Saturday, December 16, 2006

Year 1 - End of 1st term.

Greetings everyone!!

Well yesterday was the last day of 1st term of the year. Had my last exams for the term. Blessed!!! It went well I thought, but not that it went flawless, few glitches wont do harm I reckon. But let's put that aside.

So after the last lecture (yes... I had lectures after exams.. gilakan?!), went with my canadian mate for shopping. I didnt do much, bought myself pastie for lunch. That was basically my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didnt eat the whole day yesterday, cos I didnt feel like it. I didnt have good sleep for the past few weeks, and I had to recuperate from all those headaches and clumsiness... ahahha. After town, headed home and took a nap.

The evening, my mates kept on offering me to join the Pod Social night for end term, and some at The Loft and some at Witherspoon. Both were organised by my coursemates. We didnt know which one exactly to go where we ended up going to all of them! ahhaa. Went out at 7 to Witherspoon... and found all the drunkers already! ahha. Lucky for me, all my drinks were paid by them... ahhhahaha. I offered them drinks in return, they refused. So jimat al fulus! ahahaha LOL And I was a 5.0 twin cam, yang thirsty maha sangat.. couldnt stop drinking... well I had lemonade plang saja tu ah! aahaha LOL

Then after witherspoon, went to Loft. Exclusive bar, we were not allowed to get in at first, then finally we were let in. BUDUH punya guard! Then... after we got in, the other guard at the other end opened the back door telling us to leave. Until we told him that we're podiatrist students who go along with the rest upstairs. Then case settled. Chill around for about 2 hours or so, loads were already drunk, some gone sober, some went crying, some just went out of their chest really.. ahhaa I ended up laughing only.

After Witherspoon, off to Funkitionrooms. It's a newly opened club in Eastbourne. It has 3 subclubs from house, rnb to electro. We went all three ahahah. I hesitated to go at first cos I was really knackered. But I thought, why not reward myself for a bit, cos I needed to lossen up. So, we ended up reve-ing, jiving, and grooving all night until around 2am. Gosh, I could just stay till 3 but I was being considerate cos my mate has a flight to catch the next morning to Canada. Blessed her! aahahaa Overall, it was fun. When was the last time I rave? Last 2 years?

The rest kept on commenting hahhaa I could dance? I went puzzled, I was like.. what? hahahahah. They start calling me party animal now! ahahha some called public groover... whatever lah.. asal kamu bahagia... inda jua kamu sadar tu! ahaa

Have a good holidays folks! See ya in new year! Pix below

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weekend: work with no play makes ME a dull boi? ahaha

Hi everyone!!

Well, it's just couple of weeks before xmas. All the streets and shops are full of people. And us? Gosh, we have exams to prepare. Unlike the other courses, apparently my course, dentistry and medicine are the only ones staying around still preparing for exams and assignments. The rest have gone for their early xmas holidays. *sigh*

Well, last Monday we had a small xmas gathering for the housemates. It was just staying around and chill out. Nothing much to say. They were just drunk, and I was having fun laughing at them! ahaha

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Right now, I'm taking a 10mins break from studying. I just had enough of muscles and innvervating vessels and nerves in my head!!!!!! I was studying hard last night and without realising it was 6.30am before I decided to sleep. At 7.45am alarm went off, and I thought, if I had gone to class, I would be just a stupid lad trying hard to pay attention whilst carrying the load on my eyes, that won't be brilliant. So health comes first. I decided to continue sleep and wake up around 10.30 or 11am before heading to uni for the second session of the class. So yeah, at 11.15am.. went to cafeteria where I knew my study group would be having their tea. So I met them and they were like... "SANI!!! yes.. you came at the right time!... we need your brains" Hahhaa... It was a presentation that we had to do. It was on Pituitary gland. In instant, the ideas just went out of my head without prior reading. Just from what I could recall back of my head, years back during my nursing training. I offered myself to present the topic anyways. We prepared the presentation in 15mins.. and yay.. it went well! Bravo! ahahha LOL

And see, I was absent because of something sincere, bukan niat kan main main. Kali apa nah, my mates pajal to sign the morning attendance. HAHAHA... I felt guilty but I thought, maybe it was just rezeki that I was absent for a reason.

Anyways, I've been fiddling with my laptop trying to pimp it. Now starting with the graphics. Hahha... walaupun keyboard nya hangus! ahhaahha LOL

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh, what a weekend.

I have exams coming up! grr... other students were wondering why we have exams before the holidays? Well dont ask me.. you guys from other professions are lucky enough not to have any before. We have before and after xmas holidays.

Heheh, Saturday went to catch another movie, Flushed Away. Hehe not a bad movie after all.

Sunday, (today) made kuih mor recipeless for housemates. They requested it for xmas dinner tomorrow night. I just bake hantam and luckily it turned out good! hehee.

So okie dokie, 9more days I'm home! Yay!!


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The day I blew off my laptop.

Bad things usually happen on the wrong time. There's never a perfect place and time for terrible things anyways. Here's what happened....

Oh btw, I had a terrible day on wednesday. I almost blew off my laptop!....
Well, I was quite motivated to start work, fiddling through the books etc
and made myself a glass full of drink. Fixed the earphone on the laptop and
KABOOM! The drink spilled on the laptop keyboard. Ran for towels and papers
to dry the laptop and library books... and got very frustrated. Ruined my
mood but I carried on doing my work. Few minutes later, laptop gone wacky...
I thought of giving it a look. Guess what, there were pool of water under
the laptop right at the processing area etc.

More frantic moments, and got hang on to a housemate for her hair dryer. I
blew it dry but couldnt get it started back. Gave back the dryer and came
back to find out.... my keyboard keys MELTED!!!!!! Melted as a chocolate bar
would. Was I terrified? OH YES!!!! And I couldnt get the laptop on still...
although it made sounds of running. So I gave some patience and waited for a
bit to cool down. Luck was on my side and I had my laptop back... altho it
got reset to year 2002. Most importantly, all documents are running well.
Now laptop is alright but with melted keys. I will have to change the
keyboard once I got back insyallah. It's about 70pounds here!!!

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