Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life after being an undergraduate

Here I am sitting in my room not knowing what to do. Reflecting to series of episodes of ups and downs in life, it is indeed a great journey. This is my 4th week in my lovely country, Brunei Darussalam. Although I haven't been up to much, but it's certainly a time well spent with family and friends.

Right after the graduation ball, I was so busy packing my stuff before heading back to Brunei. I underestimated how much junk I had collected over the years. But I managed in the end.

Tons of shoes that gave me headaches!

Arrived in Brunei about 4 weeks ago. I was welcomed with a shocking environment of swine flu. It would have been better if an announcement was made onboard before everyone disembarked the plane to avoid any unnecessary anxiety. I was no exception amongst other anxious passengers. For one, we had been on a very long and tiring journey, and suddenly a group of people in spacesuits welcomed us at the end of the tunnel (aerobridge). I knew there's a big outbreak of swine flu in Brunei, but they could have told that a standard procedure of screening is taking place. I thought someone had been infected that was onboard and the reason why such strict screening took place. Luckily, there was none, and it was only a random check. We had to wait until everyone disembarked, whilst waiting at a designated area before being cleared to go.

Scary ducks?
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Came the 2nd week of my stay here in Brunei, the day finally came. My results! Due to the time difference and typical postal service, I had to call the university for my results at midnight, although I could check my results online and not my degree classification. I only got the results pack yesterday, and that's like 2 weeks after the results have been published. Anyway, it was a good news and now looking forward to my graduation. Got my graduation kit ready... and just looking forward to the day!! The wait was definitely nerve wrecking. My coursemates and I gathered online over a chat platform expressing our anxiety. Everyone agreed that the exam was very difficult and that the results would be shocking. Unlike our previous exam results, the anxiety weren't as bad as this one. Simply because, the previous exams were alright. In the end, alhamdulillah it's all good although no one got a 1st! Funny how everyone expected me to get a 1st! ahahhaha

With the results and all done, I celebrated the moment by treating myself with friends in Sngapore. And I bought myself a new pair of Tag watch, which was a last minute decision at the airport! ahahha Oh well.. ehehe Again, the highlight would certainly be the time spent together with my friends in Singapore, Cathy and Pinqy. Whilst there, we spent time on the hunt for great foods which included the so claimed best Nasi lemak in Singapore which was told that was eaten by His Majesty, went on the Singapore Flyer (the biggest ferries wheel in the world), and a night out at the Clinic Bar.

Up on the Singapore Flyer
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Me eating the Nasi Lemak at Adam Road... ehheh (overrated indeed!!)

First night food hunt, the famous Singapore Chilli crab at Clarke Quay and a dessert at Coffee Club at past midnight! ahahha. Well spent 3 digits $$! ahha

At the Clinic Bar

Day view at Clarke Quay

View from outside the hotel room.. stunning view of Clarke Quay eh! Night vs Day

Now, I look forward to graduate and enjoy the graduation. Can't believe I have been in tertiary education for 7 years including my nursing years! Having said that, I still have tons of paperworks to complete to legalise me to practise and my professional membership.

To commemorate and as a token of my achievement, I treated myself to a new Tag watch hehehe. It's a Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic and was a last minute decision at the airport and finally bought it with satisfaction.

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