Sunday, March 27, 2005

Posting about my weekend?

What's up yesterday the Saturday?? Nothing much. The highlight was only eating at that Jerudong Thai Restaurant!! hehehe

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We had a wonderful pandan chicken which I havent had for ages!! ehhehe... and Tom Yam soup!! nyaman!!! heheh Cathy if you're reading this.. I am sorry cos I know it;s gonna be a torture for you this one!!

Today is a Sunday. Havent done or gone out yet. Just stucked at home being nerdish and rotten!! haha.. I was feeling wacky this morning... oh well... what to do.

Few pictures here taken during the management course.

I guess I'm done for now!!


Friday, March 25, 2005

The Management Course.

Yo peeps!

I had a wonderful time today. I was with Radhi, Pinky, Diana and Mat. We had this so called management courses for senior, junior and student nurses. We assemble at the hospital lobby around 6.45am. But we were a little late. So we headed straight to the Pantai Jubli which was the venue for the day.

We were the competitor among the 3 other groups. Since we are students, it was the 3 to against us. We students had to show that we are much better than them. hehe... We were given tasks which were more into organisational, leadership and time management. We started off by light exercises to a 1km or so of jogging. Then we started all the tasks. hehe.. The name of our group was Adhesive Cheese! eheh.. yeah we have reasons for that... good strong reasons. The decision was made quite quick! hehe.. and yeah.. on summary we were the best! We scored 70 followed by 63, 53 and 52 for the last team.

Before leaving home, had few chat with the seniors and lunch too. It was the first time for students to join the course. We managed to snap few pix... but then.. hehe I forgot to get it from my fren. So keep waiting guys... to those yang eager lah! ehe

Tumbuk, hindik, pulas

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just for the blog's sake!

Heya Peeps! hehe...

First of all would like to say thanx to my wonderful peminat setia aka taggers! hahahh perasaan rasanya diri ini! hahaha. Just got back chilling with the guys! ehhe.. Faisal, Bandi, Zol, Pijan and Rezalin were coming. Rafie supposed to come, but he was late. We left before him. Met few Chinese old school mates. hehehe... suprise suprise. Chatted a little and few updates exchange. hehe... Obviously I was the ignorant one! ahhah outdated aku! hahaha

I am having my monthly hidung menses! Oh well, my pending presentation will be on Epistaxis this coming Thursday. Epistaxis? Commonly know as nose bleed lor! ehhehe..

How's work? Well nothing much. I only had the usual fun at the CNE lecture where we get to argue about one topic on your care approach and the progress to the top ranking officers! ehhee.. that's the only time when you can simply disagree! Oh yes do provide with that adequate and uptodate knowledge buddies! It was about Gastroenteritis among Paediatrics.

I only had one young patient who was bitten by a big centipede! basar banar!... My mate and I was soo panat... we put that evil centipede into a sterile container and let it alive. But then we decided to make that creature high or otherwise preserve it in formalin (which is used to preserve dead bodies or specimens). But to its unavailable.. I injected some Methylated Spirit! haha.. karau tarus the centipede! haha.. We pronounced it dead around 11.35am! Rigor Mortis was noted, pupil was unidentified, ECG shows dead! ahha Ventricular fibrilation if it were to exist! hahaha

OOh yes, my custom made cabinets are all set in place! hehe.. Quite satisfied with it. Now what's left is to paint my room and laminate the floor!! yippie!!! hehehe.. my study room looks like an office!! hahah... big study table!!! hahaha... I am soo content!

Right taggers these are for you:

Xeno: thanx for reading dude! I read yours too! Keep it updated yeah! hehehe thanx buddy! You're da man! hahah apakanz?! btw... ambulance ride? if you're not the ride sick type it's a fun experience! hahaha.. sure it is fun! mau ikut?! ehhehe... call 991!! ahha.. say the code.. NOVA! haha.. I'll come along! hahaha...

Lilac: haha... awu.... I know you liked that! ahhaha

Chevvy: awu seriously AIR BAG man!! hahahaha...... but I wont anticipate any smell that complements it!

