Saturday, December 16, 2006

Year 1 - End of 1st term.

Greetings everyone!!

Well yesterday was the last day of 1st term of the year. Had my last exams for the term. Blessed!!! It went well I thought, but not that it went flawless, few glitches wont do harm I reckon. But let's put that aside.

So after the last lecture (yes... I had lectures after exams.. gilakan?!), went with my canadian mate for shopping. I didnt do much, bought myself pastie for lunch. That was basically my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I didnt eat the whole day yesterday, cos I didnt feel like it. I didnt have good sleep for the past few weeks, and I had to recuperate from all those headaches and clumsiness... ahahha. After town, headed home and took a nap.

The evening, my mates kept on offering me to join the Pod Social night for end term, and some at The Loft and some at Witherspoon. Both were organised by my coursemates. We didnt know which one exactly to go where we ended up going to all of them! ahhaa. Went out at 7 to Witherspoon... and found all the drunkers already! ahha. Lucky for me, all my drinks were paid by them... ahhhahaha. I offered them drinks in return, they refused. So jimat al fulus! ahahaha LOL And I was a 5.0 twin cam, yang thirsty maha sangat.. couldnt stop drinking... well I had lemonade plang saja tu ah! aahaha LOL

Then after witherspoon, went to Loft. Exclusive bar, we were not allowed to get in at first, then finally we were let in. BUDUH punya guard! Then... after we got in, the other guard at the other end opened the back door telling us to leave. Until we told him that we're podiatrist students who go along with the rest upstairs. Then case settled. Chill around for about 2 hours or so, loads were already drunk, some gone sober, some went crying, some just went out of their chest really.. ahhaa I ended up laughing only.

After Witherspoon, off to Funkitionrooms. It's a newly opened club in Eastbourne. It has 3 subclubs from house, rnb to electro. We went all three ahahah. I hesitated to go at first cos I was really knackered. But I thought, why not reward myself for a bit, cos I needed to lossen up. So, we ended up reve-ing, jiving, and grooving all night until around 2am. Gosh, I could just stay till 3 but I was being considerate cos my mate has a flight to catch the next morning to Canada. Blessed her! aahahaa Overall, it was fun. When was the last time I rave? Last 2 years?

The rest kept on commenting hahhaa I could dance? I went puzzled, I was like.. what? hahahahah. They start calling me party animal now! ahahha some called public groover... whatever lah.. asal kamu bahagia... inda jua kamu sadar tu! ahaa

Have a good holidays folks! See ya in new year! Pix below

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weekend: work with no play makes ME a dull boi? ahaha

Hi everyone!!

Well, it's just couple of weeks before xmas. All the streets and shops are full of people. And us? Gosh, we have exams to prepare. Unlike the other courses, apparently my course, dentistry and medicine are the only ones staying around still preparing for exams and assignments. The rest have gone for their early xmas holidays. *sigh*

Well, last Monday we had a small xmas gathering for the housemates. It was just staying around and chill out. Nothing much to say. They were just drunk, and I was having fun laughing at them! ahaha

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Right now, I'm taking a 10mins break from studying. I just had enough of muscles and innvervating vessels and nerves in my head!!!!!! I was studying hard last night and without realising it was 6.30am before I decided to sleep. At 7.45am alarm went off, and I thought, if I had gone to class, I would be just a stupid lad trying hard to pay attention whilst carrying the load on my eyes, that won't be brilliant. So health comes first. I decided to continue sleep and wake up around 10.30 or 11am before heading to uni for the second session of the class. So yeah, at 11.15am.. went to cafeteria where I knew my study group would be having their tea. So I met them and they were like... "SANI!!! yes.. you came at the right time!... we need your brains" Hahhaa... It was a presentation that we had to do. It was on Pituitary gland. In instant, the ideas just went out of my head without prior reading. Just from what I could recall back of my head, years back during my nursing training. I offered myself to present the topic anyways. We prepared the presentation in 15mins.. and yay.. it went well! Bravo! ahahha LOL

And see, I was absent because of something sincere, bukan niat kan main main. Kali apa nah, my mates pajal to sign the morning attendance. HAHAHA... I felt guilty but I thought, maybe it was just rezeki that I was absent for a reason.

Anyways, I've been fiddling with my laptop trying to pimp it. Now starting with the graphics. Hahha... walaupun keyboard nya hangus! ahhaahha LOL

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh, what a weekend.

I have exams coming up! grr... other students were wondering why we have exams before the holidays? Well dont ask me.. you guys from other professions are lucky enough not to have any before. We have before and after xmas holidays.

Heheh, Saturday went to catch another movie, Flushed Away. Hehe not a bad movie after all.

