Saturday, April 30, 2005

What is Saturday without fun?

Hey Ya'll!!

Saturday? Left house a little late than the usual hours. Cos Pinky made a reverse pick up today since she started her journey from Mumong instead of the usual KB. So happily went up to Bandar. It's not Pinky who's driving if there's no thrill in it! hahaha.. So yeah... We had that usual thrill. But today's was the worse I guess. Topic during the journey: our plan on mini teen's trip to Kuala Lumpur! hahaha... damn... that discussion was very long indeed.

Arrived campus, chat around with good mates, exchange news and placements rantings and ngumpats! LOL.. then started the cleaning campaign. We the seniors were so lucky since it was being told that "seniors jadi mandur saja.. biar junior buat!" hahah... Oh not a problem at all... so the chat continued...

Went lunching to the mall and had tandoori at LeTaj. Sorry Hotdamn.. I totally have forgotten who Hotdamn was when I ate it.. haha basically none of your image played in me.. but my tandoori was daaamn good! So meantime, we waited for Yanne, Zul's GF, and we didnt want to do the usual movies hang out. So another alternative was to go for Ice Skating... but then... pocket is really kampis! hahah... So we postponed that. During those times.. I felt so irritated since quite some time now with my hair. So I decided to try out a professional touch to my hair. So went to HairRock and headed for some rocking touch to that hair of mine.

10mins later... chik chak chik chak with the different types of scissors then alternate with sprays of water then moulding. Started with a huge handful of mousse, then wax, then cream then blow then wax then blow then twist and turn then god knows... The style I chose was Messy Spikey. Oh well, My opinion was: ani aku pun pandai buat... macam inda bergunting jua! hahahahaha....

Then, we dropped by at the CD shop. There was this huge see-through glass wall... so the four of us act like models or manequins when we saw Zul's GF. Hahha and she didnt realised until we frantically waved at her! hahahaha...

From the Mall we went to Ah Hantai Qlap. But then it was full so went off to Mamih Qlap. We ate again.. and I ate Nasi Ayam. Ok jua lah.. and again discussed the KL trip...

So basically those are the highlights for today. Supposed to go swimming too but then, Pinky couldnt make it. So cancelled probably next week in Bandar... ehhehe



Mistress: food fest? ooh nothing unusual really! ehhehe

DingY: yeah... we bumped at each other di Lumut! haha I saw you with your wicked babu's look! ahha... I was frantically waving at you too.. but no respond... putung stim kau ah! hahahhah...

Hotdamn: se sirang? napa inda conquer arah catering atu... since you just come for the foods! ahhaha....

Friday, April 29, 2005

Days of Ups And Downs.

Song: Irish Son
Artist: Brian McFadden

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! eehehe.. I know I have not updated this blog since.. hmm you do the counting...

Well, I supposed to update this blog last night. But since there was a black out, so I couldnt manage to do so. As for today, I managed to push myself to polish my bum with my Literature Review. But yet it's not complete. I am yet to give diplomatic and reasonable reasons to my supervisor. Tomorrow will be an anticipated tiring day. We'll be having cleaning campaign at campus. Gosh.. the never ending kind of thang... probably it's just the way we learn??

So what's with my heading? Yes, I have never experienced such a terrible time of my life. Yes too bad I cant share it not here but not to anyone esle too. The secret is deep inside me. No sympathy is needed but I just felt I've made the biggest mistake in life or rather I have made a victory in this whole life? I simply dont know. psst... it has nothing to do with opposite sex relationship nor it has to do with sex and intimacy in relationship! haahahahhaha.... See people, that the best part of me I guess. I am still able to lift my chin and head up to the world and smile with pride. Although deep inside it has bruises and scarrings. esewah... jiwang jua aku ani ah... but yeah people. Last week was such a pain!

As for work? I gained more anxious day by day. My rotation in my most wanted and interested area will be over soon. It has been my dream to work in an Operating theatre since I was a kid. Crazy no? hehe.. Yeah so the wish has been granted. Soo I'll just cheerish every moments of that.

Graduation is less than a year now. Finishing the course is in no time. Plans and options are all opened. Too bad I have not made my final decision. Decision at this very stage is aint easy as it used to be when we were kids, young, decisive and dangerous indeed. But now, it is a very critical point to where your life has to be. No one can lead you but yourself. Others can only support and it's you that able to push and lift you up. My dreams and motivation to that are set at the highest point one could ever imagined. But will I be able to make it?? That's the biggest question that I have no answer to.

