Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brighton SCP Conference.


Well, had a conference on Thursday at Brighton Centre in Brighton. That gave me the opportunity to visit Brighton for the first time. It's just bizarre to find out my university is at the other side of the county albeit it's being named as University of Brighton.

Brighton is quite a city compared to Eastbourne. It has all the hustling bustling of a typical city such as sirens running around and major buildings with multi-ethicity orientated stores. I was astonished how vast the difference was. From the size of the station and the people around it, it's just huge. It's like stepping foot out of Victoria station in London or sumthing.

We headed towards the pier, and we passed by so many shops and pubs. They all looked good nevertheless. But we had to catch time for registration. The Brighton Centre is just opposite the mostly taked about BRIGHTON PIER. In addition to the cold weather, it was raining and the wind was just as terrible.

Conference started just after lunch time and we had to sit in a room of more than 1000 health professionals around UK gathering to grasp new information and ideas pertaining to the subject and profession. Bloody hell! It was long enough to make my bum flat! Yes, I could feel the oxygen deprivation as I couldn't stop yawning. Just in time before I dozed off, it was time for us to go. whahhaa.

Had a quick break and FRESH air by the pier! OH YEA!!! That really woke me up. The strong winds, the cold etc... really made me to drizzle goo out of my nose (exaggeration intended there). That was all Eliz's idea to take us down there! Crazy as it may sound.. but more crazier being there!

Had another session, and the other one ends around 6pm. Went back, heaidng the station with group of my coursemates. Some invited to go to the pub, but many refused as we all have the train to catch. But we didnt make it for the intended train. So we took the later train via Lewes which was considerably faster.

But yeah, on summary, Brighton was great. It was meant to be a 3 day conference, but my mind body and soul really couldnt take it any further. So I surrender merely just for the one day.

Sani Kamis

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bruneian Visit! whahaa

How's today?

Had a quick run to the station to meet up with PhantomS who was kindly enough to pay me a visit down here in Eastbourne from London before he goes up to Liverpool tomorrow.

We went to the Pier where it was terribly terribly cold and windy plus the rain! ahaha There were no one around except us! ahaha Must be crazy ey! ahaha. Went to play DDR and car race at the pier's game place.

Then we watched BORAT ahahah that was hilarious!!!!! Sat down at Subway and COSTA and catch up all the news...

Bah, I'm tired and I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for the 2day conference. Hehehe.


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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The day I met another Bruneian in Eastbourne.

Hallo readers!!

Anyways, I had a wonderful time today. Woke up early with sleep deprived, but something made to force myself to get up. I had a meeting in my list with another Bruneian in Eastbourne, that is something. Another catch was that, she's not just a Bruneian, but also a future boss hopefully one day. But yeah, I also realised that I didnt have anything decent to wear to work (clinical attachments) and for the conference coming up in Brighton.

So, the meeting. We were supposed to meet at 11am at the train station. I went early, as usual punctuality is my game. But I breached that today. I was making a quick look out at few stores for shirts and a duffle coat. Went to NEXT, M&S, TopMan and Burton. Finally, I found what I wanted at Burton. It came with a price tag, then the student discount helped a bit. I was offered Burton card as well which entitles me not to pay anything until they send me the statement to my address, plus another 20% discount and the benefits. Benefits include a claim say the price drops, I could claim any amount of the price difference to what I've paid earlier. Too bad, they couldn't locate my address, samething happened when I was purchasing bicycle at Argos which made me not buying there. So I proceeded the purchase with just 10% discount. With that I bought 2 shirts and 2 ties to go along with it! Sweet innit? That caused the delay however, and making a bad impression on me meeting up late.

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And the above are my purchases in just a quick hops.

The meeting: well it was alright, no awkward moments anything like that. We had a quick look around in the crowded town. It was nice and sunny by the way. Went out lunching at the Kebab shop. It was great, she intended to treat me, too bad she didnt have change, so we split hehee. I said, there's always next time.

Before 3, we headed our own ways home. It was freaking cold on my way back and foggy!!!! I was shivering in cold and luckily I arrived home before it rained heavily.

Next agendas:
  • Assignments due - Research, 6000 words portfolio, assessments, and Biochemistry Physiology assignments!! grrr!!!!
  • Conference in Brighton.
  • Academic Planning and arrange a meeting with Mrs McInnes.
  • I WANNA REST!!!!
Chill out!
Sani Kamis

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

October to November.

It has been awhile since I last blogged. The sole reason for that is non other than time and my busy nature now. So let's talk about what happened during that long absence. October...

October was quite a start for me. I had to get use to things around as it was my first month being in the UK. After mom left for Aberdeen, I had to stand on my own her ein Eastbourne. With that, alhmdullillah, God has given me all the strength I needed to carry on the journey. Settling was not bad for me. I started to have good and healthy span of friends. It may sound hard to fit in around especially to know there is no Bruneian here. However, I made friends with different walks of life and backgrounds. I have friends from Africa, South Africa, Europe and of course the UK itself.

Uni wise, everyday is about learning new things. From October to last week alone, we had completed a module on Foundation Studies. It's all the foundation needed from basic understanding of research to Physics.

It was also my first time to celebrate Hari Raya away from Brunei. Luckily, I have a sister and her family staying in Aberdeen. Coincidentally, mom was there as well. However, journey to Aberdeen form Eastbourne is not like a direct journey from KB to Bandar. I had to walk, take the train, and fly up to Aberdeen. Spent 5 nights in Aberdeen. The highlight was of course meeting the new Josh!!!! He's such a boy now!!

Gosh, I wish I had written all these on the spot as most of it is gone. My brains are not as strong anymore. Hhahaha. Overloaded with other stuffs already.

So yeah.. let me just write a summary:
  • Bought a bike to transport me from Halls to hospital
  • First cadaver dissection experience
  • First raya in UK and celebrated in Aberdeen
  • Settling in well in Eastbourne.

Now it is already the second week of November. Quite overwhelmed by loads of work piling up! I have 2 assignments due in two weeks time, and a conference coming up in Brighton. In addition to that, there are other stuffs due in December. Exams, OSE practical, and Assignments. The biggest assignment would be my clinical portfolio with 6000 words essay on different areas, plus certificates in CPR and Health and Safety. CPR assessment will take place tomorrow. I hope it is the same as what I've learnt previously. But yeah, it all takes learning and experience to master it.

Gosh.. I am soo antah. Dont know what to say. My writing skills pun depleting!

Ok November summary so far:
  • Thanksgiving at a Megan's
  • A trip to Beachy Head Park - a very nice open space park with quite a scenery. Famous for the cliff where people end their life on purpose.
Click video to see pictures I compiled.

Bah atu saja! kan nyiapkan assignment!