Monday, March 15, 2010

My vegetarian day.

Thinking back, I survived my vegetarian weeks being a student living in halls when I first came. That was because the halal shop was far away, and really I didn't know there were many of them around! ehhee So, during that period, I had to overcome my cravings with meat substitutes mainly from Quorn.

Today, I had the craving again. So I made myself a vegetable pie served with Quorn bangers and mushy peas. I'd say, chicken pie taste by many miles tastier. Nevertheless, it's kinda healthy in a way as I'm trying to detox my body for a bit.

I'm trying to lose weight. Not drastically, but to an ideal weight for myself. I was overjoyed when I thot I lost few kilos after fasting. Too bad that night only to realise the scale was not set to zero, it was at -5kgs! Bummer!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sushi Day

Arrived home after a very tiring day. Continued working at home as I didn't want to fall asleep (nothing unusual really). So I emailed few lecturers in regards to my research proposal, and another lecturer to arrange on the use of the F-Scan analysis machine for my mini project. Then later, Kak Nora texted Shahin and I to come over her place. She needed help to make sushi.

I wasn't sure if it was going to turn ok (to say the least) as I don't normally (only made once) make sushi. It was a gathering for Kak Nora's friend's farewell as they're leaving today back to Malaysia. Nevertheless, the sushi turned out good actually, considering it was Shahin's attempt to make sushi for the first time! hehe

Analysis of Function and Proposal

It has been a tiring week. I just had one week of intensive module on Analysis of Function. It's mainly targeted for the MSc Physiotherapy, but I guess I took the chance of taking this module. The module is interesting and the delivery of the lectures were excellent. It's just some of the lingo were a bit off from my day-to-day practice as a podiatrist. This was more like an engineering course and we had an engineer onsite to help us out. It sounded more like experimenting rockets! lol. For the whole week, we put human physiology and abnormal conditions aside, it was more of the fundamentals of physics integrated into the human movement like force, moment, torque etc in relation to the human joints and soft tissues. There were also elements of critical evaluation of research within the subjects. On a fair note, I appreciate reading human movement related articles more now than before, that I have actually able to see the bias in many papers published.

For the whole week, I was able to operate and critically analyse the benefits and pitfalls of many equipments which some cost hundreds of thousand pounds! I looked and operated on the force plate, the vicon and coda 3D analysis, EMG (electromyography), the ultrasound machine, the biodex and improved my skills on the use of F-scan pressure measurement. Below are some of the sights and situations that I had to endure over the week.

And those machines are not just for trial. We had to experiment it on almost a real scale! You can just imagine that I came home everyday knackered!!! Running on a treadmill after lunch, with strappings and without proper pre and post exercises measure, NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

Yesterday, I had my dissertation meeting day. It was difficult but surely an eye opening to making sure we were on the right track. My research plan was somehow all over the place partly because they knew nothing what I was talking about. I then turned my my own personal tutor and he was enthusiastic about it. He even gave me his recent publication (which kind of similar study)to look at.

I'm hoping it will run smoothly. I'll be looking at the prevalence of foot pain among rheumatoid patients in Brunei as we have not got a rheumatology specialist podiatrist (hint hint!!) ahahha.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Simplistic - Comforting

What can be more comforting in a stressful and cold condition other than simple food. Just simply quick to prepare, healthy (well almost) and yummy! I blame it on my piling load of work and the stress of keeping up with the demand. Demand, and yes, that goes along with my tummy's demands too! I've been telling myself about my weight, but again it's simply unavoidable to some extent.

Got home today and thinking what can I make, as I was craving for good spud - either a cheesy chips or jacket potato. Luckily I had one baking spud left. Popped it in the microwave for about 8mins and in goes the butter and baked beans. The result? A SCORE!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gulab jamun

Made one of my favourite Indian desserts, Gulab Jamun. It's like a doughnut soaked in sugar syrup. It's easy and quick to prepare.

All you need is powdered milk, self raising flour, milk and make. Make it like a texture between a dough and a paste, then make into tiny little balls as it will double the size when deep fried. Once fried into golden balls, soak them in sugar syrup. Chill and serve!

Promoting the profession - Podiatry.

Whilst I was back in Brunei, one of the tasks was to man the career fair at ICC organised by the Ministry of Health. On summary, it could have been better with better publicity. Nevertheless, there were many enthusiastic students attended the almost a week long fair.

However, students should eradicate the naiveity of "I want to be this and that, and I refuse to hear anything else but that, and I know what that is all about". Most of the chances, you don't actually know until you actually experienced it. On many instances students just walked pass and only stopped to a certain booth of their interest. Fair enough when interest is concerned, but how mouch would you gain for doing such? Speaking of interest, those who attended seemed to be compelled by the idea of job popularity and money. Have they even considered a realistic approach to that? Have they even questioned themselves, have I got what it takes to be that?

Anyway, enough of those rant. It was indeed a fun time spent promoting the profession in particular and working for the public as a whole. The best part has to be educating and correcting the public.

I leave you to some pictures below. So folks, the next time you attend a fair especially an educational one, be diplomatic and intelligent. Pose your questions in a learned manner as it reflects on yourselves, and not to be judgemental.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Revived! 2010

Hey, what a sinful break it was! I hadn't been able to update this blog due to time and simply being lazy too!

Perhaps I could just do a summary of things happened for the last few months (well almost a year).

In July (28th July 2009), it was an auspicious day of my life. I graduated for the second time with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Podiatry / Podiatric Medicine. At the same time I was named the recipient of the Podiatry award. I was so nervous on stage but didn't fail to pose and smile for the cameras.

Attending the ceremony were my beloved mom, and two of my sidekicks - Shahin and Shumba. It was certainly a smooth going ceremony and would certainly be a memorable moment in my life.

Whilst mom was in the UK, I rented a car (pretty much a usual thing innit?) and we toured Cardiff, Oxford, Bath and Manchester to meet up Kolin's granma. Although it was a short trip, indeed it was a fun thing and time well spent with mom. Whilst in London, took mom to Greenwich just to see things around. I also managed to book seats for a theatre at the Westend, Sister Act.

So much happenings and took tons of pictures, but I'll only share some here. Mom obviously couldn't stop shopping. We had to buy an extra luggage just to fit in those extras, yet it was just about! She definitely enjoyed the trip, that what matters the most anyway.

As with the rented car, initially I was given a 7 seater family car. Fortunately (Yes), the car airconditioning system failed and would be dangerous to drive as it would start to fog during cold conditions. I went in to get a car change and the lady asked if I drive automatic. Of course, the answer was a yes and that would be a bonus! So instead of the 7-seater Touran, I had a Mercedes A-Class. Not a big deal, but it was certainly helpful in terms of comfort and being small in size, easy to manouvre around in the city.

Taking turns driving. Me getting bored driving on a slow pace on the M6 towards Manchester.

Came September, I had to return back to UK as a student. But this time, as a Post-graduate student. I was also awarded scholarship for that, DOUBLE WHAMMY!! Yay! Moved in to a new 2 bedroom flat, shared with Shahin.

So there you go. Nothing much interesting going on. Although there are a few, but they were just minor stuffs. hehehe. Hopefully I will be updating this blog as much as I used to. Alrighty then!