Monday, May 29, 2006

Town bloopers!

Today I was a driver to Madamme Cathy! ahhha.. bleh. But I had jolly good time driving. At least that kept me awake rather than being a couch potato! Had good lunch at WyWy and tea with Pinky. Had a chat session with Pinky regarding future plannings.

Later on, went to town to get few DVD's. Parked a lil far than the targeted spot. After I got my DVD, arrived at my car, got the ticket and BOOM.... I couldnt open my car!!! Could be my remote said I! Then I saw a blue cartoon character tissue box! HOLY CAMOLEY!!! It's aint my car! ahahahaha.... then dengan muka selamba... aku menjadi tontonan umum di Kuala Belait! ahahaha...
I couldnt stop smiling myself and I rushed to my car which was like 6-8 cars away! ahhaha.

As of today: printer got dead and no spare part! and best of all I got embarrassed! ahaha


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Karma - what you plant is what you get as a fruit.

Greetings my readers.

Today woke up with a shocking news regarding death. Cleaned myself and got ready while waiting for mom and sis to come over. Later on I came to think whether I should go or otherwise. Then finally decided to go.

SIS: eh ikut tia ko ani?
ME: awu eh... karang aku mati nada orang aga aku! ahah...
SIS: tau pun.

So yeah, we should rajin attending invitations unless we really couldnt make it, funerals cos that's the last respect we could ever give to those who died and as a respect to the grieving family and friends as well.

I always hold onto this principle of KARMA, you do good, and people will do you good. It may not in instant but sooner or later without us realising you get back on what you have done to others.

Another thing that kept me thinking is how inconsiderate humans can be and why can't they have that a little respect out of them for a moment. I felt bad looking at people standing at the funeral giggling and talk about business and the joys of their life! I cant believe people would do that during a funeral while the dead body was still lying around! It should be moments of mourning not BBQ party for someone's triumph.

I do not against people gather around and talk to each other during funeral, nor do I against them to laugh within the limits as in just smile to that extend. But laughing like in a party is just too much while that someone next to you is sobbing crying over their loved ones. What were they thinking? Coming just to show you sympathise on the outside but not to empathise the grief one has. And again, if they wish to speak about anything else, do it in a low tone or wait till the body left the place in peace.

I thank god and being grateful that I had to see all those as to aware myself. I am posting this as I couldnt find any ways I could express the above and at the same time to share amongst us all.

Remember, what goes around comes around. It may sound cliche' but do trust the saying. Things happen.

Sani Kamis.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Intra-Jobless Experience.

Hello blog and all readers. Thank you for reading. So let's get back to the title on what I've had so far being unemployed.

I've been eating jolly good food all these time and I am not happy about that! ahahah.. My weight now is *censored* which makes me 6kgs heavier than I am used to in addition to my already WEIGHT!! So clinically speaking I have around 10-12kgs to reduce as I am "not proudly" OVERWEIGHT. Some disagreed for me to go for weight loss, but seriously I have to. My body frame deceives the eyes!!!

Right, Brunei's weather is kind of wacky around these days now. We have had countless blackouts including the longest yesterday which was about 7 hours! Hell yeah it irritated me in so many ways! At night, it went blackout again, what did I do? I had this theory of "being full makes you sleepy". So went to the kitchen and tortured myself with a nive yummy tasty homemade burger!!! ahah so I ate that with a snap eventhough I already a big dinner before hand. Here's the result of the burger made in the dark. Burnt bun but it was all GOOD!!!!

Some collections of makan makan below.

Ok sayonara!!


Sol: hehe thanx!

DingY: awu awu eheheh tani jelajah satu dunia!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Miri Was a BOMB.

Let me take you to the journey that I will cheerish in my memories! ahahaha. It was last Sunday 14th MAy 2006. It was Mother's Day too. We left KB around 9.40am. Had breakfast before we took off at DKM. Each of us had a serving of dim sum. US = DingY and PhantomS.

Wassap in Miri? Well first, ronda kadai macam tourist hantap. Then stopped by for a pure chocolate at the newly opened Coffee Bean! The place was much more cosy than the one in Gadong. But kerusi nya mihir! ahahaha.

