Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The battle begins in few hours!

It's almost the end of Semester 1 year 2.

The exam starts tomorrow. I'm writing just few hours before the exams now. Sleep deprivation, excessive caffeine intake and information overload in my brains. Now, it's almost time to face the battle of exam war. First, it's the butcher!!!!

I have musculoskeletal assessment practical exam tomorrow morning. I am being assigned to be assessed by a Podiatric surgeon who known by many as the "Butcher". She's very knowledgeable and very intimidating. There will be 5 of us under her. And all of us are very restless and anxious at this very moment of time! *sigh*

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Then followed by research exam in the afternoon.

Next few days:

Clinical pharmacology, microbiology and pathology exams - which lead to my Prescription only Medicine licensing from the Health Professions council.

Then Local Anaesthetics Exam - a 100% passing mark that leads to Local Anaesthetics certification and licensing. Which I need before I can legally administer and start my surgery rotation.

Then lastly, the pathology Viva. I have not prepared much on this. I just hope cancer won't be as much being asked!!!

Oh well, I am not prepared!!! Run!!!

My line for this week... "If I am not confident, I just hope I can at least act being confident"