Mistress: awu sikit lagi ku angkat! pakal saja barat! badan ku ani kurang labih jua tinggi wheelchair atu! hahaha... too bad! hahahaha.... ku tulak tulak saja! guys that's one of the reason why you guys liat wheelchair di hospital inda berseri! ahhaha... kes ketakutan... umban saja! and pakai buang boring!! main tulak lunsur! aahah or lumba!

Btw: just a lil preview on what's up for tomorrow, the Friday. I'll be having some management course organised by the KB Hospital. It will be at the Pantai Jubli. My panat gang will be joining! hahah picnic hantap kami.. insyallah will have some pics. hhehehe... jan saja hujan! We were asked to take along tikar, clothings, towel and tikar. hahah.. picnic kan? savvy?!?!

Ciao mates!!
love, hugs, kiss, kick, somersault, smack, twist and chacha
xHu.. your one and only virtual xhutungs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just for laughs!

Right.. just short and quick!

While on our way back in the ambulance, the sirens were so loud. While checking and doing some assessment on the patient, we had to make a turn at the round about. I was putting back some of the equipment into the emergency tool box! ahhaha.... skali apa nah... while the ambulance made the quick turn in a fast speed... aku terslide terdasur kedapan!! hahaha... Luckily the male staff nurse had a quick response to stimuli... so he grabbed me just before I land my butt onto the ambulance floor! Kalau melabuk.. inda cali tu bui!!!!!! hahahahha..... Demikian lah al Kisah..

Btw.. I was so nervous. Female nurses were instructed to sit at the front. Patient was a known case of mental probs along with the sister who also suffers the same problem. Both have had cases of assaulting other humans of earth! siapa jua inda takut! Basar lagi badan sister nya tu!! mati ku! apa pedah terdasur mencium tarus and terhabab at the sisters private area! ahhahahahha... Air Bag plang tu banar!!! haha.. yeah I know I am jahat!! ahahha

Bah bye!

Hows life today mate?

Oh the answer to that will be GREAT and WICKED!!! ehehheheh

To start with, I just got back from work... hehehheeh rajin kan??

Today I was awakened by the knocks from my sister who I asked to accompany me to Boustead. My car made such a problem last night after the ride from Bandar. The temperature went up and on arrival I checked there was no coolant fluids anymore. So I was worried... cos my car atu my baby kali ah!! ahhaha

So I had one of the mechanics to hopped into my sister and got him to the house to check the car. He said it was nothing. So he pulled the hose and turned on the water pipe, filled in water until it was full. Made some testings and that was it. Car was certified A OK! went back to the agent.. and they charged me $25!!! Just for that? What da PHUCK! oh well.. since I am soo kecingss! haha.. so gave him lah.... and will do the maintenance checking this Friday. This won't happen if I knew what was the problem and the solution to that! SHITE! >sucks lemon<

At work, I decided to go home at 10 instead of 8pm. I started work at 12.30pm. heheh.. yeah you bet it is tiring! I only had less than 10 mins break to eat my prepared dinner. Work work and work is what it's all about. Altho I sincerely enjoyed it and I tell ya... it was fun!! Before I leave, went to the maternity floor to send in one mother for delivery! Yites! on the way back, I was soo scared to get back to my unit alone. The lif's door couldnt close cos stucked! So I took the long way back... soo freaky sunyi!!!!!!!!!!!! laju jalan ku!! the wheelchair I pushed pun tunggang terbalik! ahhahaa rasa kan ku angkat!!

Statistics: patient attended: approx 35. 5 emergency trolleys. 1 venepuncture. 2 post circumcision dressings 1 cannulation and 1 suturing.

Mom was so worried that I didnt even call or what to why I was not at home till around that time. Oh well, to my suprise she was passing by this emergency department while I was crossing over! aahhaha.. terkajut ku! "eh.. my mom!" said I... hehehe...

So now.. here I am sitting down blogging you just keeping you up to date about sani da cute as certified by SOL99 of BruStu! ahha *kambang ku eh!!*

Bebee: heheh yeah.. definitely a misunderstood thang.. but then.. without me doin so it wont be fun innit? hahaha!!!

Hotdamn: why darling!! inda kan you inda mau present!! inda kan takut? napa you want me to be by your side? that will make you more frightened you know! hahahaha

Mistress: bahapa ko kan kawin lari? ahha jan di ikut tu anak ah.. eheh gauk tu! nanti ku acut!!

