Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beach walking

Just got back after a 3 hour walk along the seafront with Kak Nora. We thought of going for a jog, but ended up going just for a leisure walk. It was indeed a good time out, although it was planned at around 1am!!!

Along the way, we found this old military museum, and there we bumped into a Yorkshire couple who came to Eastbourne for a short holiday visit. The husband Trevor, started chatting when I said I'm from Brunei. He recalled his 3 years living in Brunei during the late 70's in Labi!! So I told how my family associated with Labi as my family used to live there for few years for work. This was way before I was even born, so I obviously wouldn't know anything about it other than from stories told by my parents. He recalled how Labi used to be flooded etc, stories that tallied to my mum's stories. He used to work for Shell and worked on the seismic evaluation. He was eventually made redundant in the 80's after working all over the world including Nigeria, Peru, Irian Jaya and many more.

Took a picture with Trevor.

From there we continued walking and stopped at the Fisherman's hut for a quick cold ready-to-eat seafoods. Yum Yum...

Found a 10p coin in the bowl!

After that, we continued walking and made our way back into town, and eventually home knackered!!

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