Monday, April 24, 2006

Out of the Blue

Was bored and browsed BruStu. Solidarity gave an inspiration to me when she posted a pix of me during the West Family day.

With only few hours and limited resources, I came up with this. Especially for BruStu.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nurses go RAP in ER

Things getting bored day by day. Oh well, came across this one cool clip with nurses doing rap. hehe it's cool making me to ponder how cool nursing is and I'm gonna miss it!

Here's the lyrics;
Kaboom we’re the UAB emergency room
And we treat every single patient from the womb to the doom
Any kind of patient is accepted
Our skills are well perfected
We expect the unexpected
That’s why we’re well respected

We ER nurses
Medications we disperses
When things get the worse here
Our time is just mergers (cant seem to figure out what he said here)

Room 10 there’s a patient with a hurt in the belly
Look there goes the entrance with the KY jelly
Got a CAT Scan in Room 6
X-rays in Room 8
There’s a chest pain in Room 1
That really can’t wait
He’s got a positive history
Get the 12 lead EKG
Better draw from blood for lab work
When you start that IV

Got a migraine in Room 2
Room 3 has got the flu
Room 4 can’t poopoo
Room 5 is playing cuckoo
But the trauma’s on the way
Right into the trauma bay!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Work Placement and being jobless.

Since graduation day, I have been a jobless single person! Hahha, I know I sound so "grr" well cos I am.

So now, let's focus on the future. keh keh keh. I've been doing my placement at RIPAS hospital for few days now and It has been great so far. My supervisor is one cool lady and she;s running the department on her own as the senior is in the UK doing her Masters. So far she's able to manage the clinic in a way she could handle as a one lady show.

How's the placement? (A review)
Well, it's fun and get to learn a lot. I've been digging information regarding the subject and the working environment. Podiatry has issues of it's own but relax, it is still a young profession here in Brunei.

Suprisingly, she also discussed of my future where I could end up and it's really motivating and a positive outlook (pay, career prospect and progression)I must say. However, I do not want to think of what's been said. All I know I need to get through the course first.

At the clinic, she introduced me to members of the staff around and met many patients. Again another suprising bit, they also cater for Psychiatric patients!

Today, was again a day! ahha. Yeah, I wasn;t feeling well but managed to arrive safely in RIPAS. Had briyani with Met and we had a chat about how I got into all these. So met few other frens and x-colleagues but didn't tell what I was doing there. ehehe.

Went to the clinic and there was no one. I thought I was early. Opened the door and get ready for a patient. It was strange to see nothing was prepared on the table and the surgery trolley was empty. Then came my supervisor and there she saw me sitting in boredom. Then she exclaimed with a smile "eh Diabetes Centre today" haha.. I had a good laugh, so I went to the said centre. There not much patient, only 2 diabetic patients.

Tomorrow it will be in Tutong. Yay! ehhe new experience.

So far I've started to be able to differentiate between nursing and podiatry. Both are noble professions. However, I have to say nursing is in a world on it's own. I remember my lecturer sais this "there is no otehr profession similar to the art of nursing". Honestly, by far nursing is more exciting and challenging as it involves the whole human body rather than one bit of the body. But again, looking at the foot as a complex organ, it is infact in a way looking as a whole body. There are lots of muscles, nerves, bones and vascular supplies in there alone where one has to memorise! DIE DIE! ahaha. But both equally I'M LIKIN IT! It's like between choosing a white bread and a wholemeal. hhehe

Oh well, I guess that's it for the moment.So far, good news from universities! eheh. Hopefully, things are gonna be ok for finance and funding insyallah.

Thanx also to PhantomS, Matron and yang sewaktu dengan nya for willing to be my lunch mates! ahaha. To Deny Hotdamn, thanx jua for willing to "come" although you couldn't make it. But nawaitu pun jadilah! ehhe. Kalau nada kamu, makan di jamban tah ku kali sorang2 hahaa.

