Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sumthing on Budget Air : Good one! (Courtesy of BB weekend)

You got some interesting news more than ever before. The one below os one of the many examples I found. but the one below simply won my heart and deserves a blogging. hahha. It's a true fact and the writer has a good sense of sarcasm! hahhaa. I remember blogging the comparison of no frills to the trolly dolly full board service airline. Hehhe. but a good one! *applause*

Anyways, I'm off to Aberdeen in a few hours. Oh just for info sake, I'm on British Airways flight haha.. with trolley grannies! ahahhaa Oh another thing, they're on strike for a week starting February. They'll be no flights! ahahaha

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So now everyone can fly. However, cheap airfares and comfort do not go hand in hand.

Our flight landed one hour later than scheduled. If the airline delays the flight, no problem.

However, if you are the one who is running late, you will miss the flight and be penalised. When you reschedule your flight you are slapped with a hefty fine.

Cleaning of aircraft? That is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. A fly in the fuselage? Just whack it.

"Buddy-A" is not for old people. There is a rush to grab the best seats. Athletic fliers run to the aircraft sitting on the tarmac.

First-come-first-serve; there are no seat numbers. The flight is ever full. Picture a crowded bus!

The airline has a good strategy of making profits from the poor passengers by promising them with low airfares.

It is stuffy inside with sweating youngsters, wailing children (no special treatment) and the grumbling elderly.

The air-conditioning will not be turned on until the plane is mobile. This is to save fuel! After some time, it is super cool and you soon have a case of 'Happy Feet'.

No magazines to browse, no newspapers to read. No music to soothe your longing ears or TV shows to watch. Enjoy aerial shopping for food and drinks with six per cent tax.

Hurried, unclear announcements make you wonder if you had heard it right the first time.

The flight gives you enough time to ponder. In fact this article was written on the way to Kuala Lumpur.

"Buddy-A" strengthens your spine and corrects your posture.

Without the supporting pillow your back is straight, shoulders squared and chins up. You can indeed relax, at least mentally!

Reaching your destination is another interesting adventure that awaits you. It was raining cats and dogs at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Kuala Lumpur when I got there. There are no aero-bridges with sheltered passages.

As you look out the window, you can see your unlabelled luggage (only 15kg per head) being drenched in the rain.

You are provided with red umbrellas as you descend the ladder.

The lady in red says, 'Follow me', and you walk a mile to the immigration, which gives your tired legs some exercise.

The red colour of the budget airline is not a warning or a danger signal.

Instead, it makes you stop and ponder if travelling on a budget was worth it.

As the popularity of economy air travel soars, one day the sky will be completely painted red.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The day I was craving for baked rice.

I was craving for few days to eat this baked rice from Swensen's. So today, I had nothing to do and plus my craving was over the top.

Looked up my freezer, bone my chicken drumsticks and cut into edible portion. Tada!! I made my own perfect baked rice. Honestly and will all respect.. it's much nicer than Swensen's! hahahha

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Will check-in online in a few hours. Im off to Aberdeen... yay!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The day I was an ambassador?

Oh well, on the day of portfolio submission a friend asked if I wanna join them taking new prospective students for a tour at the university and the hospital. Well I thought, why not since I wouldnt have anything to do in the afternoon.

We started off at the open day talk session which this friend and I didn't get to witness since we're miles away back home. She's Canadian.. it was fun nevertheless to see how things are. Next was to wander around uni... ahhah god knows where we were heading to! But definitely will end up at the cafeteria. I was already hungry but I didnt have any change or cash with me. I only had copper and BIG note. So I told my mate that I'm off to the nearest town to get some cash. That was around 10mins to go and come back. Withdrew 10quid and that's all I have then in the wallet. haha I dont keep large cash with me. Only in the card. Went to the shop got myself some bananas and sandwich. I changed my mind from buying the foods at the uni... it's that awful cod they had.

