Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another embarassment?

The title says for itself! For the past few months I've been embarassing myself. If you've read my past writings, then you would know.

Ok, what fool have I made today?

I bought an item online via Malaysia company.. so they wrote me a confirmation email that reads like below:

Dear Tuan Haji Abdulah Sani Kamis ,
>>> Assalamualaikum,
>>> Saya Mohd Aman bin Muhami dari Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Saya CC this
>>> email to Big Marketing Group di UK, jadi saya kena guna bahasa English
>>> supaya mereka disana faham dengan apa yang nak sampai pada Tuan Haji.
>>> Terima Kasih!
Since he addressed me with the word "TUAN".. I was a bit prasan and honoured in a way. Although it's a common thing here in Brunei for a Haj to be addressed as Tuan and Hamba... but in Malaysia it does mean some sort of respect and status in a way (assumption?). So I decided to show off my kambangness to Cathy which reads:

woo hooo... I feel soo honoured and like a VIP to be called as TUAN!!!!
>> wahwhawhhawhahwa
>> But yeah, he got it right. "Tuan" is addressed to a Haji and the reply
>> would be "Hamba"
After sending, browsed the net for a bit and thought, eh? how come I did not have to put Cat's address? HOLY SHIT!!! I clicked "REPLY" instead "FORWARD"... so yeah.. basically he receives the above email from me! Such an embarassment kan?? Allah ma... sungguh memalukan.... too bad, internet was damn fast!!!!! Cannot undo... aiyah!

Ok have fun!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

What's Universal? English?

What is Brunei without people who are never satisfied? But we all are human beings, prone to disatisfaction and complains. Here's what happened last two weeks. A "brilliant" writer came up and wrote "the O'Level English in Brunei is meant for native speakers and not suitbale for our local pupils, and that the standard should be lowered" - along those lines. This triggered many other Bruneians to disagree. Many blogs have started to discuss about it including my kembangs KUMBS. She nudged me and asked bla bla bla... it was around 1 or 2am in the morning. While she was questioning me, I bombarded her with lots of opinions. I though why not put it up on opinion page. A week later (which is today) it is published on today's paper!! ahhahaha

Lowering standards is not the answer

Brunei is once again in a state of World Cup frenzy where all international football giants and fans gather for a common aim - the World Cup victory in the name of football.

At the same time, while after months, outbreaks like HFMD and Bird Flu are slowly becoming history, Brunei is once again being introduced to a new chapter of issues where the O' Level English has come into focus.

Why must this be happening in the first place?

Brunei has one of the best education systems in the region.

This can be seen as our qualifications are widely acceptable worldwide and the Brunei Cambridge GCE 'O' Level English is no exception. It acts as a passport for one to step forward in life such as employment and further studies.

For decades this has benefited many of our Bruneians to fluently converse, comprehend as well as writing in English.

The English language is universal. It brings international parties to a common language usage. One does not have to be genetically "English" to learn and articulate in English.

There are many factors that influence one's ability to do so. Like any other subjects, practice makes perfect. Looking back at many opinions raised so far, to say that 'O' Level English in Brunei is only suitable for English native speakers, is quite wrong.

Why do we need to downgrade the current standard when it is at its best?

What the authority needs to look at is the way the English Language syllabus is being carried out, the effectiveness of the teaching aids, methods as well as the quality of teaching personnel.

Are they up to standard to facilitate the GCE 'O' Level English candidates to grasp the art of mastering English Language at the same time passing the exam?

If facilities are in an acceptable condition then it is time to see the students' lifestyle and environment. Do they use the language fluently and read English books adequately?

Are parents making an effort to support their children learn English?

If so, but students still failed the exam, then the 'O' Level exam might not suit that particular individual's capability.

However, that does not justify for the standard to be downgraded and will not solve the problem at all.

A better suggestion would be providing struggling students with extra help and more alternatives in addition to the available English exams such as the IELTS and other few alternatives if one needs proof of English competency.

The point that I would like to make here is that there are alternatives to lowering the standard of 'O'Level English in Brunei.

The current system is still here today because there are solid reasons behind it.

