Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weekend BBQ(s)

Hola! Dieting? I have violated promises to myself. So much of going through dieting... Oh well good food and times, irresistable innit?

Last Sat, Cathy invited me to her "Staff Appreciation Dinner (BBQ)" at Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong. It was held at the Premier Lounge. It was really a nice place. It's new for one masih bau cina, jepun, german, segala lah! ehehe. Small but nice! Food was amazing! I like the minute steak!! So sedap *drooling now* Only Had 2 Drumsticks BBQ ahaha... inda ampit wah and no space on my tummy!

Had some games and as usual we won! Watched fireworks from the rooftop just outside the lounge while I enjoy my grills! The fireworks display was in conjuction with the HM's Birthday celebration and lantern procession. Right after the dinner, around 11pm, went to the capital to catch up with Cathy's X-batchmates. It was hard to get around the capital. Major roads were blocked or closed. Had to park my car safely far away. flooded by Indons around, for a second I forgot I was still in Brunei. I though I was in Indonesia sudah pak!! ahaha.. gue lagi bingung mikirin... capek jugak deh!

Trying hard to find the best spot to see the happenings around, and failed to meet up the friends, decided to head Coffee Bean for some caffeine fix for the night. Places were all dirty flooded with humans and rubbish!!! Strangely, rubbish bins either empty or half filled!!! Tak ker bodoh tu namanya!!! Mana utak dorang kan!!! Sampah buang arah tong bongok banar!

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The following Sunday, had another BBQ at Seri Kenangan beach, Tutong organised by some close friends of mine. It's a reunion for my nursing batch. Basically we had fun over there and nice time catching up with the rest. The highlight was of course the Beach Buggy ride or the ATV's!!!

Later that afternoon, my mates had a friendly tug of war match with the BruNotts team who happened to have a BBQ as well next to our BBQ shed. I heard, my team won! ahha yay!!!!

Bah atu saja tah! hehe

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Special Entry: Joshua Aman's Birthday!!!!

A special entry dedicated to the beloved nephew, Joshua Aman on his 1st Birthday 2006!! Yay!!

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