Hugs, Tampars, Terajangs and Luvs:

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Today has got nothing much to offer for my bored soul!

Only had few minor cases coming in. Other times were just being drilled and bombarded by questions thrown by Dr Sudha! aka Nini Kebayan!! Oh well.. I managed to answer them all tho... from diuretics to effects of atropine to certain conditions..! haha bravo... *taps shoulder*

Reply to taggers:

Chevvy: I am sorry to hear that! ehhe.. kejam eh your mom ah! ahhaa.. bahagia ia.... ahhaha.... that time she was wearing this red tarang baju! ahha meriah yo!!!!!

DingY: Hope you get well son babe! lay down on a flat firm surface. Preferably the floor with no matress!! Get some panadol to relief the pain.

Lilac: I hope you get well, good as new so soon! I am so sorry to hear all those painful bodyaches.

Mistress: ahhahaha... aku kiut? hahaha bahagia bahagia gue dibikin!!

Sol99: iatah ganya tu? nominees?? haha.. Aku mau jadi winner!! ahahhaha... tamak aku ah! ahhahahahahha

So guys I guess that's all I have for you! adios! WUBSS!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hmm Terangkat or Ternaik?! hahah

Song: Beautiful Ones by Suede.
Mood: Blunt
Physique: Scruffy!! awoo.. baru ku bangun tidur!

So, what about this terangkat or ternaik thing? haha.. *perv mode on*

Cathy, Bee, Carol and I were on our way from ICC. We dropped Carol off at Riverview. It all happened when I started to have this poor hearing! It's not that I'm deaf, but simply I pick things and comprehend it wrongly!! hahah.. yeah... lagging? yeah.. you can say that... besides.. it's not unusual to have me in such a way.

So, at the stop look go, there were one police car with 2 officers and a saloon car and a man. It was dark that area. The man's car was inclined up at the stable. Most probably being caught red handed and after a pursuit. That explains probably the one tyre up at the stable side.

So I was like... "hey apa saja dorang runding atu? At this time (12.30am)... hmm... lain ni..." so we laughed till our heads off. We needed a laugh to keep ourselves awake esp the driver that was! ahha....

So bebee continued the convo... " hmm.. memang dorang runding runding tu...... bolehlah 3000 saja... ini sudah akhir malam... ni ternaik sudah!!" (well I dont know if you guys can get this) hahah...

So from reverview... I was just laughing.. and the gals were just not that hyper laugh. Not until we reached Jerudong since the convo kept on going. So I cleared my doubt... " what you guys meant by ternaik tadi kan??" haha.... then they gave me "that" look..."the car lah!!!" hahahha... I couldnt stop laughing and they got the thang in instant!! haha.. "ahh.. lain ni si sani ah!!" hahahaha... palui... hahahahha

Credits for the laughters and Night go out to
Cathy and Bebee... for melayan my perveyness!! hahaha sorry guys! Since I was the only guy! oops! hahahhahaha...

But yeah.. wonderful night indeed!

Roger and Out!

My brain is ageing.

Wassap peeps! hehe...

Was supposed to blog yesterday from school but inda ku mampu ber wireless!! hahah... pinjam si kawan... ia lari tah jua..

Yesterday, I had to submit my assignments. Only in the early morning that I realised I had some missing items in there. But it's too late to reverse or redo everything. Besides I am too lazy and too tired. Till now I couldnt be bothered with any work that is still pending.

The calculations exam results are out already. First the real answers were released. I was confident enough to pass. Before the index numbers were shout out, it was informed that only 4 candidates passed the exam out of 60plus. After the 4 Indexes were released, I started to cringe that I knew I failed. Next announcement was candidates who made only 1 mistake. My index number was the second to be mentioned. 4 of us made only 1 mistake. My mistake was only with units (eg. mg/mls/mcg) (It is a must 100% pass pharmacology test) Too bad, I will have to resit that paper in two weeks time. So my day went bad. Thanx to pinky tho for cheering me up in whichever way she could! You're the best gal!

