Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miri Trip.

It's His Majesty the Sultan's birthday today. Best wishes to His Majesty.

Since it's a public holiday and due to time constraints, I hadn't got the time to go across the river to Miri to get a new pair of reading/driving glasses. So today I went. I have noticed few changes, especially the formalities. Customs are getting stricter. But I guess it's for the better. Before, we would fill in customs car declaration and stuff. Now, all you need to do is hand over passport, bluecard and old customs permit. I only had my passport. The rest?? So, I just handed over the insurance certificate (expired one) as I couldn't find the current one. Although my car's insurance is valid through December 2008. ehhehe But things went well nevertheless.

So got what I wanted. All we did was eat, eat and eat!!! Hhehe so here... me looking scruffy in bed and my work look.

Scruffy - it's Ted Baker if you're wondering... ahhaha

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh my random observation also found that the roads in Brunei are getting more and more traffic due to the influx of road users and increase in cars registered. But it is still manageable. Kudos to the road traffic authorities for keeping the Brunei roads safe. KristalFM also has played a helpful role in notifying road users where there's traffic jam, and such. Very useful indeed. I also see that more than ever people are wearing seatbelts! It simply put a huge smile on my face. However, tailgaters are still on the loose!!! ARRGH!

Anyhow, happy holidays everyone!