In this regard, I hope the authority concerned would understand we have the best sytem going for our students and strives to improve it instead.

Last but not least, the Borneo Bulletin should also be acknowledged for successfully providing the nation with English reading materials all these years.

It is indeed time that Bruneians realised we are counting on progress and not regression, to take us to the highest possible standard in everyday living.

No pain, no gain, mate!

If topics like SARS, HFMD and bird flu can go obsolete, and then the idea of lowering down English standards in Brunei must surely have come from an obsolete thinker.

From the Weekend Borneo Bulletin, June 24th 2006.

My say is that, dont blame the floor or the music if you cannot dance!!!! Why blame the standard which is considerably low, but change the perspectives of our Bruneians and learning/teaching techniques.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Bum Lazy Bum!

I've been a lazy bum, hence the lack of updates here. I've been soo buruk sampai talur masin pun rotten pakah ku jaruk!

Today I've made a record again, I did not shower! ahahahahaha. Jimat air bagi Brunei tanah air tercinta ku!

Past week socialise quite a bit. Met Jimbo for the first time at Riviera Cafe along with Solinis (Nisa) and her hubby wubby jiwa raganya... Sham. We had a smashing night. It was when England Vs Paraguay match! ahaha.. gosh.. the game was I soo dont know. So make me paning. They were loads of people at the cafe with high football spirits and kejiwa mental nya ah!

Then the following Sunday, had a small gathering with my frens as a graduation get together. I knew I supposed to do it earlier, but what the heck. There were loads of foods and laughters. Hhaha.. Eda was soo amazingly BLONDE!!! hahhaa... So she was telling me with her master future plans... and yeah we decided to survey all the banks here in KB. And we did the next day.

Early morning, picked Eda and headed to Shell HQ and picked up Cathy. Had lunch at Riviera. It was great. Then came a master plan from mister ME!... "guys... let's watch movies.. at OGDC"... "I wanna watch cars" says Cathy... "but i wanna watch Xmen3" says Eda.. and I agreed. So to be fair.... I agreed to both of them.. let's watch both movies! ahahahahhaha... at Empire it was. That night we had tons of fun and laughters. 1am was still young for us. While waiting for Cathy to finish work, we lepaked moi nam for 4 hrs!!! Flat jubo ku slajur!

Currently, I am overwhelmed by all the letters I have received from University and all. I enrolled myself to the student intranet and I got myself an uni email addie. Went around trying the featured services. Came across the BOSS and emailed her to say hi and all. Hope she replies it soon!! ehehhe.

Gonna start arranging my medical arrangements and Hepatitis Screening etc. Gosh.. will have to start injection lagi. Gonna be hectic soon.

Last Friday, went to the Gym studio for 2 hours of cardio latin and aero dance! Mati kapisan ku eh. Nyasal ku.. ahah it's all my ego to be blamed! ahaha. I was dredfully karing! The next day what did I get? DAMAM!!!! over strain! So ladies and gentlemen... the lesson is.. ego can kill! ahahah.... But it was fun.

Ok... the verdict of the Bank surveying (on bank loans for Education purpose):

  1. HSBC - 5 stars for both customer service and products.
  2. BIBD - I asked at IDBB 3 Generous stars for customer service but not facilities!
  3. Standard Chartered - half star - stupid customer service, although friendly but stupid and stupid products!!!!! totally discouraging.
  4. Baiduri - Dont even think! It's all down the drain!! Useless personnel, not professional, and stupid product offerings!!!!!!!!!!! PALOI!!!
Ok... aku palau udah ni! ehhehe ciao!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today = cam-whore

Yeah, the title says it all. I cam whored today as I was totally bored. Sleep pc and sleep again. That's what my life evolves around the day of 24hours. However, the passion I have in photography is kinds igniting day by day. I find happiness when I shoot a nice photo and even more when I get to share them and make the other person happy.

So take a peek here what I had for today. CLICK HERE and enjoy! ehehe

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAlso, currently I'm reading this book. It's about instability of the world since Sept 11 and the author is trying to foresee what's the future like.

Ok that's all. Have fun yeah!!