Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The journey to Eastbourne.

The Pre-Departure Session.

The preparation was tough. However, alhamdulillah, everytime there were obstacles, it was overcome eventually by God’s will. From the year 2003 onwards, I have been aiming to further my studies soon after my Diploma. What have I done since? I initiated my dreams emailing universities in UK and Australia looking at what my options and possibilities were. At the end of the day, I knew what I wanted to do, Podiatry.

I came across the word Podiatry through the mouth of a friend. Since then, I searched further and I kept going. Until today, even in the UK people still ask me what Podiatry is about.

Upon finishing my course in December 2005, I shifted my motivation and preparation speed into its maximum. I started applying via UCAS and get things sorted out as far as application is concerned. I composed my personal statement as required by UCAS everytime I had my free periods during night shifts. Alhamdullillah, it was nicely done before everything else did. Application sent in February 2006 anticipating for the better or worse. Anxiously waiting for replies and answers.


Tracking UCAS application was somehow dreadful. It was March when I first heard a reply. It was from the University of Brighton, calling for an interview. Was I excited? Only God knows how thankful I was at that time. I was given the option to do the interview over the phone. I was driving back to KB when I received the phone call interview on the agreed date which was 2 weeks from the notification. Result: I was given Unconditional offer in that instant.

Following that, Southampton University called for interview (phone call), followed by Huddersfield University (email Q&A). At last, I had been offered by 5 Universities of 6 choices I had. Brighton, Southampton, Salford, Huddersfield and Northampton.


It was June when decision making was crucial. Where should I go? Must cost be an issue? Proximity to London? Environment? People? All were bogging in my head. Alhamdullillah, a sister is just a phone call away. She helped me to decide where I should go. University of Brighton it is then. Why? We chose it on the basis of its reputation on the course being the top 3, as a university on overall as well as location wise being 2 hours away from London.


Another obstacle I had to overcome. Here, the biggest protion of the arrangements obstacle was finance. It was August when we first started roaming around town asking our possibilities getting loan and financial help. I was with Eda then as she was in the same boat as mine. She was pursuing her dreams to undertake a Masters Degree from Manchester University UK. Hoping from one bank to another in KB and since then, people had known us very well indeed as we came several times to their place for the same purpose all over again.

Why was it being difficult? Primarily, we had no credible sponsors in terms of fulfilling their requirement guidelines – “sponsors must be of a government or Shell employees”. On a summary, it’s funny to find out one has to have the money to loan!! Amzing isn’t it?!

Upon desperation, mom has decided to contact a cousin of mine in Bandar asking for her piece of mind on how things can be solved. She started off opening the doors of ideas to my mom. We chose Bank Islam then and we were glad.

Just 2 weeks before the intended date of departure another problem came by. The loan has not been approved yet due to pending paperworks. There were some important documents which were not relayed to the bank and making the application to delay. Had to go to different Ministeries and different Departments to get things sorted out.

A WEEK MORE TO GO – 5 working days left.

Loan – not granted yet. Visa – not granted yet. Mom and I – worried major!

We hurried things up making frequent trips to Bandar to do that. Finally it was Wednesday to get my visa done. We asked the bank to issue us a letter stating we have loan certain amount and the etc. That took us quite a while!! But in the end, all they gave was just a letter stating mom is a credible sponsor for my education. Result: Visa section were not satisfied as they need the figure of money.

Went back to the bank and re-explained. Then, they promised to issue another letter and will fax them right away to the the visa section. The next day, I was at the bank again to get the original copy of the faxed letter. I WAS SHOCKED!!! To see the amount was lowered by 2/3 of the original amount making the figured showed only 1/3 of the agreed amount. I was not satisfied and I knew the visa section won’t be happy. I gave the visa section a call, and yes it was confirmed visa wont be granted as there is not sufficient fund evidence. I was worried, not knowing what to do, I had to go to the bank.

Met this ego lady who then rejected our loan. I thought she was a boss or one of the tough people in the bank. Too bad, she was not even a supervisor! Next Action: Went up straight to MD’s office.

Met the MD’s Asisstant (I shall not call out names here), he listened carefully along with another officer. By right no one should be allowed in that place without appointment or proper reasons. However, I have my own reasons. After explaining, he went down and ask one of the officers what were the possibilities and we were on the good track once again. The agreed amount, the time frame, etc. Loan was granted in less than 2 hours. Money was ready for collection the next day, Friday. What’s the problem now? VISA

That afternoon, got the loan certification, and forwarded the letter to the consulate. She said “come tomorrow and see if your visa is granted or otehrwise”. The very next early morning, mom went to bank to sign documents, and I got my visa on the Friday. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, although I wasn’t with mom as we had to split the work and errands at the bank cos bank hours are only half day on Saturday. The money finally got banked in to my account just 15 minutes before the bank closed down. Mom obtained the money at the VIP room. Hehhe… see the blessings behind obstacles. Things got better soon after.

