Thursday, July 12, 2007

The X'mas Ball and the Pod Do's.

Started the night at Slug and Lettuce meeting up my Pod group for x'mas dinner and 1st year's initiation. Shahin was at my place so we got ready and walked there together.

On arrival, I just couldn't believe how much attention I got from my group with compliments and all on how I looked different and smashing. Well, I don't wanna brag but it's fact. Hahha. Had tons of photos taken and just enjoyed the night basically.

The 1st year's initiation was good and funny. All the first years were told to remove their shoes and socks whilst they read out the oath. The oath reads as follows:

I (name) swear the allegiance of the foot,
I promise to hold sacred of the corn,
Venerate the Verrucae,
Bow to the bunion,
And pray to the Plantar Fascia.

I will endeavour to uphold the tradition of endemic alcoholism,
even in the face of adversity and clinic.

I will not succumb to Ivanation, and will innoculate myself against all known strains of Birchitus, Bullshitus and Crapetus.

I will not flee from the smell of Piss or Mothballs
And will show great interest in Meteorology and the Great war
I will attempt to understand the works of George Fornby and Vera Lynn
And agree that it isn't like it was in the good old days.



After the oath they had this tradition of drinking game who will last or drink the most. Obviously my group of 2nd year won!!

Then we headed to the Winter Garden's for the Ball.

Music was not as great neither as expected. Didn't spend much time there. So Emily and I decided to make the move quite early just after midnight to the Loft where the rest of my group were still spending the time.

On the way to the loft, as we were walking through the empty and quiet alley of the streets, we bumped into a group of chavs in hoodies. They were in the middle of a junction kicking beer cans amongst themselves. Suddenly Emily was sighing "Oh God... not now...". So we walked passed them and we knew they were following us. So I thought of speeding up a little bit before we shifted ourselves to the better lit area where the restaurants were located. There were all closed and just a few elderly lingering around. These people then said to us "you stay here with us, I know what those guys been up to following you". Called the taxi but the taxi refused to pick us up. Cut story short, we arrived at the Loft safely. That was a scary experience indeed.

Overall, it was great to have spent the time with my pod groups. They're always fun to be with. Nevertheless, it was a good night.