I guess I have said enough. Probably I am just too nervous for tomorrow. Hahhaha...

p/s: keta ku masih di ward. At least ward biasa... hari atu surgical ward ya.. ahha kira kes inda paham! Pokoknya... minggu depan harap harap gue udah ada mobil. gue kepingin sekali mau nyetir motoka nye!!!!

Bah... buubbye!

Cheers Mates!

Taggers: (thanx for your loyalty) hahahahahha =P

DingY: I am always yours! haha Jiwang jua ko! haha.. whatever you say Ding... it's the same how I feel about you too.... hahahahahaha.... aku pun rindu ketawa mu, hawa nafsu besar mu (makan) hahahahah

Chevvy: hahahha bah bah... gossip kapit men it is.. ahhah stress ku ni masih. My work load meter is really dangering me sudah ni!!! kira tahap maksima!!

Hotdamn: nah ku update udah tempat taman larangan mu ani! hahaha...... ko mau aku tambah apa lagi? Nasi minyak? Tandoori? Tikka Massala? Grills? BBQ's? Roasts? apa lagi?? hahahha..

Mistress: bah bila kan menjaur menyukat jalan?? hahahah

Saturday, April 23, 2005

How was I today?

I am at my greatest feeling ya'll!! ehhehe...

Right... where shall I start.... first of all.... NEW PIXIES UPLOADED

So I woke up as planned around 5am. Yess... I woke up right before my phone rang. Good innit?! yeah I know... So got up and ready, took some snaps of myself. Just being curious how I looked in early morning with only 3hours of sleep! I am MaD! hahha.. So why that early? Well not pretty early tho, just an hour earlier than usual saturdays, cos we planned to have brekkie at Simpur so we did inspite of being late.

At college: No class just being blabbered on all those typical instructions by the Principal. It's like a script that I have memorised and long understood. Besides, any matured persons would have that in mind earlier. It's just a matter of self conscience! naaah... some people...~~~

Lunchtime: So no class, lepak and rest my weak body at different areas of the campus. Just to compensate the grumpiness I had this morning (blame the sleep deprivation) and the warm humid weather. Thanx to the airconditioning breakdown too!! So been doing soo much reading and supervisor kind of thang. I emphasised to my supervisor that she needs to enforce sort of punishment rule to make me work but she refuses. She looks at it at a different perspective than the way I do. So clock strikes 12, we headed Ah Hantai for lunch and the secretly planned Burfday Suprise.

After that: We had a movie, Infections. Damn it was really freaking..... hmmmm freaking un-understood-ly movie. Hhhahah I still couldnt get the message of the movie... oh well. A conclusion after 3 horror movies we watched, it's all takes place in a hospital!!! CRAP!! *goose bumps* KENAPA!!!! cuatah arah tampat lain!!!!!

Then headed home... On the way, somewhere Tutong, a fortune! My phone sms tone rang. Check it was Lilac. She was craving badly for sushi... and wanted to go bandar at that very moment!! I was like.. what?!!! haha... I was soo tired (sorry noor) to go but then I refused to put down the offer. I would drive if I had the ability. But yeah she understands me.. thanx.. So I decided to go out with her anyways...cos I really wanted to jua... MAKAN kali ah... So Pinky dropped me at her place. Lepak for a snap.. then off to BSB, Misato. (pix later) and we really felt like Japan. Why? There was a Japanese family dine over there too... ehehhe... arigato~~~ and yeah... price wise? It was Lilac's most expensive frens dinner? hahahaa.... Now you know me pal!! (will post that token of record breaking)

Damn, I urinate a lot today! haha... shall I blame the horror movie? too much drinking? green tea? hahaha.... Ada "baby delivery" scene tadi!! Lilac was the ambulance driver... luckily baby was saved and melepas di "hospital".. you know what I mean Lilac! hahaha...

p/s: I donwloaded Keanu Reeves Constantine.... too bad... it's again a porn!!! WHY THE HELL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Cheers peepo!


DingY: heheh... yeah Welcome Back into action dings! heheh missing you loads and very loads tahap ke ceiling udah...

Hotdamn: hehehe yeah makan!!!!! hehe where ya? Me Mish ya!

Mistress: eheh everyone's a hero. It depends on how they "hero" themselves... ehhehe.. even attracting the opposite sex can be heroic scene! hahahah

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sothpark Family of BruStu.

We have this Southpark BruStu family thing... haha So I created one.. hehehe

Free Image Hosting at

hehe does it really look like me? ahhaha Someone says it does...... hahaha....

hehehe... cool innit??

