Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Scheduled Show


My scheduled song went smoothly!!!! wee hee... The so called Bustu BRunch Show with Dj xHu went well for 4 hours straight. Filled with music, requests, dedications, and of course musics! ehheh

I played pop, pop rock, british rock and anything requested. Evn the boss got to listen to my show... hahha glad she was pleased and liked the show!! haha

So we might have a new server and a new address for the radio! hhehe

So bye!

Monday, December 19, 2005

BruStu Radio + DJ - ing

heya Peeps!

BruStu or Bruneistudent.com has reached to another milestone, that is BruStu Online Radio. So, what about?

Well it has been a dream of mine becoming a DJ or whatever related kind of work, news caster or weather report in that sense. So through BRuStu my dream has come true! eheh

It was all a coincident. I tried filling in empty slot, and it turned out to be pleasing to many brustuers. Due to their positive feedback, I came back and do a longer show. And yeah, alhamdulillah they like it more and more. I hope it will be progressively that way!

So yeah... I have a scheduled show starting tomorrow from 9am to 12noon Brunei time. My show is known as "Brustu Brunch Show with DJ xHu" hehehe.

so basically that's it!



Mally: yeap... ehhe enjoy the show! and thanx for tuning in!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Guitar Lesson DAY ONE.

Hi ya!

Today I had another remarkable day. I made my first day for a guitar lesson with Zool. Hehhe

First, I was searching around town for a guide book and couldnt find any. So just waited for Zool to come around 5pm. So he taught me some and now I'm ok with it. 4 chrods altogether and thanx to the internet that helped me to udnerstand better. I got C, A'min, F and G. hehehe.. cool !! eheh

So basically that was my day today! But again... too bad, my itchy hands disturbed the tune and the 1st striong came off!! yites... sakit tangan ...

and my fingers are sore!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The one with me buying GUITAR! aahah

Yo peeps, Assalamualaikum.

The day started with Pinky picking me up and followed by the rest of the crew. Biasalah the 4 of us. haha..

We headed to Malaysian Hicomm in Bandar to get Zool's stuff settled and we went to the wrong way on the way back. We headed straight to Yayasan school plang! ahaha.. thanx to our brilliant navigator DIANA! ahaha

From there, we makan at a new place called "Mulaut Grill". It's kinda like Ideal Cafe but nothing is similar. They have different menu and all. Best of all AYAM nya nyaman! The environment.. not bad. Macam those Halal fast foods di UK catu lah...

After makan, we went around Bandar sightseeing, snapped few piccies macam tourist! aahhaha... then I bought a Fenders brand acoustic guitar! wee hehhee...Zool and Kev will be readily to be my instructor! Thank you..

Went to Yayasan, roam around and looking at few stuffs around, as usual nothing nice to touch and feel. ahaha... So we headed back to the college.

I got my Recommendation settled but not yet ready. Maybe around a week or so. They were quite helpful on that note. I was like suprised by how supportive they are with my choice and all. So... yeah basically Im a step closer to my dreams.. ehhehe Before moving on, we went to Library while waiting and met Madam Suraya, my inspiration. We sat down and talked for quite sometime and it was really amazing having the chance talking to her. Many issues she discussed within the short period and the usual her to inspire one! Thanx madam!

Went to the Mall, lepak with the Bandar boys for teh tarik altho I had Kokoberry! aahha... we chatted a lil about studies, Rafie might be goin to Oz, some will be heading to the job market, some join the army, shell... and the list goes on and on. Good Luck guys! I really want to see all of us succeed!

Headed home later in the afternoon around 5, and now settled down tll the evening. I just woke up around 3am and now here I am blogging. Such a crap!!

Anyhow. Bye!!


Sol: ehheh thanx mate!

DingY: kan BBQ you.. hehe bah nanti tah... ehhee...


Hello chaps! hahah.. wassap ladies and gents? ehhe

Right, today for a start, I went to Seria to settle some insurance stuff for mom. Later on, we had breakfast at CA Mohd and I had the long waited murtabak ayam... kebulur ku menunggu! ahahha...

After breakfast, passed by Thai shop and asked for the borneo bulletin. Checked the paper, wow... my article lah!! ahahha... and so... I texted few people saying about that and all. Suprisingly, they didnt change many, only few words and that's it! ahhaa... like... eh? I;ve improved with my English!! ahahhahaha... how I wish my school days were like tat! ahha except they changed the title. Originally it was "17th Intake Nurses: Ready to serve the nation."

So here's how the article goes:

Never mind long wait, be ready to prove your worth

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all 17th Intake College of Nursing student nurses on completing their course, especially those who have successfully passed the exams.

Throughout the three and a half years of the course, I have learnt many invaluable things that many other professions would not be able to impart. At the outset, my colleagues and I had no idea on what nursing was all about and we had no clear idea why we joined nursing in the first place.