On that Saturday afternoon, only then we started packing and thinking what to bring. Earlier I was on the verge of giving up but I kept on going in weakness but persistence was there at all times.

During the process, I could never repay everyone’s effort in helping and making things possible. May it be in terms of their precious ideas or even support and prayers. I wish you all the best in life and may god bless you all with happiness and great healthy life. My endless prayers of blessings from Allah to Mom, who consistently preservered, a cousin Ka Limah for untiringly helping us out through, a friend and a sister to me, Cathy, sisters, family and everyone. Thanks and apologies to Eli for having you around but not able to take you around real Brunei. Of course, our biggest thanks and appreciation to that MAN at the bank and some of his helpful staff.


On the 17th September 2006, we left Brunei for London before heading down south to Eastbourne. Arriving at Heathrow was a different experience being a student. Alhamdulillah, things went smoothly. NO questions asked etc. Another friend, Hairol was there on arrival to help us get things sorted out and settle down right up to Eastbourne.

Now, here I am writing to you right from Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. (It’s 5.51am now of 20th September 2006)

Was having breakfast yesterday when the hotel owner came by to say hi. We were talking and asking where were we from. He was delighted and amazed to hear we were from Brunei. It’s the first time he had Bruneians staying at his place. He travelled around the world except Brunei. He then offered himself to be the person to call if I needed help throughout my stay at Eastbourne. He sent me off to my uni for registration in a Jaguar!!! I was soo happy and delighted. He promised mom that he’ll take a good care of me. And his name is Reg Jenkins. He also said, he wants to make me like a real English Man! Woo hoo.

One day, I wanna be like him. If I had the money and power, I wanna help people too, Insya Allah.

On my next blogging, I will tell you more on what Eastbourne is like. Till then, Cheerio!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Miri again~~

Today woke up with laziness. Cathy woke me up early see if I was already up. Although I wasn't at the time, I replied her yes anyways. She asked about the laptop and she complained that her laptop's DVD rom unable to eject the bay from the slot. She contacted the dealer and asked. Guess what.. and who is sakai? ahahah. To find out, the DVD-rom is not the usual rom, it's a slot in just like what you have in most car audio player! whahhahaa... sampai malam tah ko tunggu cat! ahaha

Went to Miri around 9 or so. Cathy texted me she's on the way. Rushed to the loo and I got ready in a snap! *honk*... dia sampai~~~

Arrived at Sg Tujoh, long queue. It's school holidays what.. Until we were near to the control post, whilst filling in the forms, found out the car's road tax expired last 2 months!!!! Cathy were hysterically panicked! ahahah. We decided to be obedient and sincere citizen, turned back and changed the car to Fortuner! ahwhahaha.... bahagia nya aku!

Arrived Miri, nothing unusual. Bot myself the skin for the laptop, and my memory stick got stucked in the card reader bay! ahah damn! Had to send it to nearby PC shop to remove it. ahha cuma2 kana bagi cakap and macam sakai!!! whahahaha

But it was all fun! hhehe Thanx Cat and Carol for blanja aku makan... McD and Coffee Bean! *muahz* esuk lagi ah! ahahahaha.... But top of all, thanx for the ride and fun time!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

7th September 2006, MOH interview.

Alright, today was a day indeed. HAd my interview with Ministry of Health, Brunei for Staff Nurse post. On summary: IT SUCKS!

I simply couldnt find any better reasons to why they need to interview each of us. Top it off, they asked stupid questions. When I say stupid, it's really stupid! Here's some previews of it:

> Do you have the qualification to be a Nurse? - DA"OH!
> What do you see in Accident and Emergency Department? - What do I see? or what do you expect me to see? Singing audition competitors? DA"OH again!!
> In Emergency, why teamwork?

Those above are just itsy bitsy of it... *sigh* Most of my mates share the same thought as mine that the interview simply stupid and the questions asked were just out of the real topic!

Anyhoos, felt better after all those I went through. On the brighter side, I got my new laptop! whahhaha... sleek and sexy new laptop yaww!! Built in cam is the highlight! neyeheheh

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Oh btw, Cathy got the same one too! ahahha



p/s: strange about the interview? All certs had to be removed from the clear folder for submission hich includes driving license! ahhaha for a bit... i did this "LOL/ROFL/LMAO"