Cheers!! ehehehe

Updates?! heheh

Yaw peeps!! hahaha how you guys doin lately? As for me nothing much of a progress but rottening and ageing. And that explains the un-updated for sometime now.

Moving on, I have my car ready by today!! Is that a woohoo or what? Yeah... I bet and hopefully it is going to be.

So what have I done so far? My work is still damn dragging me up to my neck! I keep on postponing it... wonder what's my next reason going to be? You guys tell me! hahaha

Been sleeping late for quite sometime now. So what did I do? Nah.. just browsing and chat to those owls on my MSN list.. haha one of them is of course my Kambangness Cuzen Chevelle... ahha we flipped through friendster and gossip! hahaha.... nice one cuz!! hahahah "kapits dang...."

Wednesday was teribble for me. I had an assessment test. I sucks limau kasturi! hahahaha... We had no cases coming in. Altho we had in the last hours, but we were stucked by our mentor for this awful boring lecture!! gaaah!

Anyways... on a brighter note, the e-speed is doing me good lately. Hehhe Thank you... So I start downloading heavy stuff. I downloaded acoustics music from evanescene to maroon 5 to Bon Jovi U2 and Coldplay! Lawa Hantap Nyamu... nah.. meluah kedayan slaju! hahaha =P

I downloaded Scrubs, Constantine and Evanescene acoustic going under. About constantine, it wasn't I expected or rather you guys probably think what it was! It's PORN for god sake!! I was shocked to see that in the early mornming when I eagerly opened that downloaded file!! DAYM!!! (Xeno, if you're reading this, probably that movie is for you, your version of constantine... ehheh)

So there goes my life... and I am getting very old now!! hahaha

Bum To Bum peeps!!


Sol99: hahah yeah... it suits my dynamic life innit? haha.. I love tiring but fun job!!!!

Misstress: blood dies? hahah.. no no... there's not much blood to see. Probably there's more blood to see when you guys have your *ehems* heheheh...

Rosie: thanx gal... no worries! hehehe.. will do so for you as well soon!!


Hotdamn: mana biskita babunya? hahahaha... I windu cheesels, tandoori, briyani, tikka masala,and cookies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another day at work.

I came early to work today. Woke up a little early than usual. Felt bored, and the internet wasnt being nice to me either. So I rang up my sister and decided to arrive hospital as early. ehheh...

Arrived at the hospital, greeted everyone with that joy facial expression of mine (nothing unusual tho) hehe. Everyone was asking about my one day absence. Okay.. heheh sabar peminat... ehehhe

For this week's rotation I'll be in Operating Suite 3, allocated for minor surgeries under Local Anaesthesia. So I only had 2 patients in there, unfortunately one cancelled his surgery since the wart has gone.

So was pulled into theatre 2 since they need male student. Since it involved the male perineum... ehhe..
So I scrubbed in for that simple procedure, but my gloves were damn messy and soiled with blood! heheh..

After lunch, we had another thrilling moment. I and other students attended a caeserian section. heheh. Another baby delivery!! heehhehe... siooook!!! But this one had a minor complication. We had to do forcep method!! geeesh...

So overall... it was damn wonderful. Lunch? I had chicken rice and tons of laughs and mengumpats!! hahahaha buleh!!!! sakit telinga yo!!

High 5 guys


Hotdamn: it's up to you.. I'll be udner sedation anyways... haha as long it's appealing, yummy and sexay!! haha

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday Night!

Assalamualaikum... ahha chewah.... insaf ku yo!! hahahahha :P

So as usual, my saturday started off with Pinky picking me up for school. Heheh biasa.. panating in the car... update here and there.. hehe... and yes.. seeing Zool doozing off! hahah

So we got new class allocations and head of unit leader. And unfortunately, the day was not productive enough. Managed to chat a few with my thesis supervisor and negotiated her a bit... well thanx to that diploomacy skills! ahha yeah right!! boo... So went off lunching... met few other lecturers lagi buleh!! ahha.... Cg Rajiah.. you rawks! tah saja... ehhehe

Then went pampering me with new stuff... bot new pair of the so called my lawa pants! ahahaha........

Slept for a while.. then came the people to sukating my floors! heheh.. harga naik yo!! So.. got ready and few mins later... ada Dang Lilac came to pick me up. Headed straight to the airport.