Arrived at the cafeteria and met Phil with his group as I was about to sit and settle. One of this students came and asked "do the cafeteria accepts card?" I replied "Nope, only cash, that's why I had to run to town to get some". So everyone was lost and suddenly said.. "oh.. i dont know what to do..." and just sat down and eat. I felt sorry for that kiddo. He came all the way from London since morning around 9 in bad winter weather, "no money" to buy food and he'll be long around until he reaches home. I thought, hey I could be him awhile ago. So without hesitation, I asked "will you be at the Leaf Hospital?" He nodded and said yes. I loan him my only 10quid and told him he could use that and pay me after his interviews.

Then at the table, one of the lecturers posed "hey you guys did a good job taking the tour, you should be the uni ambassadors, it's a paid job!" "we all in curiosity and agreed!" ahhaha. So basically .. we're ambassadors of the uni now! hwhaha.

Oh with the money, yeah he paid me on his way at the train station. 3 of my mates and him walked down to the station in the terribly cold windy day!

Oh at the hospital - I was doing a tour just for this guy and his dad! ahaha. The rest had to do whole bunch! whahaha.

So their feedback:
- excellent facilities, good library.
- hospital modern, in good shape and flawless.
- lecturers were excellent.

well when they asked about what is there about the uni that you dont like or wished it was ? Our reply were the same which was "nothing.. it's the best!"

Their thought were:
This university is impressive compared to those we went.
Most of them hated East London University. They only have 4 chairs whilst we have 21 plus the extras!!! ahaha.
The same to most of the uni.. and Uni of Brighton was the top. And it has been said as well in terms of Podiatry course, it's not easy to grant entry. Hehe.
I was relieved to hear and thinking that hey... I made the right choice!!

With the above I learnt that actually I'm taking the risk of people taking things for granted and tend to be soo dependent. But I always have this idea, if you do good to others sincerely, good karma will serve you good too. Imagine yourself in the shoe being in trouble or hardship... You see, he's hungry and yet you'll be eating feasting infront of him, that's "cannibalistic" in my dictionary. But doing the above made me happy... besides it's helping another muslim brother. I know I shouldnt be talking about these in public, but it's sumthing we could ponder upon. Treat others the way you want others to treat you. besides all what we;ve got now is from HIM. It does not belong to us totally. Do it as long it does no harm to yourself. With good intention, God will always pay double (beloved Mom's quote)

The day my finger bled.

It was 23rd January 2007. I was taking my sweet time thinking I had everything done. Well it's not like that. I just had my exams over and thinking it's only one assignment left made me thinking that way. Was I worried already? Funny but no, I wasnt really bothered by it. I was happily taking it on my own pace.

At 6pm I was already panicked since the assignment had to be submitted the very next day. Started struggling to finish and came my other colleagues who were in the same boat. Hahha many were asking how have I been doing etc? They were suprised when I told them I havent got it done yet. Cos I'm well known for finishing things especially assignments early. Their respond were mostly "oh sani... that is soo not you!" ahhaha. Oh well I was too tired to think and couldnt write anymore.

I just typed the assignment without having any second thoughts. I hope it flowed clearly and logically. I just printed it off soon I had finished it. Then another 2 which were on reflections. For that I just wrote crap!

Time stroke 12midnight!! Guess what, I had not eaten anything besides the M&S Chocolate pudding and a full glass of hot chocolate for breakfast around noon. Well luckily that sugar contents managed to hold me through. Only after I finished all the assignments, printed and filed that I could my tummy begging for food!

At 1.30am I pulled myself to kitchen, cooked some rice and since I was craving for Jollibee's chicken, I made myself a deep fried crispy chicken. (Blame cathy for the craving!!). So I had to take some time defrosting the chicken from the freezer, cooked my rice in the microwave and cooked some vegetables. It's just me, if I wanna eat it has to be proper especially if I'm using too much energy. I was shaking all over my body. I could feel the effects of hypoglycaemia already! I couldnt think properly, my hand coordination were poor, dizzy etc. The winter weather outside didnt help but making it worse further! It was around -2 that night.

