, September 30th 2005.

Woke up around 8am today. Wanted to sleep longer but I couldn't. Why? well for one my bladder was full. Second, my phone couldnt stop ringing from few of my mates terlabih concern suruh aku blajar... haha thanx folks... and of course the cold woke me up...

Around 9am, head the shower as quickly, went to the Banks and ran some errants plus the extras since Im flying off on Tuesday. Zoom-ed heading Seria, settled my tickets and had a long chat with the wonderful travel agent. hehhe chat chat chat... there... my ticket was printed out. It shows $2005. Wow! ahhaha lucky number. Airfares are getting no cheaper day by day. Prices are rising high up. Although my London ticket was considerably ok, but Aberdeen sector makes it expensive. Hell to all those taxes and surchares totaling up to $400+ in addition to the price of $150 or so. And damn I was lucky, cos starting tomorrow the tax and surcharges will increase by two fold. So there goes...

Oh kan menikam numbur kamu? ahha... all my flight details has "5" on it. Time of arrival, seat number, price (2005 in yr 2005), 5 this and that... ehhe cool huh?! ehheh

before heading back, fit my few minutes at HSBC to change my money. Bought Sterling, although I dont need much, cos I have already some. But then again, I need it for safety and security reasons. I dont wanna take any chances! ahah No one will pay me stuff... and I cant go around like "mommy... I want that lolly"... can't I? ahhaha. Exchange rate was a little friendly today hehehe.

Okay.. enough of those crap. I supposed to be studying I know... Tomorrow will be the last paper of all. And basically it's gonna be my last day coming to school as a student. ehhehe... yay-ness! But what have I been doing? I am soo unproductive today. Such a couch potato watching tv. I watched "green stree hooligans" acted by Elijah Woods. Never seen such a good movie as that. It's mostly based on reality scenarios. And man, that was cool and superb. Watched it twice already...

So, I dont know whether to be happy with my coming flight or otherwise? hmm... Prolly not the flight. But I will make it the best among all hehehe.

Bah... Im off studying now. hehehe...

Sani aka xHu

To you loads out there.

DingY: thanx for luncging with me tadi! eehehhehe... see ya next time aights.

Cathy: thanx for the treat again... hehehe love you love you!! ehehhe......

Lilac: awu... saya sayang ito! ahhaha.....awu... mahal ticket ah.... nanti we meeting ah... preferably non-puasa time K.. we kopi kopi and rundau...

Hotdamn: awu.. sayang ku kau ah.. nanti tah ku ke Brisbane! ahahahahhaa...... kalau ku ada free time ah! ahahhahahahaha... *jauh bah~~~* hahahah

Mistress: good Luck! ehehhe...

So.. I hope I am not missing anyone ... ehhe... if I do... hahha no offence.... hehehe... business hours starts at 2pm... eh apakan? hahahahahahhaha ngek jua aku atu udah... ahhahahahhaha

*HIGH 5*

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The start, now the end.

It has been 3 years and 4 months. Another 2 months before I end my course. Throughout that long period of time, I am starting to realise how much I've contributed to the community and I also see changes that's blooming around Brunei Darussalam. My experience whether professionally or personallu, it has a tremendous effect on how my life is today. It is certainly an invaluable drop of magic portion that no other wizard could do but yourself. Hahha apakan? ahha

On a personal note, my chain of friends also stretch. From those whom I don't really know and now have stick and called as my dearest of friends. Stepping my foot into the course for the first time, I had no idea what changes will I be facing nor did I know what to expect in life after the three years or so. Now the pave is almost done and it's just about time to utilise the pave and drive along it safely and smoothly.

This month is an important year and moment of truth. It's the most important time that sacrifices is imperative. No turning back on this one or otherwise throughout the year would be vain. It would be like draning your blood and sweat along the drain just like that. Even so, that is just a very simple example. NO words could ever describe.

I am sitting my final exams. I've sat one paper in the morning, Medical and Surgical paper. Damn, that's the hardest exams among any semesters'. However, Alhamdulillah, it made me to smile, and I managed to utilise the 3 hours peacefully altho my hands were cramped writing 14 pages essay!!!! Of course, my debts of thanx would be many to you out there and of course those people who supported me in many ways. Saturday will be the last and the finals among all. It has 3 divisions altogether, Paper 1 and, and Dissertation. Oh well... wish me luck there.

