Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! ehhehe.. well yeah.. why not. hehe

Friday, 27th January 2006.

After work, headed to Bandar with Cathy with a mission of getting a new luggage. On the way, somewhere around Tutong highway traffic light, this came out "I think I wanna get a PSP later!". Hahaha yeah THAT INSTANT it came up. And so we headed straight to Yayasan then later to the MALL.

One thing in common between those two was... HUGE CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!! Walaupun bagas Bonus!!! It took me ages to get a parking spot, inspite of paying $2~!!!! sasak ku eh! Plus, both of us were hungry! Wanted to eat chicken rice at thien thien. Too bad it was closed.

At the Mall, there were lots of IT stuff and Gadgets on SALE!! Sasak major ku lagi... The SONY VAIO were among the highlights yang menyakiti hatiku!!! LAwa LAwa and good prices! Also we ronda ronda comparing PSP Prices.

Makan at Swensen's and we both had chicken of different preparation and Apple crumble for dessert. Met Mofoster there too!! ehehhe
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Then... the Hungry ME

After that, I was $500 poorer! hahahhaa... I had to sacrifice that money to buy PSP!!! ahahha and then I AM SOO BAHAGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28th January 2006.

Went to town "bergaya" just to get Cathy and my pasport photos. Hahha.. but lawa lah ahaha. We got our pasport done as well!!! woo hoo... really prepared for Oz trip!!

Went to Marilyn's makan... also after sufferring from dreadful starvation! ahaha... And I browsed the net on MY PSP!! woo hoo.... (will figure out a name for PSP later!!) hehah.
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Later that night, went to work. At work I lost a thermometer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah... watched my favourite HOUSE MD and other series on my PSP!! aahhaha blessed me!

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Sunday, 29th January 2006.

It's Chinese New Year. Should be celebrating the day with family. But too bad, I needed the day to rest after working last night!!!!

But anyhow, Happy Chinese New Year. oh yeah... so thoughtful of Kevin to text me CNY greetings! ahaha.. I should be doing so to him.. by right.. ahha but nyeh.. hehe Thanx... altho I gave him a good reply! ahahahha

Ok Peeps! Have a nice festive, another year of prosper and more money making year ahead!!!

Sani Kamis

Sunday, January 08, 2006

PETERPAN in concert!

It was last night that we took off to Bandar Indoor Stadium for the Peterpan concert.

Started with good opening from Putri Norizah (seriously good!!!!) she sang melodiously (ada such a word kah?) hahah... miraie, pudar, and of course her songs too!!! Macam it was like her own concert!!! Brava Karina!! and.... Faiz Nawi made appearance too with good vocal quality but not good songs tho!

Then came the long awaited time. IT's PETERPAN!! ahah.. I;m not a seriosuf an, but decided to go just for the fun and a weekend thing. And I enjoyed it to every bits of it! I enjoyed singing along and jumping to the music! It was great!

After concert around midnight, we headed to MAMIH... and all Mamih branches full! ahhhhea.. laku eh.. and we were lucky not to be caught in the traffic! ehhee.... Good strategy overall.

Signing out
Sani Kamis

p/s: met many friends of mine around and Aziz with his cousin Yasien who knew me by my nick! eheh. Nice meeting ya dood!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The day with CILOK in.

It was Wednesday the 4th, 2006.

The night before was a hard time for me. I couldn't sleep. Insomniac attack.. and that's what I'm having at the moment again. Diana texted me saying that all studnets must come back to the college and get their flu jabs. I knew I wont be getting due to some reasons and I decided not to go as it would be just a waste of time. On a second thot maybe should go cos I can spend time with friends.

So, I went to sleep and in the sleep I was awakened by the tone from my phone. It says, "guys I'll pick u guys up tomorrow" from Pinky. So.. yeah.. without giving a second thot I replied "yeah.. see u tomoro". Adn that was around 10pm?

From that time onwards, I went online as I find it hard to get back to sleep. Went chatting online and jotting down points for my personal statement. Asked help from Lilac and yeah she made loads of ammendment. And time strikes 5.30am. And I was soo alert and eyes were still wide opened. I really got scared in a way Im gonna have "a day" coming morning.

Without sleep throughout the night, Pinky picked me up and we headed Bandar right away.

At the college.. there was nothing to do. I had a bad time with the librarian head and so I took off from the library pissed off! Madam came by and she asked me why I looked sad (i guess).. ehhe so I told her and she was kind of on my side.. cos she and her staff got pissed off too! So that passed...

Went to the Mall for lepak, went to DOME for brekkie. I had Croissant with Smoked Chicken and Mocha! ehhehe.. and as usual shots few pix.

Zool had his own problems... huge one... and I feel honoured that he confides his problem with me anyways. But yeah, it;s aint easy to be a listener especially when it comes to secretive things.