As semesters passed by, we started to have our own opinions and grew interests. We began to understand the science as well as the arts of nursing care to start with, and realised that nursing touches beyond its original scope.

During our clinical placements, it certainly impacted many of us in many ways, either socially, psychologically or professionally. The thirst for knowledge was also undoubtedly increasing and it made myself more motivated and to develop further.

Now, it has come to an end. Nevertheless, it is just the beginning. Lifelong learning and continuing professional education is no exception to nursing graduates. As technology progresses in the area of health and medicine, nurses have to equip themselves and be one step ahead to face the challenges.

Thus, nurses today must not be complacent and only motivated by incentives such as money and promotion, but also as a personal choice to develop their career.

Hence, I sincerely hope that the Nursing Education centre will develop and spread its wings in offering more courses such as Bachelors Degree and eventually PhD's locally.

Today, we have seen many fresh graduates are still waiting for employment. I certainly look forward to such a long wait too.

However, we must not feel let down by this. What is important for the nation is that, we are part of the country's assets as educated people in giving the best nursing care in the country and we must be ready to prove that.

On behalf of my intake, I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to the lecturers, tutors and staff for believing in us and helping us to achieve our dreams in becoming Professional Registered Nurses. Not forgetting the nurses and doctors nationwide, who have taught us during clinical placements and we certainly owe you our sincere thanks.

To those colleagues who have not made it through, don't give up and you will finally make it! We will be definitely looking forward to our graduation in the upcoming convocation and be readily to serve the nation!

To the 17th intake student nurses, We Made It!

Sun E

Borneo Bulletin, Opinions Page Dated 14th December 2005

I've been planning to do that since years ago and made a promise on that. So yeah, it came true... ahha.. I did that in just few minutes as if I was blogging. It took me around 10 mins kali to compose and asked Lilac's help to proof read. And she said sumthing like "give it a go". So I did.. and sent a copy to Brunei Press! ehhe... As far as memory could recall, that was around 2am on a Monday night.

Later on today, had a buruk time and went online (as usual....) *yawn*... so got Kevin online.. ahah at the same time melayan texts from feedback about the article I posted. Many were saying like "kambang bulu" "proud" "good" and all... hehehe...

We had a usual chat about PUNANIS hahaha and about RUssell.. I dont know when we gonna quit talking about RUSSELL PETERS! ahhaha... LAter we headed WyWy for tea... I didnt eat.. was full only had Miloshake yet unable to finish.

Now, Im blogging and about to say bye! hehe

So, BYE! hahah

Sani Kamis


Dingy: ehhe thanx gal! ahaa.. we are now officially penganggur! ahaha

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just another day,

Assalamualaikum! ehehe

So quick updates:

Woke up late. Online and wasted my time...

Popped in few mates from different parts of the world in my MSN...

Decided to go out, texted Zool and he was busy scandal-ing... sigh

SO... Kevin wanted to come over and pick up Russell Peters DVD + some PORNs... too bad.. I dont have PornS *ehem* hahahahha

SO burnt him the cd, pass him over at Rojak place. I was craving for rojak after reading Mistress's tag... so yeah... called Kev and I had rojak woo!! ehehhe

Went to OGDC jogging. Too bad it rained just before we arrive at the car park... and I headed back to KB straight.

On the way, I yawned alot... and I felt like floating. Headed home straight and there I was in my cosy bed pampering my eyes!

Now online lagi balik.... sooo buruk lerrr~!~~~~~

Okie Dokie

p/s: posted sumthing on opinions page... but wonder if it will be published or not! ahahha

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's over yet it;s just the beginning.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all 17th Intake College of Nursing Students for passing their final exams with flying colours. Guys... WE'VE MADE IT!!!!

Saturday 10th December 2005.

The most anticipated day among us. Why? rumours were telling that the results will be out. Yet, many including myself had no idea what to expect. We had a general assembly at the hall with all the usual blabbering, and it was said that the results will be released by noon of so. Suddenly, the Zimbabwean friend of mine ran to the hall shouting "I PASSED!" We were like.. what? you gotta be kidding!... and yes the results were out on the notice board. I ran outside... yet had the feeling of hesitation to look the notice board. What if my name was not listed? What should I do and all....

So there it was my name was listed!!! right away i turned around and looking at the crowd with tears and a big hug to my best mate Pinky... and she made it through too.. cos I saw her name first... along with my other mates. We were all in tears of joy. However, the tradition in an exam, there are failure who didnt not go through due to a way or another. Anyways, to them, my prayers will always be dedicated for their success and not to give up!