Airport scene: many orang nasyid! ahha (the stewardess cos of the caps they wear) hahah... then the ground staff ada new headgear? ahha does that matter to me.. ahha NO! haha

Then .... after that... balik... lepak CZ jumpa lilac's affilliations... ahhaha... then such a small world last night atu eh.. jumpa my frens and anak buahs as well!! ahhaha buleh....

Bah atu saja eh!! eheheh... today still waiting for the Filipinos to fix my floor... hehe *excited*...
shite.... aku alum ambil usin!! ehehhe.... ~ada dorang bawa penggarut credit card kah??~ hahaha

pssst... aku alum mandi ni!! ahhaha

Bah kick you guys semua.. and tamparings... hehehe hehe...

ooh yess... ehhehe thanx to Lilac and her family for all the help.. and I had fun!! ehehhe...


Nova: eheheh nada... it's ok... siuk tu!!

Lyn: ahha cute? I dont think so.... cute will only come hours later!!! not during delivery!!!! ahhaha I'd say... gross *cringe*

Hotdamn: wubsie... hehehe.... awu... bah.. u do me my bum first k... then I'll do yours at least negotiate it with the best surgeon that I can find... hahaha

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another fun thing happened!!

Hey guys!! ehhehe

Straight to the point on the topic. Today we only had few minor cases. We finished all surgeries before 12.30pm. So I had lunch a little early.

At 1.00pm we received a call that there will be a mother coming in for emergency C-Section. Or Lower Segment Caeserian Section (LSCS). A little bit of jargon there I guess.... ehhehe... In simpler words, I was in OT to assist delivery!!

Oh man... nothing could make one feel better than seeing a new human being brought into this world before your eyes!!!! YESS... we silent for a moment mesmerized by the whole process. Heaven!!!

And later in the following afternoon, only tutorials on instruments and care of devices as well as techniques.

So that's about it. But the fun is damn damn indescribable.

Love your mum folks! that's all I can say!!



atul5353: thanx for visiting... heheh altho I am not sure who you are. Anyways, thanx.

Hotdamn: no worries!! eheh

A shout also gous out to my seniors on their graduation. You did it guys!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Hahha... Yo folks!

Today I witnessed and handle 4 patients on the surgery table!! ehhehe... siok!!!

I had cases of Inguinal Hernia, 2 C ircumcisions and wrist ganglion cysts. Heheh all worked well!! All I had to do was to witness, observe and ask questions. But, I also had been drilled by the Anaesthetist! ehhe he's quite friendly anyways.

Next he was curios that if I have any medical families? Well I admitted I do. And he asked if it was my dad? hahah I wished!!! ahahha... Then he asked who and who... so I told him I have uncles and aunties in medicine and nursing fields... and her replied with a long ooo... and he said... no wonder you sound with a good medical background... and what's my reaction?? *blank and puzzled*... turned to my colleague... "how different do I sound from you guys?" hahahahah...

So a little from what's on today's surgery.... the most interesting part of all was Anaesthesia Induction and the reversal part... hehe it's just fun and funny to see how people reacts to it differently individually. And the surgery highlight was on circumcision. May it be on an adult or on young children. I'd say, it is easier on adults than children due to the anatomical reasons. Besides, I can assure you guys out there... haha circumcision aint easy job!!!! hahahhaha... I myself thought it was an easy cut off thing at first... but then NO! wah seh... soo delicate the surgeon doing it.

So, I dont know what to expect for tomorrow. We have not received any operating schedule for tomorrow yet. It's either it is delay or no surgery since tomorrow is only ENT. Oh well... probably they gonna let us simulate scrubbing practice before we could actually scrub in real surgery. Scrub means to get involve with the surgery itself!! hehehehe... yes... your hand will be bloody!! hhahaha interesting innit?? heheh....

So... I guess that all for today... nothing much!


Hotdamn: glad you did well! ehehehhe... ciao~~~

Monday, April 11, 2005

Nervous... breathe.....

Howdy Folks!!

Today was such an interesting day for me. It was my first day at the Operating Theatre. I dont think a month would be enough.. oh well... enough said.. I aint want it to be jinx! haha

So first, went to lecture hall for the usual orientation. However, time was running quicky and it was quite late. My colleagues and I decided we head straight to Operating room. So we did and they welcomed us there. Had a quite tiring briefing and then we changed ourselves into scrubs. (the attire)

After we have changed, the rounds and "treasure hunt". It was purposed to help us locating the important instruments and equipment and materials. Oh well we finished it in a snap. First surgery I saw was quite a major surgery. Hysterectomy or ther emoval of the ovary. The size of the abnormal ovary was 10X bigger. The original size is your fist size.