Later on, we went to the movies. No good movies that I could possibly find... then we ended up with "BAIK PUNYA CILOK" and on a rating 1-10 I'd say.. 7? Which is for me considerably good lah. But most of the times, I didnt get the joke or maybe I was just too knackered and sleep deprived. After the movies, stopped at Mamih and had nasi lemak then off we go back home.

At home, kachu called and we had a chat. Josh was on the phone as well. I really missed him already and of course the family. *sigh*.. can't wait for graduation cos they'll be coming!!

Around 7.30pm, got ready and went to Excapade to sushi. It was Carol's Birthday. We celebrated it in just a nice way. My ideal birthday celebration I'd say.. ehhe. 3 of them were already there enjoying their makan. hehhe and they fooled me by saying I must remove my shoes!!! THANK YOU.. embarassment major ku yo!!! An hour or so later, came the priest and his fren. So yeah.. we enjoyed the night.

Two words... "octopeace" and the "blowfish nemo" joke hahaha.. but yeah.. we had fun. Happy brithday Carol!

Oh btw, I got home before 11pm and neoighbour was sent to hospital emergency cos he fainted. hehe and the story... it's hilarious! ehhe (i know Im mean)


Alright, today was the first day for my 11 weeks clinical placement before graduation which shouldn't be happening. I knew it's gonna be boring so I chose Surgical ward (my favourite) and since I just had my Medical rota.

The KB hospital management wasn't satisfied with the organisation of students distribution so we had a reshuffle. So to cut story short, I was sent back to Medical ward for 5weeks before going to Emergency Department for another 6 weeks. Yeah, to keep my motivation on, I kept on telling myself it's just gonna be 5 weeks before the fun begins! ehehhe.. Emergency... cos if I chose Surgical, I would be stucked in the ward for damn 11 weeks! ehehheh...

So, due to unpreparedness, I was a lil down and not fully devoted to my work. Venepuncture sucks for me... altho I got it ... just not as smooth... cos why? I WASNT HAPPY. I hope my days after this will be good, just the way I really am.. hehe.. I promise!

Had lunch with pinky at Kate's and I had Sirloin steak! woo hoo... yeah.. that's the highlight.. eheheh.

So yeah, Im signing out now.

Sani Kamis @ Insomniac times.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What's for New Year and the following...

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year to you folks.

First and foremost, belated Merry Christmas. During X'mas, nothing much came up, only went to Cathy's for her usual gathering. She got me a present which I thought was from Body Shop since the bag was from Body Shop. Later I found out it was a fotoframe on top of a mortar board (graduation cap) and the skull cap has a lower box to it. So it's like the mortar board is a cover to a box.... hmm you figure it out lah.. ahhahaha... I know I got it poorly explained.

31st December 2005 went by just like that. Nothing great happened or nothing fancy. I got few invitations to BBQ and parties around but I didnt feel like it. What I did was, just got online and rotten myself through the night. Thanks to some of the BruStuers owl who accompannied me through. And they were having the same "thing" as well. Hhhehe... such a "cool" thing to do for a new year's eve! ahaha.. *lame*

So on 2nd January 2005, Pinky organised a small BBQ party at the beach. Hehe it was fun as usual. This time 5 people turned up... well it;s not like no one came... but... that's the way it supposed to be!ahaha So we had smashin time together and met 2 people whom I "may" call friends... one of them is my fren tho.. just not making it obvious that s/he is not a fren of mine! ahahaha...

After makan, we jumped to the beach and vanity attacked! ahah.. we snapped few or rather loads of cool pixies as approved by many whom I shown the pix to. Well, I picked two which I would call it our best shots.

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And of course.... here's collection of photos which I gather into one piece.
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I guess that's it so far about New Year and all....

Anyhow, life is getting busier. I am currently busy with my applications and all, plus really appreciate the help from few people whom I should give a mention with the application directly or indirectly. Cathy, Lilac, Pinky and those of you out there, Thank you! ehhe...

Especially to Lilac who helped me out with the PS "makeover" hahaha you're da bomb! ehhe nanti ku blanja ko makan ABC!eheh....

So yeah peeps, maybe will do a good entry next time. cos it;s 4.26am now and I have not slept which tells me I only have 1 hour or so to get ready for BSB tomorrow morning! gosh...

I'll be starting my clinical again this Thursday at the SSBH's Surgical Ward! ehhe YAY.. my favourite!

Loads love
Sani Kamis


Cat: thanx... wont be that way without ur tremendous support for all this time! ehhe Thanx!

TJK: Happy New Year to you too! ehhee... but hey.. you're still the JOBO ETAM! haha no worries mate!

Lina: Thanx Lina! ehheheh U too have a great time ahead!

DingY: yo yo! ehhee... Thanx sweetie! ahhahaha and you too have a great year.. good luck!

Hotdamn: Thanx Dini... heheh you have a great time ahead and make wise choices. I know you're cool! eheh meet up sometimes right!