So there, was frying my chicken.. all in good condition. While transferring the large amount of hot oil to the glass bottle... suddenly. *KABOOM*. The glass jar broke into pieces do to the heat. I grabbed the nearest scourer and tried to wipe the oil before it spilled further. Wipe wipe *ouch.. panas!*... then the oil was cleared... took a kitchen towel... *SNAP*... I hit my finger to a small glass that could be seen by the naked eyes. I bled profusely!!!! Yes profusely!

Took some time to clear everything and 2 hours later... around 2 sumthing that I sat down and eat my dinner. Sad.. but what to do!!! Next day, woke up early just to catch the snow as entered before this entry.

Lesson learnt:
Health is important hence eating at right time etc.
Do not ignore symptoms esp if you cant control that hypoglycaemia!
It's fun however to feel that tremors! ahahah
Bleeding is soo not cool!
Snowy day is terribly cold.. ahahha
Hot oil causes glass jar to break.

Important lesson learnt:
Invaluable student life being independent!!! Such a bliss..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The day it was snowing!

Hehhe... pictures say more than a thousand words? Cliche' but yet... true enough! ahhaa

I'll leave you with pictures of snow below! hhHahha. it's predicted thicker tomorrow and around this week. It's terrible at the same time that transports are all interrupted. Whilst out in the snow play, we heard ambulance sires around. Freaky!

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Hahha taken even before I had my shower. I was still in my scrubs which I used as pyjamas! HHaha.. awu berkarak alum mandi. Gosh.. I gotta run. I got assignments portfolio to submit and as a tour guide of the day at the university and hospital!

Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just random photo taking...

Oh well... that's it for today's entry. Just me being vain and prasan! whahaha

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and I made this banner for myself as my sig at brustu. Haha

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Monday, January 22, 2007

The day with the end semester exam.

Glad and relieved!

Alhamdulillah with just another submission of assessment paper on Wednesday, I can officially say hello to 2nd semester! As of today, I am just glad that the exams are over! *phew*

Having fears for the unknown is always scary!! That's what happened today. I only had a 2 hour sleep just before my exams. Not dreadful, but having enough sleep would be just a bliss. Woke up early around 5.40 and took some notes trying to memorise the ever so deadly lethal sliding filament theory. At 7.45am, I managed to get everything into my head! hhhahha.

Headed to uni at 8.50am and meet up the rest. Everyone just looked different! Soo exam mood! Some even had planned about supplementary exams already? Some even started questioning... "why am I doing this to myself?" hahaha. Oh well, at 15 mins before time we headed to exam hall and it was freaking cold. Standing at 3deg and falling I could feel the shiver in addition to that nervous tremors.

The moment of truth came. Flipped the paper "not happy but just relieved". Meant to start with essay plan. I doubt anyone had done it. There's just not much time for us to do that. 2hours for damn essay questions. Well, I just carried on writing.... an hour passed I finished writing about the blood vessels and nerves with the distribution and discussion. That was 9 pages!!! HAHAHAHHA Carried on with section two... with another 5 questions. Altogether that was 14 pages of A4 paper!!! All Im wishing now is to pass. Having a golden mark on it would be highly appreciated... *wink*

After exams? Headed town just to show AD what's a ring binder?! Hahah Went to Debenhams and looking for this tiny cute cutlery for Mr Josh.. eheh. Couldnt find it but apparently it's internet only special. So had to get them online. Sent it directly to Kachu's add tho.

After that, I thought I wanna hang around in town. It was freezing cold... so texted Norafizah if she wanted to hang out... She said yes and accompanied her for lunch. I had mine earlier at uni with that HUGE uncut broccolli pie! *eew* Someone posed and said "that reminds me of plantar aponeurosis!" whaha.. guys.. get over it! ahah

Angie was kind enough to call me whilst I was on my way to the hall. But I could hardly hold my phone properly. It was cold causing my hands to numb! Random chat about the post-exam stuff etc.

Overall: day was good! Now assignment! Better get it done!!!! HAHAHHA.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Exam Time!! --> Sliding Filament Theory.

Well like the title says, the assessment forthnight is just around the corner. I will be having my exam on the first day of the two week assessment forthnight. Structure and Function it is. Although I have only one exam but the credit for that exam is quite high!! *gulp* At the same time I have the clinical portfolio of 6000 words approximately to submit. Some of you probably might wonder why the hell am I blogging in between...? Oh well I thought I needed the break and to digest the stuff I just gulped in. I was reading on the sliding filament theory.