Sunday, (today) made kuih mor recipeless for housemates. They requested it for xmas dinner tomorrow night. I just bake hantam and luckily it turned out good! hehee.

So okie dokie, 9more days I'm home! Yay!!


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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The day I blew off my laptop.

Bad things usually happen on the wrong time. There's never a perfect place and time for terrible things anyways. Here's what happened....

Oh btw, I had a terrible day on wednesday. I almost blew off my laptop!....
Well, I was quite motivated to start work, fiddling through the books etc
and made myself a glass full of drink. Fixed the earphone on the laptop and
KABOOM! The drink spilled on the laptop keyboard. Ran for towels and papers
to dry the laptop and library books... and got very frustrated. Ruined my
mood but I carried on doing my work. Few minutes later, laptop gone wacky...
I thought of giving it a look. Guess what, there were pool of water under
the laptop right at the processing area etc.

More frantic moments, and got hang on to a housemate for her hair dryer. I
blew it dry but couldnt get it started back. Gave back the dryer and came
back to find out.... my keyboard keys MELTED!!!!!! Melted as a chocolate bar
would. Was I terrified? OH YES!!!! And I couldnt get the laptop on still...
although it made sounds of running. So I gave some patience and waited for a
bit to cool down. Luck was on my side and I had my laptop back... altho it
got reset to year 2002. Most importantly, all documents are running well.
Now laptop is alright but with melted keys. I will have to change the
keyboard once I got back insyallah. It's about 70pounds here!!!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brighton SCP Conference.


Well, had a conference on Thursday at Brighton Centre in Brighton. That gave me the opportunity to visit Brighton for the first time. It's just bizarre to find out my university is at the other side of the county albeit it's being named as University of Brighton.

Brighton is quite a city compared to Eastbourne. It has all the hustling bustling of a typical city such as sirens running around and major buildings with multi-ethicity orientated stores. I was astonished how vast the difference was. From the size of the station and the people around it, it's just huge. It's like stepping foot out of Victoria station in London or sumthing.

We headed towards the pier, and we passed by so many shops and pubs. They all looked good nevertheless. But we had to catch time for registration. The Brighton Centre is just opposite the mostly taked about BRIGHTON PIER. In addition to the cold weather, it was raining and the wind was just as terrible.

Conference started just after lunch time and we had to sit in a room of more than 1000 health professionals around UK gathering to grasp new information and ideas pertaining to the subject and profession. Bloody hell! It was long enough to make my bum flat! Yes, I could feel the oxygen deprivation as I couldn't stop yawning. Just in time before I dozed off, it was time for us to go. whahhaa.

Had a quick break and FRESH air by the pier! OH YEA!!! That really woke me up. The strong winds, the cold etc... really made me to drizzle goo out of my nose (exaggeration intended there). That was all Eliz's idea to take us down there! Crazy as it may sound.. but more crazier being there!

Had another session, and the other one ends around 6pm. Went back, heaidng the station with group of my coursemates. Some invited to go to the pub, but many refused as we all have the train to catch. But we didnt make it for the intended train. So we took the later train via Lewes which was considerably faster.

But yeah, on summary, Brighton was great. It was meant to be a 3 day conference, but my mind body and soul really couldnt take it any further. So I surrender merely just for the one day.

Sani Kamis

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bruneian Visit! whahaa

How's today?

Had a quick run to the station to meet up with PhantomS who was kindly enough to pay me a visit down here in Eastbourne from London before he goes up to Liverpool tomorrow.

We went to the Pier where it was terribly terribly cold and windy plus the rain! ahaha There were no one around except us! ahaha Must be crazy ey! ahaha. Went to play DDR and car race at the pier's game place.

Then we watched BORAT ahahah that was hilarious!!!!! Sat down at Subway and COSTA and catch up all the news...

Bah, I'm tired and I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for the 2day conference. Hehehe.


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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The day I met another Bruneian in Eastbourne.

Hallo readers!!

Anyways, I had a wonderful time today. Woke up early with sleep deprived, but something made to force myself to get up. I had a meeting in my list with another Bruneian in Eastbourne, that is something. Another catch was that, she's not just a Bruneian, but also a future boss hopefully one day. But yeah, I also realised that I didnt have anything decent to wear to work (clinical attachments) and for the conference coming up in Brighton.

So, the meeting. We were supposed to meet at 11am at the train station. I went early, as usual punctuality is my game. But I breached that today. I was making a quick look out at few stores for shirts and a duffle coat. Went to NEXT, M&S, TopMan and Burton. Finally, I found what I wanted at Burton. It came with a price tag, then the student discount helped a bit. I was offered Burton card as well which entitles me not to pay anything until they send me the statement to my address, plus another 20% discount and the benefits. Benefits include a claim say the price drops, I could claim any amount of the price difference to what I've paid earlier. Too bad, they couldn't locate my address, samething happened when I was purchasing bicycle at Argos which made me not buying there. So I proceeded the purchase with just 10% discount. With that I bought 2 shirts and 2 ties to go along with it! Sweet innit? That caused the delay however, and making a bad impression on me meeting up late.