10.30am : the certificates from the board were issued... and some did not receive cos they have not cleared their fees and all. hehe... so yeah.. hehe I'm a Licensed Nurse. With that I can apply work anywhere as a nurse, or anything related here or elsewhere.

After that:

My mates and I headed to the mall for a lil celebration. It was so minimal pasal bajit kurang! ahhaha... but yeah it was somewhat special. I bought a new phone too! ahhaa. SE750i (just in case you out there got curious).

The very next day, hung out with Zool. Well he came in the early morning knocking on my window. I didnt realise he had texted me many times. So we went to Bandar and I got to drive Vios.. hehe for the first time. Along with us were his girlfriend and two cute girls!! ehhe...

I got myself contented with few stuff from Samuel & Kevin and a cheap polo from Giordano! ehhe... I really like the cargo pants from S&K.


I have to fill in all the forms required, the SPA forms, CV and Resume. In addition to that, I have uni application to get done. Really looking forward for graduation sometime March or April. heheh


Didnt do much, early morning went out with mom taking her to hospital twice for her blood samples. Then in the afternoon hung out with Kevin and Zool. Finally get to hang out with him. Hehe. So there we were at WyWy talking about some random stuff that guys would talk about! ahaha..

Both couldnt stop dragging me on the idea of getting drunk and sober! ahhaha... shite those two guys! ahhaha... My reply was "as far as I'm conscious, I wont be choosing alcohols, although I may go to Pubs and Clubs, but my choices would be Lemonade or Water!" hahha...

So yeah, we had a great time having nice teh tarik and all. Later, went off to OGDC for my usual brisk walking... ahha need to cut down weight really! haha... and I just got back really.

So there you go.

Before I end, I would like to express my sincere thanks to friends who has helped me in many ways, to those who supported me, teachers, family and colleagues and especially to those who sent the congratulatory messages. Thank you once again.

Sani Kamis

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Today, the one with me jogging.

So hi ya peeps!

Today nothing much, as usual. Went to work (am shift) and I was quite pissed off with quite a few things around the ward. Hhaha... habis orang ku marahi! ahhaha... but I was cool anyways.

So this afternoon, after waking up from my nap, went to OGDC and went for a jog. Few, nothing feels best than the sweat out of your body! ahha.. but what happened in the end? BIG DINNER!! not good indeed! ahahha...

Looking forward for tomorrow's shift. As for now, it's my last day being around the clinical area as a student nurse. Not unless they will place us for the anotehr 3 mths!! yay.... 3 months for graduation... can't wait to put on the gown! ahha seriously!

But, at the same time, my heart will be start pounding hard! WHY? Results wah!!! ahah.. iatah had to go jogging tu... to make my heart muscles stronger.. or stronger Myocardium! hhahahhaha...

So I guess that's all for today!

Joining you soon;


Lina: hahaha.. yes lidah unta? and yeah.. aku memburuk and rotten di KB. Im back to Bandar life starting next week.. and not sure sampai bila! ahahha.. I miss jua kadangnya the stress and the "sophisticated" life in Bandar.. ganya soo money sucker di Bandar atu! ahahahaha... di KB kaya ku! ahhaha... but again... yeah... need some time spent in Bandar.

Monday, December 05, 2005

More updates about yesterday.

Assalamualaikum peeps! *wave* I guess I'm back with my regular blogging... well that's what I'm seeing at the moment... ahahha

So yesterday? I was just memburuk-ing at home and woke up late around 10am, in my room and having fun on my computer. Night time? I was at work.

At work: Did all the usual routine stuffs, then watched Flightplan and Desperate Housewives with a colleague over the counter as we chose not to sleep. So we watched while eyeing on the patients and the rest were sleeping till around 5am. It was all quiet and spooky.. hehe but what the heck, we enjoyed the night. It was basically my colleague and I running the ward smoothly. YAY.. we need no supervision no more.. we have our own clinical judgements. We finished all the tasks without being told and before they knew! ahahha.. *so proud*

The bad side: the staffs were taking advantage over us! and why not the other lazy students??? So my colleague and I decided this.... we should just leave before time... so let the "pemalas staff" pass over the report we've written... I DONT GIVE A DAMN!! ngalih sudah... on top of not sleeping throughout the night. One of our patients was dying, iatah we have to keep an eye. So we ran away lah.. heheh.. that was the best feeling. Ada jua yang inda buat kaja.. but still can balik at 6.15am! FUCK! But again.. he's not suprising to us at all.. andang pemalas atu jua bah..

hehhe.. so yeah... it's 1.15pm.. and yet.. I havent had breakfast or clean myself! aahhaa.. germs and microbial organisms are all over me! aahah...

What's on today? hmm prolly another session of memburuk.. *sigh*

Sunday, December 04, 2005

the 10 5 1 year bla bla... got tagged from Lilac.