So we went home as early as possible cos I had dinner to catch. Around 6.20pm I arrived at Cathy's. So we headed Bandar and picked Bebee on the way, Carol was in Sengkurong. We arrived at the ICC around 7.45pm. We headed straight in to the designated table. Show was excellent altho few pauses in between. Ahaha... it was not the ICC I've known up to last night. It had turned into a party or bar alike. It was Malam Rumpun Siwaja they called it. It was organised by the ITB students. It showcased the talents of fellow ITB students on the cultural side of Brunei cum a farewell dinner to the graduating Intake 18th of ITB. Overall, it was fun. I saw a BruStuer that I've never met, Lina. We were face to face and too bad she couldnt recognise me. Oh well, I wasnt making any move to say hi so partly was my fault too. hehhe

Today, woke up as my Sunday waking up time would be. I headed straight to Bandar. First stop Qlap to get some CNI stuff. Then to our house in Kilanas to arrange some furniture business with the house tenant. Mom checked the other houses as well then went to my aunt for wonderful ambuyat Lunch. Later, headed to see how's my custom made furniture goin on! Yeeah.. it was great and HUGE! aha.. amazed with it.. and they soon gonna start varnishing the top part! yay... Friday will be the delivery date!

Before heading back KB, stopped by at my nini's place. hehe.. Texted chevelle that I had a great time there eating the currypuffs! hehe... Her mother was hyperactive! ahha Not that I dont know! ahaha... habis ku siggung nya mun bercerita! ahaha... she asked about this Kambangs cousin, and I just say.. yeah and.. Ooh.. hahahah

So here I am.... blogging and spilling all the boredom I had. With my failure from yesterday, I guess I am getting blonde! haha as what my fren (nira) said to me... "sani you're blonder than I am!" haha... Blonder? such a word? haha

Signing out
Da Blonde! NOT!


Afee: thanx, will link ya in a bit!

Chevvy: Bah jan tah kawin, bujang saja tani lo! hahah tani kawin sama sama... di JPCC... combine save cost! haha

DingY: awoo me mish you to da max! kan meluah ganya inda jantung ku!!

Mistress: aku kiut? iakan??? haahahahahah

Hotdamn: hahah I'm watching ya! ahha

Friday, March 18, 2005

Brain VS Time

Yo peeps! How things goin? *wave wave*

It's aint good with me today! Tomorrow is the dateline for my assignments! Still craving to finish the 3000 words.

Work Progress: VERY BAD! --> DANGER ZONE!

I just couldn't find ways to finish my work. Simply demotivated and unwilling. I wonder why this is happening??

My sister on the other hand just called from the UK. Yeah indeed it was great. It was quite a long time since I heard her lovely voice! :) I gave her this blog's link. I asked her to tag me.. and wonder if she can find her way! ahha.. Hope she reads this! Her burfday is coming up soon! eheh

Jol came here early morning.I have not even had my shower. *fresh bertakang berkarak masih yo* He knocked on my window and let him in. He was here to discuss the thesis's literature review. But yeah.. none is productive. Why? Because I am soo busy!!! ooh yes.. but not busy to blog! hahaha

Looking forward for the prom night tomorrow! heheh...

Aights peeps!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Finally ... the Launching.

Oh yes...Finally I managed to get this site organised! woohooo!!! :P

With the Kalimah, Bismillah Hirah Man Nirrahim, I officially declare this blog site opened!

hahah.. bah.. be free to tag me here! or link me... up to you guys.


Moment of madness!

Well well well where should I start? Should I start from the moment I woke up or what? I guess I shall start from last night!Last night? Where was I? Okay, I got back from work not the unusual late. It was about 9-ish. I was attending the doctors consultation room. It was not that busy. Dr Deisi was damn fast with her assessment! ahha.. I miss shadowing Dr Yan... altho he's quite slow but he's cool and informative... altho I'll be doing much of the askings and teachings! ahaha..

We had patient brought in dead yesterday. It was jinx I guess. When we had the ambulance call, two my other colleagues went out for the ambulance ride. Suddenly this harness fell down by me and I accidentally said... "ooh BID" (BID = brought in dead).... Time was running... 30 mins later... we recieved a radio call.... "parabase bravo coming over!... parabase bravo.. yes?..... we have BID!".... momentarily everyone has gone silent. Especially myself and a fren who was next to me...

