Thursday, March 22, 2007

Towards the end of March - London (Rafie) and Portsmouth.

I just finished my research paper print out. 22pages altogether. Reminds me of printing out my dissertation. But that was horrible. Anyhow, I still have 8000 words of portfolio to finish!!! Yites.
  1. 8000 words portfolio
  2. Interprofessional Poster and Presentation
  3. A video remake on Communication and Psychology (making DVD) ---- caya?!?!?!
  4. Viva Voce - carries 70% mark. A one to one oral exam with lecturer and argue with research findings based on a scenario given. (Hardest amongst all I presume)
  5. Clinical charts and clinical rotations
  6. Human Biomechanics and Gait Essay
All those in just 2 mths?!?!? Either this uni of mine is crazy or the course is just... eerk!

Time flies very fast since September. I couldn't believe myself how far have I ventured since. From having superficial understanding to better understanding on anatomy and physiology or rather I have mastered it. Before "hallucis" and "digitorum" might be foreign to me, but now they're my daily vocabulary.

Work have been piling up. There is no one day that I can call myself having a proper relaxing time. Although I escaped few moments. But hey, I'm just human. All work with no play makes Sani miserable and dangerous! ahaha.

Last two weeks, Rafie called cos he's in London at the moment. He asked when I might be seeing him in London. As my work have been piling up, and my research had to be submitted around the corner. I thought of going the following Sunday. Too bad, tickets were damn expensive. It was due to the railworks maintenance. So I decided to go on a Wednesday. Just before the following Sunday came, he texted me. Cut short, I decided to go London on the Saturday which was the following day.

Waited for him at the station like what? An hour? aahha. Met Tristan on the train. He was heading towards Clapham whilst I was heading Victoria. At least we had a good 2 hours chat and kept us awake from the early morning wake up.

Whilst waiting for Rafie to turn up, had a good supply of S'bucks. I've been asked for money by scary people with threats twice!!! Well, Alhamdulillah, I manage to overcome them. Luckily I didn't show my money in the open, nor I had cash with me. All I had was just plastics. I hate London!!

Then met Rafie and his Gf Cit. Very nice petite gal... (nice catch ruff!!) easy goin and very cool indeed. We had lunch at Nando's before heading to Cg Sendi's. Lepaked for a bit and Rafie asked, "dude.. what time your train?". "Ah... kul 5.17pm..." I answered. *toing*... the time was already 6.15pm!! Whahaha. So I decided to catch the 7pm... yet we were not moving at all!!!! Finally, we made a move around 8 and took the 9.47pm train full of drunks. I had to go back to Eastbourne regardless cos I've got a coach to Portsmouth to catch the next day. I arrived home almost midnight.

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Isle of Wight and Portsmouth.

It was 10 years since the last time I was in Portsmouth. HUGE changes. I couldn't recgnise anything other than the train station and the guildhall. Others were just brilliant. Huge shopping malls etc. The pier was totally unrecognised by me.

Had delays on the ferry cos someone died in the ferry!!! But in the end we managed to cross the channel over to Isle of Wight. Nice scenaries and good bus trip with stories being told along the way. Too bad weather was a disaster! It rained and gales.

Definitely gonna come back to Portsmouth for the shopping bit.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

The one with the group studying outdoor.


Busy busy busy... that's what my days and weeks like. I've had several migraine attacks already. Anyhow, the weather in Eastbourne is getting brilliant day by day. I was out today only in long sleeve but rolled up. Although it was breezy cold, the sun was just so brilliant. Suit to waht it's called.. "Eastbourne, the sunshine coast"

Today we had another series of interprofessional issues talk. We finally agreed on a topic for the poster.

During breakout seminar group, the facilitator brought up a good idea that she will conduct the class outside. Evryone agreed. So we all moved outside at the open area near the bike shed. That's where we had group discussion and all what a normal lecture would be like. Everyone was on their shades and lying down in style whilst discussing individual matters in group before making feedback. I thought that was the best class so far, and that was a dream how I want my uni environment going to be.