*10 years ago
hmm where was I? hahah... *wake up* ahhaha I was 12... ahhaha oh yes, I just had my circumcision! ahhaha.. sick. Nothing much while I was 12. I was still in form 2. Very eager to drive a car. Had trouble with History and sometimes Maths. But managed to escape all the way. I think, I watched my first porn here! ahahah... so yeah.. there you go.

*5 years ago
2000. I was in SMSA. my first time stepping foot into a government school. Was really afraid with bullies and all since I heard so much. Insecurity was all there and all my grumblings with the facilities like toilets and all. But then, it turned out to be very very nice and fun. So memorable. I was doing my A levels and that time I started to have school mates who are girls. hahaha... Had crush on few people but never had the chane to say it out. Now most of my crush atu kawin udah!! hhahhaa.. *suck lemon* me dude! Here, I got more active in school activities. Joined few clubs and got more socialise with people. Got my self esteem on the rise as well. Met my old school frens from ugama school and some were my seniors. Went to UK with friends on a school trip. And that was the best among all! My first time being independent! woo hoo. Slowly becoming naughty too. Then I moved on to PreU2.

*1 year ago
I was still in my second year as a student nurse. Having soo many knowledge on handling medical and surgical cases, I got more confident attending to my patients' needs. it was the best time. I had placements in the community, operating theatre (The Best) as I get to cut living human on the table LIVE! ehhe.. Carried out Appendicectomy (removal of the appendix) one on one with a surgeon, followed by many other major surgeries. Best feeling! Met many new people from different walks of life and many were great. Better friendship bonding with my intake and get to know them better. It was a year ago that I went to the UK for christmas with my sis. My first time flying alone and also to Aberdeen alone. feeling wise, it wasnt really great at all. But I had fun nevertheless, experience yo! So, I enjoy BruStuing too and got to know many people from there, Lilac <3, Mistress, Lina, Xeno, Sin Adam, Mofoster.. and many of the rest whom I already know and I;ve met these people already! ehehhe....

*5 snacks I enjoy
- Kerupok udang
- Chicken wing cuts
- Donuts
- Savoury Pastry
- Popiah.

*5 songs I know all the words to
- National Anthem Brunei
- Dakota (Stereophonics)
- High (James Blunt)
- You raised me up (Josh Groban)
- Awan yang Terpilu (Ning Baizura)

*5 places I would run away to
- My room
- Cathy
- My sis's
- My aunt
- My sis in Aberdeen

*5 things I would never wear
- Pink coloured stuff (too bad my uniform is, so excuse me on that)
- Skin tights yang fit sendat
- any piercings
- woman's dress! hahha
- bra

*5 favourite TV shows
- Grey's Anatomy
- ER
- Friends
- Under One Roof
- Whoopi

*5 bad habits
- Panic
- Too worried with things
- Too blunt
- Tend to believe with stupid people
- Money Management = poor!

*5 biggest joys
- My significant others
- My phone
- My baby vit
- My pc
- Broadband

*5 fictional characters I would date or think are cute
- Lindsay Lohan (freaky friday)
- Hermoine (Harry Potter)
- Lana from Smallville
- Witherspoon in Legally Blonde
- The actress in What a girl wants

*5 people I tagged this to
- Cathy
- Lilac
- Sin Adam
- Mistress
- Chevelle

Right.. the continuation of updates v2.

So hari raya went well... that's all I can say.. ehhehe. Nothing unusual, just the best prolly as tons of frens came over at one go! ahaha.. terduduk uleh nya eh.. ahhahaha

So third week, I went to Langkawi via Singapore. So spent 2 nights in Singapore and tons of shopping whilst in Langkawi, I only spent my days at the resort swimming and sun tanning. So it;s like 2 weeks after Langkawi and my skin is back to it;s orginal state. Putih? ahaha.. prasan. But again.. my weight is nevertheless getting any lesser!! grr.. Im gaining weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 more shifts before Im officially off from the clinical areas! ehhe.. should I yay? or I'll be missing the idea of spending time nursing my patients hehehe... but yeah.. we have to move on.

Results will be out in a very short while. Again... I dont know what to expect. ehhe... *interframe kajap* ..... I love all the songs on my blog... yes... here... the one playing now! ehehe.. I like pop music and country! ahhaha nyaman telinga wah! ahahha


Sin Adam: have you dude? ahhahaha... ooh okay... ahahaha bah ani updated tah udah! hahhah.. buleh.. ahhaha...

Lina: awu.. ahha now updated tah udah.. hahaha gambar oh yea oh yea kamu cana? ahhahah... have I got u in my MSN? i doubt it u know. ahhah.. bah add me saja sanikamis@hotmail.com

Lilac: mestilah pandai! gahha exprooot ku udah! ahahahhaha