Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is back again!

It was scorching hot yesterday in Eastbourne. Although I was busy with my presentation assessment preparation, I couldn't resist from going out enjoying the nice sunny day. Where else could be better when it's nice HOT sunny weather in Eastbourne if not the beach. Hehe plus, it was Shahin's first day off from Sunday work in 2010. He has been studying and preparing lots for his exams. I've been through that period myself, so I told him to chill up a bit and go out. Had lunch at the Balti's but he didn't join the beach as he had to return home to finish his printing. But he joined us back for tea in the evening.

The town centre was not that pack as people were flocking to the beach. 2nd picture, my old street where I used to live. Convenient place for food!!

Then went to the Balti's for their great curry and people. They always gives us discount without even having the loyalty card =D The bajis

Lost a kilo over the week, and stuffed myself up making it 2kgs in minutes!

Then met up halfway with Kak Nora and the rest (finally) after long waiting for them

Didn't do much at the beach, just spending the time and took pictures really. And we found dead crab! It stank so badly but Kak Nora insisted of taking it home just to see things more closely...

Look at them! The blue waters and sky = so beautiful!

Random shots.

A bit of me own shot and ice-cream!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beach walking

Just got back after a 3 hour walk along the seafront with Kak Nora. We thought of going for a jog, but ended up going just for a leisure walk. It was indeed a good time out, although it was planned at around 1am!!!

Along the way, we found this old military museum, and there we bumped into a Yorkshire couple who came to Eastbourne for a short holiday visit. The husband Trevor, started chatting when I said I'm from Brunei. He recalled his 3 years living in Brunei during the late 70's in Labi!! So I told how my family associated with Labi as my family used to live there for few years for work. This was way before I was even born, so I obviously wouldn't know anything about it other than from stories told by my parents. He recalled how Labi used to be flooded etc, stories that tallied to my mum's stories. He used to work for Shell and worked on the seismic evaluation. He was eventually made redundant in the 80's after working all over the world including Nigeria, Peru, Irian Jaya and many more.

Took a picture with Trevor.

From there we continued walking and stopped at the Fisherman's hut for a quick cold ready-to-eat seafoods. Yum Yum...

Found a 10p coin in the bowl!

After that, we continued walking and made our way back into town, and eventually home knackered!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicken curry - always be home at heart

Regardless where you are, nothing beats comfort food that reminds you of home-cooked meal. Made my usual chicken curry and for the first time that I actually took a picture of it. Had it with stir-fried bean sprouts with oyster sauce.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shortcrust Chicken Pie

I tend to make my chicken pie with puff pastry, like pot pie. Today I thought I would give a try making with shortcrust pastry, the traditional way. Oh well, I'd say I personally prefer the puff pastry pie.

First, the pastry.

Then baked, and served! ehhe

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The re-birth once again, a new camera.

It was exactly a year that I posted an entry similar to this here. It was about me getting a new camera, the Canon G9. I bought it after a permanent lens damage due to the extreme condition over the snowing period. Today, I'm posting in regards to me getting a new camera once again. This time it's a Lumix TZ10. Bought it after a long hard thought as I was torn between an SLR or a high powered compact. Obviously, the compact-ness and portability of the Lumix compelled me towards buying it. So far, I enjoy bits of it, but not as excited when I got the G9.

All I say, the G9 is still the best, and it served me well. I could replace the lens, but don't think it would worth it. With the Lumix, it's light, compact and the 12X zoom is certainly something handy to have but not an essential. Battery is a little bit on the down side when compared with the G9, but not sure if I'm gonna buy an extra for the time being. Picture quality wise, it's much sharper on the G9 but again in the age of photoediting softwares being ubiquitous, not a major problem. The wide angle lens is another cool feature about it and speed is impressive too. In terms of practicality of use, I find the switching modes between viewing picture and shooting is still making me bite my lips! Focusing can be tricky too as it's fully automatic. There's also a useless GPS feature on this camera... which simply put a hole in my bank account for useless reason!

On overall, it's a great and sleek point and shoot, but an excellent HD video camera. Nevertheless, Canon G9, you're being missed greatly!

Here's another sample of an untouched close up photo using the Lumix TZ10