The last time I had lecture outside classroom was with Miss Fui back during my nursing years. I had my presentation on a huge replica of cornetto ice cream advert stand. Hahahahaa. That was fun, and that was at the canteen open area.

I wish I took picture today to depict how fun it was... but anyways, I managed to grab some pictures off from other sites of University of Brighton which resembles to what we had today..

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Double Hey!! (Results)

Heya peeps!

Anyways, just a quick one. *catching breaths*

I just got back from Falmer Campus at Brighton. I had to do a mini presentation as my first task as student ambassador for University of Brighton. Basically I am now employed by University of Brighton.... not only that I got my first pay slip!! yay.... who would give an easy money of £8 an hour just touring campus, attend talks, represent uni, go on tour in and out of UK promoting the uni. hehehe. good one ey?

That's just a tiny pinch of the cake, the biggest cake on the dessert menu is that I got my first results in. Alhamdulillah, it went well. Not as good but just alhamdulillah. Many had to resit in my class and I must admit that it was not easy at all, not even closer to that.

We had to do a portfolio of 6000 words and collection of clinical reflections for our clinical exam.
For anatomy we had 3 components to that, the written essay on exercise, practical exams on cadaver (Dead Human Body) and of course written exam which I wrote about 15 pages full of words which I couldn't recall. It talked about from the outer structure than the human naked eye could see like skin, up until the micro bits in the cells like ATP and the filaments (micro minute tiny cells).... I know!! ahahah. Then comes the other bit which was research, which I'm glad I've done it before as a nursing student. That helped a lot. Last but not least was on physiology where I had an essay on the relationship and communications between nervous system and endocrine system!!

Once again, there's no one I should thank but Allah who has given me all these. Overall, I gathered merely 3 points to a first class!!!! yes... merely 3 points!!!! It was all that clinical portfolio (6000 words). I blame myself as I didnt do it properly. I had it done in the last minute to be honest!!! Cos I was juggling with exams, coming back from Brunei and the rest of the writen essays.

But again, yay.. I'm glad!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A weekend : Boulogne - Northern France.

Heya folks!!

Last weekend was a great break for us pod students. 7 of us (Myself, Megan, Dan, Matt, Tristan, Cat and Rosie) went off to Boulogne, Northern France.

We set off to Hilbrow meeting up with Tristan and Megan before Dan came to pick us up. It was very good timing. Everyone came on the spot at the exact same time. Except for Tristan who had to suffer shivering in the cold for about 20mins!! ahhaa

At 7am, we got onto the coach and we set off to Eurotunnel before we got into France at Folkstone. It was a smooth ride with magnificient sceneries.

Soon as we arrived at the mall called Auchan, we went to a pub for lunch. Blessed to have Megan who speaks French with us who translated almost everything for the 6 of us. That was great!!

The city was nice and small, went bar hopping from a place to another whilst appreciating the nice sunny weather and old architecture around. Crepe was inevitably very good!!!!!! I'm craving for more now. Heheh.

We arrived Eastbourne at around before 10pm. Rosie invited us to go to her backyard to watch the lunar eclipse. But I was so tired and sleepy that I decided to head home and sleep. I didnt get to say goodbye to them. Overall, it was a good day off. They plan Paris next? ahaha

They bought tons of booze. It was damn cheap! I could do loads of shopping if I had that ample time.

Ok I will leave you with pictures. I better get back swimming in workloads!

Oh, I have started making insoles and probably I could make my own flipflops! whaha. I love being a podstudent!


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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Terrible Beginning - Good Ending (Prank to Perfect Weekend)

Last week was a hell lot of experience. Lemme run this through steps, shall we?

I had my research data gathering early that morning with my group. All 5 had to run through the Harvard Steps Test which took us good 2 hours gathering all the data. After we had done that, we made a move to Leaf where we had our clinical sessions. As I was meant to go to London that evening, I thought I wouldn't want to waste time going back to halls picking up my stuff. So, I carried with me. Wendy decided to take me and drop me off at the train station. Cool.

After we had clinical session, we had separate times. AD had to meet with his landlord the one I introduced him to. I decided to go with him as well since I want to see that place as I'm planning to stay there. So asked for a key from Wendy to get my suitcase with AD in the car.