Today also we had the last, and prolly the last teacher's day ever. It was fun and funny too. heheh... But that gave me a good short break from beginning another stress of studying for Paper 2. So yeah... I am aiming high, complacency simply not me. hehe.. chewah! ehhe...

Okie then, picture will come soon. So keep posted and thanx for reading ya'll! eheh

Friends out there... GOOD LUCK!!

Sani Kamis aka xHu

btw. Im off to the UK again on the 4th October. hehe it's gonna be a suprise thang for my mom. Kachu and Baby Josh will be picking me up at the airport.. ehhehe... gosh.. I hate flying alone!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Almost the end, yet it's just the beginning.

Hello everyone!

Im listening to Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. Im tryin to read between the lines in that song... oh well.

So, Noor's finally going to leave for something the best of her life. All I can say is All the Best of Luck! and of course Congratulations! And Noor, hope we can can hangout sometimes if I arrived "there" ok.. do inform me your contact details! ehhehe... Im sooo gonna miss the wicked laugh.. altho you claimed yourself as not wicked! ahhahahaha

It's a week before my final exams. Like the title says, almost the end of my course, but hey, it's just the beginning of my dreamt life. I hope and will give my very best for the crucial 6 hours papers. It will be just vain having to waste almost 4 years of time in the course. Insyallah I can do it! ehhe.. Wish me luck peeps.

Last Friday, after the prayers, headed to Noor's place. At the beginning I was a lil wacky in the brain.. ahha in addition to my migraine and mixture of my hectic busy schedule. I almost made up my mind not to go. Had been thinking about it for a week until Noor texted me saying that it's her motther who wished me to come. So yeah... ehhe.. I gave her in figures 60% going later to 80% and again to 98% and finally I made up my mind to go despite being alone. ehhe.. Reach there quite on time. Met few gals there and new faces too...

Oh well, on summary, had a good time meeting Noor's and here associates' friends. Mimi is one of them the rest are memang saya tahu punya... ehhe Mistress, Lina, Kyrie (not Brustu's Kyrie) hahaha, Syaf and Zool (cant separate these two) haha, Solinis and partner, Xeno (oh how could I ever forget him) hahha plus the rest... ooooye ooooye!!! ahhaa.. Man that was fun... Snapped few... or was it really few photos? hahaha... really camera whore! hahh... From 2pm till 9pm sumthing... so we decided to go "menyindul". Since Noor wanted to go to WyWy .. so I reccommended the one in KB.. ehhe

On the way, Noor hopped in my car.. ahhaha bergila seperti biasa in the car... made 3 rounds at the round about KB.. ahhaha the Bandar group plus Mistress.. ikut jua convoi dari blakang... ahhahaha... *andangnya org Kb slahau dikit* hahaha..

At the "scene" ahha we lepak.. well what do you expect lepaking people to do.. ahha again snapped piccies and laughters! sakit parut ku eh..

All and all I had the best time and great knowing new people.. altho some are rotten in my head udah! ahahahahahha

So to end.. all the best to you people for the upcomings.



Monday, September 12, 2005

Breathe in and Out... HI IM BACK!

Hi everyone... I know it has been yonks since I last blogged. Thanx for the support yeah! ehehe

So what's up with me lately? Alright... I was and still am busy to the extreme. I'm preparing for my real final exams which is up in 2 weeks time. I really can't believe it's just in two weeks. Oh well, I hope your prayer and support are with me.

Since the last day I posted which was like 2 months ago, many things happened. One of my old relative passed away, my sister gave birth to a new baby boy JOSHUA AMAN. hehe Congrats! I also have completed my 8 weeks management clinical placement. I had learnt a lot from it and I certainly did make the full utilisation of quality time out of it.

I would also like to congratulate to frens of mine here... Firstly DING.. congrats for your graduation... ehhe soon it will be me! ehehhe... Lilac... you know why... I dont have to say it here ehhe unless you granted permission.. Congrats yeah! ehhehe

On simpler things, I bot a new phone.. yaww! haha.. Kinda lovin it really... but again.. the battery SUCKS on 3G. hehehe

Hotdamn: ahha thanx... oh well I guess you are really quite right... I am lazy being 22! ahhaha

So I guess you guys just keep posted here eh! ahha I hope the long absence wont be happening again.. ehhe =)

Lina: you deserve my thanx too ehehe!

alright folks, love ya
Sani Xhu