Let me run through that a little bit for you. We humans are able to move due to many factors, one of which is the presence of muscles. Have you ever wondered how these muscles were innervated down there to produce that slight tiny movement alone. As little as moving 1 degree of muscle movement takes a lot of work in the muscles. This can be explained by the sliding filament theory. (hahah don't worry.. I won't take the microscope now..)

The Sliding Filament Theory looks at the binding sites of itsy bitsy things like the tropomyosin and troponin being exposed or binded together with Calcium Ions.. with help of ATP... and other chemicals ... plus all the jargons! YES.. it's really a painful process just the way it hurts to put it into my brain! I'm just hoping I'll be able to regurgitate them insya-Allah during the exam, Amin.

That's not just it, I'm worried cos that's the hardest topic amongst all. The essay is divided into 2, one section ( 1 topic with no subdivisions carries 50%) whislt the other carries along 5 to 12% each. So there's no choice.... =S It's like involving yourself in gambling!!!!

My weakmess really is on Physiology rather than Anatomy. Anatomy requires articulation of understanding and good imaginative brains. Physiology? Alamak... the word physiology itself makes me wanna puke! It's mostly on human biochemistry and stuff.

The second bit I'm worried about which could potentially be in the 50% question is the Human Gait Cycle.... that mostly looking at human walking pattern and what reasons lie behind it. All those Physic's Laws and Biomechanics! I will play words like gravity and inertia tah ito! Sungguh benci! ahaha.. Dulu Physics class bermain, beibun di lab! Sekarang.. rasa in lo!


The weather has been terrible these past few days. It was terribly windy today and I could hardly walk. At one point, I wish I could just walk effortlessly with the wind and fly kalau dapat! aahha. At the beginning of the day, I was hoping to receive an email from the uni to say.. "dear students, due to the bad weather, class is cancelled..." With high anticipation... however, it never happened! hahhaa.

Anyways, will be looking forward for the "break" ahhaa.. mind the inverted commas! ahhaa. Break sendiri bui!!! ahha. Can't wait to bully JoshuaImage Hosted by ... whahaha! Josh I'm coming.. so be ready! Hehe

I leave you with two slides of pictures.... enjoy!
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wishlist 2007

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The new iPhone!!! ehhehe.

Welcome to Year 2007!!

Hola Senor and Senoritas!!!

How;s New Year been for you so far? I hope it's been great!! As for me, new year was just another day. However, I'm keeping my motivation at its highest!! ehehe.

Christmas was alright back home. I was in Brunei for 10 days.The purpose nevertheless was to send mama off back to Brunei, cos she wouldnt have any companion back otherwise.

10 days in Brunei were filled with suprises. I got to meet loads of people around, families and friends. Some knew I was already in the UK, some didn't. For those who did not, Ijust acted normal, nothing fancy or anything like making a billboard "i'm in the UK"... when they asked if I already started work... I'd say nope, and so on. heheh I just dont like the idea of bragging I'm in the UK that's all. For wome who knew I was in UK, they were quite amazed and shocked to see me home. ehhe. Sorry for not telling guys!! What they noticed would be my body size and hair. Oh well, I'm standing at 57kg... that's for new year ok? hehe 10kgs lost.. no fancy or posh diet series... just WALKING around Eastbourne sufficed all that.

What did I do when I was home? Let's start with a checklist that I wanted to do, shall we?

- Eating loads of foods : oh well, mind me I had a long list, and I couldnt catch up with it. I only managed to fulfill maybe only 5% of the overall list!!

- Swimming : not even a slight chance. Time constraints and the weather didnt permit me to do so at all!!

- Hangouts : oh yes!! I DID!!! ehehe

- Lotsa driving around : Well yeah!!! Everyday! I even drove myself to the airport! ahaha

- Bring usu across the border : nope, I didnt even get to do it for myself. The queue to Miri was terrible. Plan cancelled.