Next thing I knew was... hey.. I wasnt nervous at that time but I felt so natural and eager to know. The environment was totally different from what we have seen on TV no matter how in depth the coverage may be. But this is real for god sake! hehe...

Went Lunching after that at Simpur. Texted Lilac and she came to join me for lunch at simpur. She came along with Mistress. heheh... I asked her to check my DST points! hehe.. and she did! Thanx Lil!

Went back to hospital, changed my attire and sat around for a while. Had briefing on suture choices available. Then we were called by the Head for lectures at the surgical ward. And he was damn in a bad mood. Reason? the nurses were at fault...

Results for laptop's cord search? still failed!



Hotdamn: good luck with your clinical coaching! I am sure you'll do well!!! heheheh.. take care... will increase your dosage eventually!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Right folks! here for you guys to digest! ahahha G'DAY MATES!!!!



This was my "first day" of one week holiday. Oh well, it's a study leave which I really used it wisely. On Saturday, I had to hitch Pinky to get me to Bandar to submit my assignment. hehe.. seems to be quite well after all.

The Agenda was to pick up my new all black pc!! hahahah and a movie.

So we headed the movies straight after lunch. We watched UNBORN. yites! typical dark movie hall. And we were so takut! hahah it was the only 4 of us in that big dark room, watching horror movie! *insane* but yeah... siuk lah... we felt like home... haha just the big screen!! ahhaha...

After that, I picked up my all black PC. Wah... soo satisfied with it! First time switching it on was like! MY GAWD! it's huge! hahaha.... 17"LCD.... bahagia yo!!! hahahaha... Then we headed after that. Stopped by at OGDC to grab some snacks. Then we makan by the beach. SIOKNESS!!

So that's the whole thing...heheheh..... it may sound boring... but when the good elements are there... it will be fun afterall!! ahaha


It's today!!! hahahaha..... went to Bandar again taking my nephew and nieces. Had lunch at Mall. I ate Le Taj's buffet! ehhe... they opened in Mall already!

Nothing interesting about today... hehehe... just the normal family spending day.

So I guess that's about it.... bye..

Tomorrow... will be my first day stepping inside the Operating Theatre. Make sure all my scrubs are ready! haha I am anxious to wear them! ahha I'll be wearing all blue, a cap and clogs! woo hoo!! GOOD LUCK *tap shoulder*



DingY: hi darls! thanx for missing me!! Missh you tooo

Lilac: hehehe than to you too... ooh my sis called. She appreciates that offer from your dad. I guess we have nothing to kirim. just me?? can?? hahhhahah Thanx mate!

Nova: oh hi mate! ahaha I certainly did! hahaha... take care buddy!!

Hotdamn: eh babunya! hahahaha.... bahagia ko sana? hahah bah ayam pandan brapa milligram? Inda ko overdose kan tu? Mish you.

Lina: oh yeah... that's the year kali... ehehhe it was yellow i remember... heheh bah take care!

Dj Godfather @ Lit Tak: heheh I thought I've told ya. Neways thanx for dropping by!! hehehe.. take care dude. Besides... I cant access your blog.

Duck: quack! ahaha thanx pal!! ahah rajin rajin kemari!!

Aminol: dude! haha saja just to give you a mention. Good Luck with your graduation!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A day to remember?

To start with, I thank you guys who untiringly peek on my blog.

I am finally recuperated from the miserable ill. However, I am in the modd to push the throttle to da max! But then, I couldn't start doing my work. Why? The laptop cord is still yet unfounded!!! grrr... I have 2 assignments pending, my thesis 2nd stage and Emergency Module Assignment.

Went to RIPAS hospital library, bumped into few other medical students from UQ.. ahha not many are chix! ada pun tuhak yo!! hahahha...

Ok.. cut story short. On my way back... my car which was driven by my sister and mom was the passenger rammed into the side stable after 3 times of twist and skids. My baby SUV's are now badly hurt and now under Intensive Care Unit workshop. Hence, I've got no baby to drive and dependant on others now. Oh well, on the brighter note, everyone was safe uninjured. Went escorting my mom to Belait from Sungai Liang in ambulance. I was acting differently. How? I wasn't that panic. Thanx to my thorough training. I spilled out all the knowledge and skills I have.

