Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hi just foto updates!

High peeps!

thanx everyone for coming here! ehhe...

Xeno: ko lintasi ganya? Ko tutuk ko karang eh! haha

DingY: yes luv! ehheh you flattered me too much... ehhe thanx tho!

Mistress: jet-skiing? gosh i thot fore real.. iski ku udah! haha

right folks.. here some foto shoot taken during my boredom! hahaha

righ enjoy and have fun!
sani xhu

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just nothing.

Hi Yall!

I've got nothing much to blabber this time. I just want to shout out the updates on my fotopage. hehe >click here<

Friday, I was at the ICC. The ceramah was soo funny. Hehe.. I wouldnt regret of going to that kind of ceramah again! On top of that the lecture at UBD was fun too... Have I talked about that yet? hmm well next will be on Saturday. Right after my exams on the 4th June. It's going to be Rehabilitation upon brain injury. ehehh...

So, how you guys goin? heheh... I am highly motivated now with my thesis. Looking great to me tho.. whether it will be to my supervisor too and yet to the mdoerator! Gosh..

Anyways.. catch ya guys around! Bye

Friday, May 20, 2005

Right ya!

Hi folks.. How things goin?

Right I know most of you out there are screaming to get this blog of mine updated. Hehe I am terribly and miserably busy. Busy with what? Oh my dissertation is less than a month due now. With that my exams are coming up. This is the final when they will assess who are the top 5 to get the scholarship abroad and who will do the post grad courses. *sigh*

On top of that my other commitments in the college's activities are also hightened! Gosh.. what a miserable time... I had to attend lectures at UBD till late at night, then dinner here and there, ceramah here and there, seminar here and there... iish macam artist or VIP saja prasan ku aku ani sudah! ahha... *prasan attack is back!!* ... Just take a look at the piccies here.

See for instance later, I have to attend ceramah at ICC... it will be presented by Dr Hj Fadzillah Kamsah dn Dr Mashitah. Hope it's gonna be fun!

Hmm by next week I will be very busy settling loads of stuff. I need to start booking my tickets too! Yay! but I heard many tickets are fully booked now! I understand students are coming back for the summer break! *gosh*

I am trying hard to cut down my weight now... too bad .. evils are everywhere! I havent had rice for 3 days now!! But been eating loads! gosh... how is that feasible to hear? Da'oh *tap forehead* sama jua cetanya..

bah.. not going to type loads... karang payah si Hotdamn baca! haha sayang ku si Hotdamn! ahha.. peminat setia ku!

Love hugs terajang hantak hindik and Hugs lagi tampar lagi
Sani Xhu


Hotdamn: thanx for your patience. will always be my tandoori...

DingY: Hi luv! awu busy busy.. nanti... udah ku management.. we go out! hehhehe tani party shake our bootie! yay babie!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005



To all fellow Nursing Colleagues... it's 12th May and Florence Nightingale was born. So Happy Nurses Day to you all and Happy Belated Midwives Day! hehe..

Enjoy the career and continue to strive for the best health care service!.

I am so happy and listenin to reggae and ska!

heheheheh bahagia ku ni!!

I finished my FINAL PRACTICAL EXAMS!! woohoo!! heheheh

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Right.. busy-ness it is.

Thanx peeps. You guys are the greatest! Thanx for being around and stay in touch with my blog. PIX UPDATED.

Aight... nothing much to share. Just had been in a sea waves past few days. Now it all settled down.

I dont know, maybe hari sibuk and stress sedunia! haha... Well in one day I had lotsa things happened in a negative way. Yes to my frens that was. Rather, closest friends I have at the moment whose friendship I'll never tarnish. Hopefully friendship lasts.

To start with, my sidekick just broke off. It was really a sad thing. Not the usual ones guys. This one is soo tragic and drama! haha... It was all one thing that erupted into tons. First "he" forgot his GF's burfday! ahaha... well... inspite of being given tons of long missed calls! Caya! buleh..

Moving on... lunch time.. someone had teared out. Kana kacau Bf nya... kesian ku... hehe but I tried to menjadi pelawak di keadaan tegang! hahah it's aint easy to be one peeps! Salah technique... bukan nya jadi ceria.. jadi tragedy! hahah... malang menimpa! hahah...