Sani Kamis

here's a pix of the clinic.
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C@T: hehehe you know what, havent had any bad experience like you said, smell and stuff. The antiseptic and solutions used erased all those and I like the smell. Not the feet but the clinic itself so fresh. But again no smell of feet YET. Maybe when it's time to deal with serious necrotic feet yet I'm looking forward for that. Won't be suprised cos have dealt with those cases before.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Month?

Fun to be with. - well I guess that's what people say I assumed.
Secretive.- not so much about this one.
Difficult to fathom and to be understood. - not true although people other than my circle of friend would have difficulty in understanding me.
Quiet unless excited or tensed. - I can be quiet, but at most times, this cannot be applied. I'm too hyper and loud. See me at family functions/ religious functions... then I'm quiet.
Takes pride in oneself. - Oh yes I do.
Has reputation. - Now onwards, I think yeah. Probably I have since I was born haha.
Easily consoled. - Undiscovered yet.
Honest. - yeah. I can be as honest but I like to get that gullilbe feelings at time to people.
Concerned about people's feelings. - why do you think I commit myself in the profession?
Tactful. - antah eh.
Friendly. - OH YES!
Approachable. - Certainly YEs!
Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. - hahah Wanna try?
Moody and easily hurt. - not so much.
Witty and sparkly. spazzy attimes. - yeap. It was said in many comments.
Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. - Very Very true!
dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. - inda jua lah. But yeah.
Guides others physically and mentally. - I will always be glad to be at help.
Sensitiveand forms impressions carefully. - banar ni.
Caring and loving. - hmm iakah? agaggahahha
Treats others equally. - true, prejudice is bad!
Strong sense of sympathy. - very much thanx
Wary and sharp. - ??
Judges people through observations. - OH YES I DO THIS ALL THE TIME
Hardworking. - hahahah tia karang
No difficultiesin studying. - only recently discovered.
Loves to be alone. _ NO WAY!!!!!
Always broodsabout the past and the old friends.
Waits for friends. - ok lah
Never looks for friends. - tipu ni!
Not aggressive unless provoked. - buleh lah
Loves to be loved. - siapa inda suka!
Easily hurtbut takes long to recover. - TRUE TRUE

Sunday, April 09, 2006

College of Nursing's 12th Convocation Day - My Graduation Day.

Yesterday will always be a history of my life. I finally graduated and able to call myself a nurse. Will I stop here? Definitely not! There are ways and I am already seeing the light at the very end of the tunnel. What will I do then? I will keep on searching for that light and shine it bright on my future.

The graduation - it meant something big to me in my life. It's time about appreciating all the pain and the gain I've made throughout my nursing life. Now it has come to an end. The graduation ceremony was slightly different from the previous years, which include they way the academic regalia are being worn etc.

On the auspicious day, I was announced as the winner for an award. I WAS SUPRISED! I got the "Best Leadership and Organisational Skills" award. wait... lemme laugh! hehhe.. am I or was I being organised then? Hahha I dont know. Oh well, at least my commitment and pain I've put has been paid now. Knowing people acknowledge that is another thing to appreciate.

The dinner was nevertheless great as well. Zool couldn't make it, so he gave mom his ticket. It was well organised and took place at the Rizqun International Hotel. It was great, so Empire-ish. Much better than Polo Club I'd say.

April 17th, I'll be starting my work placement at a department in RIPAS hospital. Days have been good as well for me. Had my uni's interviews - IN THE CAR over the phone hahah all the way from the UK. Got few places offering unconditional offers now. Oh well, will see how it goes then.

Anyways, my sincere congratulations to all friends, colleagues who graduated yesterday and Good luck to those graduating next year. DONT GIVE UP!

Best congratulations to fellow award winners too. Aminol, Nurul, Evelyn, you guys deserved the awards indeed!

To those well wishers, Thank you! It could not have happened without the support and endless prayers.

Signing off;
Sani Kamis

Pictures here:

IPB Image

IPB Image