What's annoyying is of course the by stander. He was emphasizing me to take my mom out. BUT NO! that's against the rule. No one should be taken out unless it's too dangerous to leave the casualty and if it is safe to intervene. So I insisted on waiting for the ambulance. So yes.. he was saying bla bla bla.... and he was mentioning this thing in case CRP was needed! Should I be confident on that? CRP?? CPR lah!!! anyways... I did not identify myself until the ambulance came.

On arrival at the casualty department, all eyes were on me. They were quite shock to see me!! anyways.. should I be proud already? ehhe... Oh well I think that's the best thing to work in a hospital.

I guess today is really a day to remember. Alhamdulillah everyone is OK. That's all I wished for. Am I sad for my car? NOPE... not at all.

My sincere thanx should go to PINKY. She's the only one who knows what had happened. And Pinky, I'll never forget that. Thanx jah!

Of course to A/E personnel on duty today! Thanx for you guys' over concern which I guess public wont get. Thanx...

Signing out:
Sani Sunny Money!


Thanx peepo!!!

DingY: you moved? hehehe... great site! went in already!

Lilac: Sorry pal... yeah.. should get optometrist check at least otherwise, opthalmologist please.

Bebee: oh yes tantu mua mu! ahahah.. you video cam jua kali ah!! muaku inda jua ada!! ahahhah.. I was different... atu si dullah tu! ahhahaha semua kiut, EDA AND DINGY! ahhah

Lina: hahah yes the swim kaes you feel really good! hehehthanx for the sympathy! ahha oh yeah! I know your bro! He came to my house before.. he drives Lexy right?? ehhehehe he's my sis's colleague in Shell!! ahahha.. what a small world!!

Hotdamn!: Aku rindu padamu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe... Geng mu ramai tadi di RIPAS. Makan nasi briyani dorang tadi!!! ehhehehehe.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Life? A torture?

Hi guys! Thanx for visitng my site! appreciated it! ehhehe...

You guys must be wondering why the absence? To start with, I was ill!!! Damam ku yo!!

I finished my Accident and Emergency placement! Happy or Sad? A mix of both!!! hehehe... I'm excited because operating theatre is next! hehehe. Sad? I had the most wonderful time at the A/E!!

Hotdamn!! ehhe... I did great with the presentation on Epistaxis!! Everyone congratulated me!! personally!! haha including the Medical and Surgical Head of Department... andyes not to mention the Nursing Members. I was soo flattered. I would like to share those congratulatory messages to the working team only! and of course... you people!! eheheh...

Today was the last day of my demam! Went swimming with pinky and hj sahrin! hahaha baik ku slajur! Ada banyak itu Gurkha lah!!! ahhahahahaha..... and had a very light dinner at Simpur.

Blogging location: Sister's house. Why? Cant use my laptop, teh adapter is at the hospital's lecture hall. I can only claim on Monday!!! Next week Imma on study leave! hahaha yeah... but not quite yet! My thesis is damn pending!!!! yites!! hahaha.....

Last week took Lilac to hospital! ahha chaos yo!! ahahah... I guess she blogged that one as well! hahah... Hope so... otherwise..... nyehhhhhhhhhh..... =P

Besides, I allegedly lost all my priceless and valuable items... and guess what!! ehe I found it!! yay!! ahhaha

Oh yeah.... my boys mates are now soo da gila! They've been goin out with cauxie babes! My gowd!!! Kill me!! ahhaha... How dare they text me on that! I was like... shite!! It's cauxie babes!! My taste kali tu ah buleh!!! and they got laid and made out! jees... how could I missed that one... I've been longing Mat Sallehs chix yo!! hahahahah.....

Alright... I guess this has been to much for you guys to read!! ahhaha



Thanx for your passion on following up this blog! hahaha... Certainly owe you guys on that! ehehe... Ciao!!

P/s: Today I watched this vidoe footage of our school trip to the UK. hahahha Guys I miss you!!! Cathy, DingY, Eda, Barrock Sexay, Saiful, Ebem, Cg Zamzam, Madam Teo, Mr Duncan, Mr Dennis the driver, Brian, Bebee, Radhi... woo loads of you! ahhahah We were definitely different. KIUT BIUT, squeky and Cumil Brabis!! ahahh soo innocent and young!!! ahahha compared to today!! ahha ya rabbi!! hahaha... Mana lagi dengan kacamata!! ahhaha I am one of them!! ahha kiut! macam nobita!!! ahhahaha I hope you guys still cheerish those moments we had! ehehhe I pray for you guys' success and all everlasting prosper and health and wealth and blanja aku! ahahaha