So.. I just moved on with this life. I wont share my personal probs here tho. Well, it's aint feasible for you guys to read anyways. hhahah..

On a brighter note? hmm I have my OSCE exams tomorrow. The last for my course! I had 5 so far! This is the last. Should I yay now or what? I have 5 skills to master. CPR an infant below 9 mths, a concious 9mth old baby but choked which finally not breathing, surgical gloving, hand scrubbing and then adult CPR! phew.. it's gonna be tiring mang!

Progress: My car still di ICU!! hahaha

gosh.. Thesis: well I am 40% done! Proud? gosh.. goose bumps! hahah... Dateline is less than a month! I need to book my tickets to the UK soon! ada sesiapa mau ikut?? help me.. I aint wanna fly alone!!! no more!!

I have many agendas, dinner and social activities to attend... hmm susah... kan berpisin tah lagi tu eh!!

hahah psst... guys realised sumthing... slowly this blog has some integration into malay udah... banyak udah malay words ku pakai sini! haha bangga!! ahhahaha Good Luck my besh fwens.. Pinky, Zol, Diana, and... semua lah... and to those yang kan exam atu jua!! hhehe

Hugs and wish me luck guys! Fingers cross
SaniXhu... ku~~ sayang kepadamu~~~


DingY: yes me busy.. but it's you that this blog and this piece of writing for today created! ehhe.. Love you Telletubs!

Hotdamn: hey tandoori! Gonna miss your residency at BruStu... guess I'm gonna be a brat in there. BruStu never gonna be the same with your absence! gosh... paksa tah ku preach others to be foods fanatics.

Chicka: haha.. thanx pal! haha ada blog biskita? Link up!! hhee.. btw... will you be my next food victim! haha.. btw.. are you foods fanatics? hahahah

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The joy and sadness...

Heya Folks! How ya doin?

Today I have finished my operating theatre placement. It was all great moments I had there. We had a reflection session there and I had a mixture of emotions. But overall it has to be moments to be cheerished for life. My sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to all the Doctors, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Nursing Staffs and Supporting Team, you're the best guys! You guys simply have done to your very best and the maximum you could. It has beneffited my colleagues and I.

As a memorabillia for myself, I had my scrub tops signed by all members of staffs and students! Amazing!!! Pictures Here

So now I have basically covered all my basic and specialty nursing areas as well as placements. I can be placed anywhere with confidence from day onwards. However, that alone is not enough to qualify me and run the show as I have few more months to graduation and licensing for practice. I still need to finish my course, exams and of course my management semester with placement to fulfill that criteria. But yes, I am almost content, but not being complacent. Triumph is now visible which is just down the road afterall. All I need now is hardwork, patience and determination. Of course prayers from all you guys and my families!

During my operating theatre placement, it was the most wonderful experience I can never asked for. It has always been my dream to go there and work. Yes, I will not hesitate to fill in a position there. Another experience would be my first scrub in for caesarean section of a baby girl. Although the mother had complication, with all the knowledge, we tried our best to save the mother and baby. No experience would ever be the same. I also witnessed twin babies delivered into this world. It was a pair. The first was a baby boy. This twin pair is a product of InvitroFertilisation (IVF). It costs $10,000 and can be done in JPMC. woo... yes.. I wish to have twin kids in the future so I wont hesistate to invest that much!!! woo hoo!!!!

Tonight, I'll be goin out with Cathy and celebrate. It's just part of our ritual to have mini achievements celebrated. But this is more than that!!! To Cathy too, congratulations on your acceptance to MMU! All the best for yuor upcomings. Let the ritual continues... dont just let it "used to be" ok! hahaha.. makan makan makan!!

Sani Kamis aka xHu


Hotdamn: no worries mate! Do link me ya..., and rajin rajin tag me here!

DingY: No darling... Thesis is really killing me in the arse! I need about 4K words more!! DIE DIE DIE... wish me luck!!

Mistress: My note of condolence to you and your family. I understand your situation. Other time will be definitely fine for me! hehe.. Take care!