Then went to Taman Miri. This is where the fun began!!!! hahaha.. So DingY and PhantomS took the hanging bridge pathway while I took the bumi yang nyata way! aahaha

At this place, there was a water playground. Sort of like a pond or man made lake whatever, skali I was just to cuci my kaki. BOMB! Guess what, I slipped and fell into the water!!! GILA... I was soaked in water head to toe ani bah. My passport, wallet and money, mobile phone all wet!!

What did the two do? Be hero and heroin you say and save me? NO WAY! they laughed till their heads off!!! KEJAM!

Then after that we went to Boulevard with me all wet! ahahaha.. I dont give a damn!

Ok here are the pictures. hehe

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Studio Grad photos.

Heheh went to Bandar today with anak buahs. Nothing much, focus were on them. Only picked up my studio photo shoot.

Oh well, here there are:

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mobile phones.

I'm having my insomniac time again and Lilac popped in. She was asking about what phones I have had which brings to the blog tonight or this morning. Here it goes.

  1. Nokia 6110 - sister gave this to me and she bought in the UK. It made me the only person to have a mobile phone when I was in form 4. She bought me this phone as a gift and to ease her to get in touch as we were always away from home. This phone lasted for quite sometime until I finished my A levels. (Still in phone package for remembrance)
  2. Nokia 8310 - I thot I had to buy a new phone and I was jobless waiting for my nursing enrollment. Sister bought this phone but she didnt like it, bought from her for only $200. It was priced at $500-600 in the market at that time. (small, nice interchangeable casings) (State now - Traded in)
  3. Siemens S40 - A phone that looks like a remote controlled. Sister bought this in the USA. She gave to me as my phone was dead. Caight few attention but didnt like it very much. (state- cupboard)
  4. Nokia 6510 - Several months after I got into nursing, I started earning my own allowance. But I didnt botehr getting a new phone. However, phone got suckyas 8310 was a famous for it's hang and automatic restart problems. Phone condemned and used my sister's idle 6510 phone. Used it on alternate basis. (State - mom used it but not anymore - I dont know where it is... last seen last mth)
  5. Nokia 5100 - I got rich by earning months of allowance. I was already in Semester 2. Polyphonic ringtones were the in thing. I needed to get one. Heart fell onto 5100 and traded in problematic 8310 for $100 on the $650 5100 series. Rare species on the market as well among the users. I had it with pride until 3mths with me. Brought it to the pool and sunk in the water. (state- physically looks good but not useable, dead)
  6. Nokia 3660 - Camera phone was the next in thing. Mostly had 3650 sistership of the new generation 3660. Difference was the keypad. I like the idea of proper keypad on 3660 and better functions. So bought it on one afternoon since I like the camera. Handled it with care and love, vainity starts to erupt like volcano activity.
  7. Nokia 7610 - Sleek and modern plus it looks good on metro look. I fell in this too since it looks more sophisticated and 1mpxl camera (the first megapixeld camera on a phone). Better functions and competed with 6600 owners. I was the one of the very few in the college to have this. It was all due to hatred which led me to buying this on a last day of Ramadhan. New Soon lee Mall was newly opened. (state - sold to DingY)
  8. Sony Ericsson V800 - Era of 3G started. I thot I must follow the trend. Bought this for $970 yes.. almost $1k!!! ahaha.. Just to comply with 3G requirement. I liked this phone pretty much and it has 1.3mpxls camera. I had two phones running concurrently until 3G service started to suck. Used the phone only with GSM line while 7610 was off to DingY. I like this phone pretty much but a friend asked me to sell it off)
  9. SE 750i - On the my final Nursing results were out, handed my phone to the mentioned friend. Had to let go my best buddy V800 was history. Bought SE750i due to the idea of .2Megapixel camera. Had a tough choice between Se750i or W800. Money matters made the decision. I was kaput, so SE 750i for $450 i think... until today.
Phone pix:

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never know what's gonna come next... ehehehe

Monday, May 01, 2006

Being jobless.

Being jobkess isn't sumthing I fancy. Heheh I'm searching and waiting for replies from temporary job employers. Oh well, being at home and not goin out for few days already drives me doing all body growth and expansion projects - cooking! Expanding = yeah growing my body sideways!

Here's my banana muffins today!

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