- Empire Night out : yes yes but didnt eat. Instead we had charcoal!!

- Mall buffet : none.

- Movies : None!

- Sent off Pinky and the group off to Singapore : Bon Voyage and Have a good time!

- Finishing up assignments : 30% done!

So overall, those were the things that I had in mind along with the verdict. The highlight was of course being home, that's what important!! I even went to family gathering... ehhehe. They didnt even know I'm in the UK. even mum is keeping it hush hush.

I visited the hospital as well, RIPAS and KB. Most of them did not notice me until I "re-introduced" myself. HEhe.. Had a long chat with Dr Faridah at the AE for an hour was it? until Dato Hazair came to visit. (Info: Dr Faridah is the most "gruesome" doctors one who would ever approach. She's so mean, strict and fierce. I myself am wondering why and how she's nice to me???.. she even confessed she missed me?!" That never happened to a student!! not even staff perhaps!)

RIPAS, was to meet up my doctor for prescriptions etc. He's a friendly chap really. So everything was smooth running. Whilst waiting, went to Podiatry clinic to pay a visit. Hahah suprise suprise! ahhaha.. There were sounds of joy and happiness in the room seeing me where I am now. So we had a chat about future plans etc with a year 3 as well. Funny thing, they were gaining loads of new infos from me. Loads of new and interesting ideas, which amazed me as well. The year 3 was like .. "I wanna move to UoB" bahahha. So planning was looking at having 10 room podiatry department manned by GP podiatrists and Specialists. So they were hoping for us to come back as specialists rather than GP's. Meaning MSc at least per se. That's long term planning and goal. It's new year... wahey!!

Where was I?? I was on the plane taking my flight "home" to Eastbourne. It was an empty flight. Crew was alright on the BWN DXB sector. The other half was horrible!!! We landed half past new year in Dubai. Not much of a celebration. Not even an announcement on the dot! How lame! I was expecting some sort of happy cheering sounds from fellow passengers. Oh well, maybe they were not in a mood themselves.

Flight was delayed from Dubai to London for almost an hour... dreadful. But that was just a beginning. Arriving in London just to find out train was on strike! Damn it! It took me an hour to pass through immigration. It went smoothly nevertheless. Had to wait 40mins for the next tube to victoria. I had 2 bags with me. Thank Allah for the strength which otherwise hell I wont know where the strength all came from. I had to climb the stairs with huge bags, run thru tiny weenie aisles of the tube etc. But it went well through. Arriving at Victoria just to find out no direct train to Eastbourne. I took my chances taking train either Gatwick or Brighton and getting another train from there onwards. My decision was right. Brighton it was...Nice to be back I thought smelling that fresh cold air of the South England. "WELCOME!!"

Arriving in Eastbourne was like arriving to a DEAD CITY. As if that place had been struck by supernatural thing like langoliers or sumthing. But hey... Eastbourne it is!! ehehe Hello 2007~~~!!!

Went to my first hospital appointment at Royal County of Sussex Hospital. It was nice. Had a look around in Brighton etc. Meant to go to Manchester for the weekend, unfortunately, I lot my ticket! Only then I realised I could have printed it again at Gatwick! Damn damn damn!


Preparing for my exams and finishing the 6000words portfolio!!! I got 3/6 done!!! yay... 3000 words at least more to go.

So far, we had clinical sessions. My lecturer was quite impressed with my scalpel handling skills. She admitted "oh my god, he even got the skills better than I do, even before I show how. Have you done this before?" The only bit she commented was my sitting position! ahaha. I was examining my colleagues foot in a relaxing position as if I was seated on a DECK! ahahha. It felt good. If you wanna figure how it's like, imagine yourself at the dentist. It's just the same! ehhee. Even the chairs are similar. But yes, that's a good way to boost my self confidence. Being a nurse does help with instrument handling, patient interaction and understanding some clinical practice foundations.

Alhamdulillah, 2007 hopefully brings better days and years to come insyaAllah.

Updating this page again soon. till then, Cheerios and Happy New Year!!

Face of 2007
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Clinical ID
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Random shots
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My new hobby which never was!!
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