Evil minds took over our minds and we were out of control. AD and I decided to hide Wendy's car. It all came about when I was telling AD how in Brunei people do sorts of silly things including my car being hidden somewhere by my mates etc. So we decided to do that to Wendy. The car was parked at the side of steep hill. After months of not driving, especially manual (years), getting the car out of the spot was damn difficult, but I managed to. Looking at the way people park here in the UK, giving only centimetres gap of space to next car, getting that tiny yellow car parked on the new spot was no easy task. I was so nerve wrecked and asked if AD could drive which he replied yes. So he took over.

Damn, he didn't even know how to get the car move!! I decided to give up and surrender over to Wendy. Needless to call, she was making her way to the car with anger. But that wasn't long. However, only then we realised how much bad and disrespect we have shown to her. We apologised and she forgave us. Thanks to Wendy as there'll never be a second to that. (btw.. today, she teased us "boys... let me show you how to reverse the damn car!" hahahahah LOL

From that event, so many things could have happened to us:
1. Legal actions - we could be charged of stealing her car as we were driving her car without consent. Worse, if a police were to question us on the spot!
2. If she couldn't find her car, she could have accused us for stealing or her car was stolen. In the end, our fingerprints would have been detected.
3. Consequences - apart from the British law, as professionals we could also face sort of misconduct.
4. The Health Professions Council could have barred us from registration upon graduation, meaning we won't have licensed to practice!
5. I could be deported back to Brunei for misconduct behaviour.
6. I would then have criminal record, and again will disallow me for registration.

Apparently, a year three student in the health course before is now facing a misconduct charge. He was playing prank to a friend with water balloon. That friend made a complain, and he "succumbed" to the consequences.

That's the biggest responsibility we have to maintain throughout our entire LIFE as health and medical professionals! Not just at work, but outside work. Nasty isn't it?! We were once told, if someone were to be found walking naked in town, as simple as that, he or she would be automatically strike off from registrant!!!

Enough of that leson learning etc! Good bits happened later.


At 7.30pm that day, took the train to Victoria station. Had my first dose of starbucks! Bless!

At 10.35pm sharp, yay. I saw Eda and Rahey for the first time in the UK eversince we arrived. Made our way directly to our accommodation. Settled in nicely, we headed Bayswater scavenging for foods. Found an Arab kebab restaurant where we had tons of laughs laughing at out "Ju-On" ahha. Gosh, it was a good time catching preliminary session!

Next day, woke up very early and got ready for the so called London experience. Went to London Dungeon. There had multiple doses of starbucks again whilst on the queue. That was fun really. All those shouting and those scary frenzy moments in there. Lots of changes since 10years ago? Night time? We spent our night lepak and dinner at Nando's then I thought, why not go somewhere thrilling as night was still young. Eda was concerned with the tube. I reckoned, who cares, there are three of us, what is there to be afraid of. I asked the tube manager and what time is the last trip. The one we took was the last trip but apprently London buses run 24hours a day. Thanks to Oyster!!!!! It made our journey ENDLESS!!!! Just swipe and next thing you know is WOW. Went to Soho until it was way late past midnight. We blent into the night scene with all drunk clubbers and pub crawlers. We didnt get to go to any basically cos it was all full. The rain didn't help at all. It was fun though walking and dancing in the rain like lunatics!! We finally ran for or Bus 34. which took us back to Bayswater. Thanx to my clear conscience and minds. Otherwise, will take us ages trying to fin where the hell does bus 34 stop?!

The next day, Madamme Tussauds it was. Before hand, we headed within zone 1 from trafalgar to tower bridge, then harrods to king's cross just to get that platform 9 and 3/4 (Harry Potter) then of course, starbucks in between to replenish us. More experience there and certainly great time.

I leave you with pictures and compilation of pictures into movie format. Enjoy!!

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Anyways, enjoy and I'm off to France tomorrow with my mates... well crazy mates!!!!! Bonjour~~~

I don't know where the hell we got our time... ahah albeit the TONS of workload pending. Submission dates are all coming!! 8000 words and research submission. Never been crazy as this before! haaha.