Second scene: attended this Hijrah talk... ooh well you know what to expect. During the talk, I was laughing in one of the scene. Guess what happened? A splash of graffitti formed on my arm... what?! Yes... blood splashed from my nose! yes.. my monthly menses! hahahah yeah right!

Got home after all that hard day and hardwork *cough cough*.. went online.. and ada this msn popped up! haha Si Kambangs ku!! ahha Chevelle! ..... so we chatted about out future and we made a promise about our future career that we will support each other's endeavours. hahha.... I'll go do the foot care whereas she'll be doing the rehab cases! hhaha.... syndicate konon... ahhah... then in the end we thought... being "tortured" this way is better than being thrown out from our beloved family list!! ahha... sayangsss my family!! kan chev!!

So I went to sleep about.. 12-ish... And what happened this morning? Mom woke me up around 5.45am... and with semi concious.. I said... "aku kaja office hours kul 7".... hmm..... Suddenly I felt panas on my face!... wooosh.. it's 7.45am... I ran for my towels, hit the heather swtich on.. and shower laju laju... then zooom off to Hospital... ehhehe... My phone battery was dead!! Thank you! hahah... but luckily I arrived slightly few minutes behind time.

Hospital scene: nothing much. Only had Basic Life support being assessed on preview saja.. not real yet.. on some undefined date... jaga... just get ready!!! bwoh!!

had lunch with few mates! They were so loud.. and panat!! We laughed till our head off... and the driver had to stopped the car in the middle of the road just to get her laugh stop! mati banar eh! ahhaha... Why? we hit every road humps at 60kmph!!!! mati banar... walaupun pajero! haahahha...

Workload meter: DANGER ZONE!!! I have 3 assignements to be submitted this Saturday. Should I be scared? gosh.. I have my case study at 3000 words on paediatrics entitle Gastroesophageal Reflux, an Incident report, and my literature review.

My logbook is happily fulfilled! ahha bravo sani!! haha that' s the way it is.'

Love you guys!! Hugs tampars and terajang....
Sani Xhu!

thanx for reading peeps! haha... macam tah orang sanggup membaca jua! gahahah

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A new day!

Well this is obviously my first day and first time of blogging! hehe.. I always wanted a blog site so I could just go talking and talking about my life in a day! hahah...

Alright, first thanx to friendster. hahah... yeah right! Anyways... I just finished cooking for my dinner later at the hospital! woohoo... I have rice, sweet and sour chix plus sayur kacang panjang! awu.. nyaman yo!

Yesterday was not so busy. Not busy for the ER version... meaning it is still busy. I had patients 2 of them coming in at 5 mins time difference. I was attending and he had this heart attack like symptoms. Or rather.. Myocardial Infarc. I was soo nervous. Further on, I was told immediately to open this old man's vein for IV infusions. So I had to prick him with this scary cannula needle. Ooh the worst part, the incharge nurse told me to do it. I took the task positively, altho I hesitated. But for my log book sake's! I went for it! haha..

The scenario? An old man lying down weakly with the wife standing at the side, two fellow students, a nurse and a ER Medical resident were also around. There I was sitting in a mobile stool... while pricking this poor old man. Theories are all in my head... but practical wise, it was all on the manequins. With all the eys overlooking at me, I tenderly prick that old man upon his permission and his wife's. The result? It went well!! hahaha.. the blood flew profusely.. and I was contented.. altho my body couldnt stop shakin! hahah....

Before this, I was being a trial model on those Road traffic accident equipment like the boards, neck collar and etc. They basically tied me up with full gear on what's available.. haha.. yeah.. I couldnt even move my head.. and could hardly breathe. The worst part was the nurse was trying to show how strong the strap was and how secure it was. So they turned me which ever ways they wanted to. In the end... one of them lost control, luckily not from a high level, the board turned upside down, and my face kissed the floor! Luckily it wasn;t that serious! But yes I had fun!! hahah

In a bit will be off to work! ehhe...

Signing out
Sani aka xHu


Congrats ... u made it. Keep the vein open, some might say it's the hard. Well, its true even for the permanent staff at certain occassions they not manage to insert it. Don't worry its not the end ... get some help. For myself, I even called anaesthetist to do it.
You didn't tell us what actually the floor taste like.
Good Luck!