Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eastbourne - Manchester

Eda came to visit me on the June 14th 2007 all the way from Manchester.

She was here in Eastbourne for about 4 days. She enjoyed it here as it's very far peaceful and clean as compared to Manchester. Whilst she was here we visited Beachy Head more then twice!, Brighton and the Pier of course.

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Then, I went up to Manchester on her way back.

Manchester was a fun experience nevertheless. I didnt even get to cook albeit she has a studio flat!! Whaha, we only eat out and foods are ubiquitous!!! It wasn't my first time in Manchester, so it was kinda refreshing looking at places I've been before. We went to the university's museum, glow in the dark bowling, starbucks-ing, loads of eating around at Wagamama, Samsi sushi, Jati, and movies too. The best thing about Manchester is that it's truly a student city. You get discount almost everywhere, not just the typical 10% but you could get more than 20% discount at times in addition to the already cheap stuffs around. Imagine a £6 buffet and you still get a 20% discount as a student! Such a bliss!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aberdeen, St.Andrews and Dundee.

I know that I have not been able to update this rusty blog of mine for ages. But here goes in writings from my rusty yet reliable memories.

Following the previous post, I was saying I was off to Aberdeen. I arrived Aberdeen before dark where it was a suprise visit for my mom. Well motherly instinct was very strong. She somehow knew that I was very near. She called me on my mobile merely 10mins to my arrival at the house. She was like what was I up to and all. That was funny when we all had to whisper and Kolin was trying hard making funny English accents. Minutes later, I hung up and I was at the front door. Mom was still sembahyang.

When she found out, she was all happy with teary eyes. Spent good times with Joshua as always although he looked a little curious as it was months since I last saw him personally. He grew up so fast and he was full of character. The next day was a mother and son bonding time.. plus the little nephew indeed. We headed town, Hazelhead park and many other places, well the usual. Here are some of the pictures taken.

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Then, the following weekend, we went to St.Andrew's. It was a great and exciting trip looking at other places of Scotland. We made a quick stop at the secret bunker. It was very cold, but interesting to know such huge communication and secret things actually existed those days. Pix below. On the way home, we stopped by Dundee for dinner at the local pub near the airport.

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The night before I left, we had guests who came to say goodbye. These are friends from other parts of the world who came to work in Aberdeen and have been so close to my sister and her husband as well as my mom and I. It was a good dinner and get together indeed.

The very next morning, I had to leave very early for my flight back to Gatwick. It was a wrong plan which I thought I could make the time by taking early morning flight to catch the graduation ball. But I was wrong, the graduation ball was actually on one of the days I was in Aberdeen. But nevermind, it was worth the time spent in Aberdeen anyways.

Aberdeen will always be in memory and hope someday I will visit that lovely and friendly place again. City of Granite, you will remain in my heart... waseh! ahahhaha

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Viva's out, Hello Aberdeen!!

Holla people!

Like the title says, the Viva's out and I'm 100% free of the first year hook. Moving on to 2nd year now. The viva was alright. I only had 2 hours of sleep before the exam (if you have read the previous post). It's nothing unusual of me not getting enough sleep when it is exam time. It is also usual when I'm all anxious and worse for some no apparent reason.

The viva, it was nothing from the text I're read before hand. Everyone was so anxious with the exam and amazingly, I wasn't that nervous. Maybe because I was "high" due to my sleep deprivation. Some sort of stoned... in a good way however. So the viva scenario was as follow:-

Margaret who is 82 year old lady living independently on her own since her husband died years ago. She had history of fall. You as part of the fall prevention team came to visit her house and make inspection.
So the above was basically the summary of the text I read. The primary question asked was, what would Margaret feel when you came to her house to inspect?... then more questions followed after that. I was timed carefully up to the seconds!!!! Like I said, I wasn't really all nervous it just I couldn't dig as much information that I could have offered in a proper thinking manner where time is ubiquitous!!!! Damn it! Hence my favour of written exams over this one!

But overall, it went well. The examiner was alright. She's a physiotherapist and the question was basically more to suit a physio's perspective. Oh well.....

Following the previous post, I also mentioned about the landlord for my new flat. I went to the new flat had a look around and talked to the landlord. Yeap, it's confirmed I'm moving in and will get the keys off him sumtime next week or so. The house will be entirely empty where 2 tenants will remain behind. I get to choose my own room yay!! And to add on, the rooms are quite spacious and ensuite (attached bathroom)!!! It's just few steps away to FunktionRooms too.. ahah Eastbourne's famous club! yay.

Ok then, 2 hours from now I will make a move to the train station to catch the train off to Gatwick Airport where I will catch a flight to Aberdeen, Scotland where I'll meet the family.

Oh, need to convey my thanx as well to Wendy for her time and all for helpingme with the flat removal to my new place. Bless her! She's been very very helpful to us. Too bad I won't be able to join her at the ball which she's very very very upset. Anyways, *hugs Wendy*. Gonna miss you..

I'm also could start to feel that I'm gonna miss my current housemates..... they're such nice and lovely people. They're cool... that's the most important.

Getcha next time folks. When I come back... more photos! So stick your nose here and keep posted! bye!


Insomniac VS Viva!

It's the day of my Psychology and Communication Viva Exam and it's 4.16am now. I have been unable to sleep since the day time. Maybe because I've slept during the afternoon. But again it could also be exacerbated by the exam itself. Not knowing what to expect for teh crucial 10mins later. I am also overwhelmed by the fact I need a confirmation when I can get the keys to the new flat which I will sort out once I get back from Aberdeen. I'm off to Aberdeen tonight at 8pm. Hehee.

Oh well, I guess psychology does somehow make one psycho or psychologically unstable. well hope it's not for me =P.

Anyways, will update more either from Aberdeen or once I got back from Aberdeen. Take care and adios!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Pan-Fried Salmon steak with Lemon served with Tomato Salad

Went to town, got some groceries and I saw those lovely salmon steaks. I bought them and thought gonna make something simple out of it. So voila... panfried salmon steak with lemon and I served it with tomato salad.

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