Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sighness and bliss?

Hello readers!!

Been procrastinating lately, just got nothing to do. Been to town on 2 consecutive days, today and yesterday. It was a lovely day however yesterday when I had to hand in the video for psychology.

Bumped into my mate and she thought I was elsewhere out of Aberdeen and conversation went like this :-

Wendy: hey you.. wot cha doin here?
Me: just handed in the video...
Wendy: thought you were in london or sumthing..
Me: nah.. off to Aberdeen next week after the viva...
Wendy: how will you get to the ball..?
Me: ah! The clever mind of mine got it all arranged. I'm flying back on the early morning flight of the 10th!
Wendy: what you mean clever you idiot! The ball's on the 8th!
Me: No way!! It's on the 10th... and I'm quite positive..
Wendy: The 10th is a Sunday... not unless you wanna do your own ball to yourself! *laugh*
....on and on until we bumped into another group of frens and suddenly news broke out like a spit fire!

But most of them were being sympathetic and ideas were thrown in. Appreciated that but nothing else I could do. My bad really. So I was in denial all day long... and pull my socks up off to STAPLES on a bus ride in a warm sunny weather... trying to see the glass half full... eheh

Went to get my boxes for the removal then got myself brownies and a bottle of peach tea. I was done for the day....

Later in the evening, Dani my housemate threw an English tea with lovely scones and strawberries. Definitely love the butter scones with clotted cream!!!! Thanx!

Today, went out again to cancel my suit. Since the suit was already in, I couldn;t get any refund. There you go... 35quid off the drain out of my wallet! *sigh*

Headed off to bookstores in town, thought I need a book to read.... the following were my choices. Which I end up buying the first one.

This book is a collection of stories from the London Ambulance Service. It's filled with humor, drama, and all the events that took place around the author's experience from being an AE Nurse to a Paramedic. Quite a handful of jargons for non-medical people though. I even had to dig my brains hard!!

If I could remember from what I've read at the store, this book is a story about a woman who was abused and raped since childhood until at one point her child was taken away. She end up living in harship and fighting to find her lost child.... This book was in the tragic stories section.

This one is about a son who was abused mentally, physically and sexually by his father following the death of his mother. He was however, managed to live his life till the end where he end up living in success. Thanx to the advantage of him being sent to school where he was discovered by his teachers that he was abused. Among the evidence gathered were his broken wrists, bruises and scars on several occasions.

It was indeed a tough decision for me!!! All was because they're like almost 40 Pounds if I had bought them. So I end up buying the first one cos it was humorous and a lil light to read. Besides, it's the cheapest amongst all for just 7.99!! ehehe

Was that the end? NOPE! I looked up Amazon UK. 7.99 was just 2.15!!! Was I mad....? "No........"
The price of two books package... was just 16pounds with free delivery!! Hehhee. I put that on my wishlist tho!! can't wait.

Oh btw. Bliss side of the day? My tickets to Manchester have arrived!!! Yay!!!

Oh oh.. I've been fiddling and brushin up my photo editing skills... hehee... It's alright I guess. I'm quite happy with it although it's nothing techy or advance. an example.... mana tau one day I can write my own book title!! wahahhaa oh oh.. as per requested... this original picture was taken by Miss H.Cathy... aku bagi ia 30% credit lah whahaha LOL
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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Day I call myself Free from Year 1.


Last Friday was my last assessment day. Basically, I am free from Year 1 right after my neurological assessment exam. Although I have 1 viva exam to go.. but that's just a shared module.

So how was assessments?

Exams - I only had 3 practical exams -
  • Vascular was excellent!
  • Musculoskeletal - That was uber fun!!!
  • Neurological - The worst nightmare!!! But I did good...
So basically I am looking forward to move on to year 2 if things went well Insya Allah. I also look froward to other things like moving to new place (altho I am gonna miss this current place of mine), off to Manchester after sometime Eda persuading me to come, and finally booked my tickets, then HOME to Brunei.

Brunei - probably will do my placement in RIPAS - defintely something to look forward too.

Oh well.... I am soo free that I couldn't think what to do. Need to read psychology for the Viva nevertheless.


Went to Odyssey for Fish and Chips Lunch... plus Pirates of the Carribean 3 movie at Cineworld. All the compliments of Fizah. Thanks! Had a good time indeed.

Next week, it's the year 3 graduation ball. Can't wait to have fun... yay..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The arrival of my new wallet.

My new wallet arrived today. Bought it from Ted Baker, London. It took 3 days to arrive. This is my new wallet since I had the last one for almost 8 years!!!!

As with anything that you had for so long, I tend to miss my old wallet no matter how in a pathetic state it may look like. But hey, that wallet berezeki tu ah. The money from that wallet took me places in many parts of the world, if only that wallet could speak and record my journey. Hehhe.

With the new wallet however, it's nice for a change. It's just a little smaller and a lil flashy ahhaa... cos the previous one I had was a typical black wallet. The other thing is, there's no separating compartment for the money. So, it would be kinda hard to separate foreign currencies and receipts in my case. Anyways, I'm happy for it.

p/s: kutak nya lebih lawa! It had so many layers from the packaging just for a wallet.

Old wallet:
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New Wallet:
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