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And the above are my purchases in just a quick hops.

The meeting: well it was alright, no awkward moments anything like that. We had a quick look around in the crowded town. It was nice and sunny by the way. Went out lunching at the Kebab shop. It was great, she intended to treat me, too bad she didnt have change, so we split hehee. I said, there's always next time.

Before 3, we headed our own ways home. It was freaking cold on my way back and foggy!!!! I was shivering in cold and luckily I arrived home before it rained heavily.

Next agendas:
  • Assignments due - Research, 6000 words portfolio, assessments, and Biochemistry Physiology assignments!! grrr!!!!
  • Conference in Brighton.
  • Academic Planning and arrange a meeting with Mrs McInnes.
  • I WANNA REST!!!!
Chill out!
Sani Kamis

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

October to November.

It has been awhile since I last blogged. The sole reason for that is non other than time and my busy nature now. So let's talk about what happened during that long absence. October...

October was quite a start for me. I had to get use to things around as it was my first month being in the UK. After mom left for Aberdeen, I had to stand on my own her ein Eastbourne. With that, alhmdullillah, God has given me all the strength I needed to carry on the journey. Settling was not bad for me. I started to have good and healthy span of friends. It may sound hard to fit in around especially to know there is no Bruneian here. However, I made friends with different walks of life and backgrounds. I have friends from Africa, South Africa, Europe and of course the UK itself.

Uni wise, everyday is about learning new things. From October to last week alone, we had completed a module on Foundation Studies. It's all the foundation needed from basic understanding of research to Physics.

It was also my first time to celebrate Hari Raya away from Brunei. Luckily, I have a sister and her family staying in Aberdeen. Coincidentally, mom was there as well. However, journey to Aberdeen form Eastbourne is not like a direct journey from KB to Bandar. I had to walk, take the train, and fly up to Aberdeen. Spent 5 nights in Aberdeen. The highlight was of course meeting the new Josh!!!! He's such a boy now!!

Gosh, I wish I had written all these on the spot as most of it is gone. My brains are not as strong anymore. Hhahaha. Overloaded with other stuffs already.

So yeah.. let me just write a summary:
  • Bought a bike to transport me from Halls to hospital
  • First cadaver dissection experience
  • First raya in UK and celebrated in Aberdeen
  • Settling in well in Eastbourne.

Now it is already the second week of November. Quite overwhelmed by loads of work piling up! I have 2 assignments due in two weeks time, and a conference coming up in Brighton. In addition to that, there are other stuffs due in December. Exams, OSE practical, and Assignments. The biggest assignment would be my clinical portfolio with 6000 words essay on different areas, plus certificates in CPR and Health and Safety. CPR assessment will take place tomorrow. I hope it is the same as what I've learnt previously. But yeah, it all takes learning and experience to master it.

Gosh.. I am soo antah. Dont know what to say. My writing skills pun depleting!

Ok November summary so far:
  • Thanksgiving at a Megan's
  • A trip to Beachy Head Park - a very nice open space park with quite a scenery. Famous for the cliff where people end their life on purpose.
Click video to see pictures I compiled.

Bah atu saja! kan nyiapkan assignment!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The journey to Eastbourne.

The Pre-Departure Session.

The preparation was tough. However, alhamdulillah, everytime there were obstacles, it was overcome eventually by God’s will. From the year 2003 onwards, I have been aiming to further my studies soon after my Diploma. What have I done since? I initiated my dreams emailing universities in UK and Australia looking at what my options and possibilities were. At the end of the day, I knew what I wanted to do, Podiatry.

I came across the word Podiatry through the mouth of a friend. Since then, I searched further and I kept going. Until today, even in the UK people still ask me what Podiatry is about.

Upon finishing my course in December 2005, I shifted my motivation and preparation speed into its maximum. I started applying via UCAS and get things sorted out as far as application is concerned. I composed my personal statement as required by UCAS everytime I had my free periods during night shifts. Alhamdullillah, it was nicely done before everything else did. Application sent in February 2006 anticipating for the better or worse. Anxiously waiting for replies and answers.


Tracking UCAS application was somehow dreadful. It was March when I first heard a reply. It was from the University of Brighton, calling for an interview. Was I excited? Only God knows how thankful I was at that time. I was given the option to do the interview over the phone. I was driving back to KB when I received the phone call interview on the agreed date which was 2 weeks from the notification. Result: I was given Unconditional offer in that instant.

Following that, Southampton University called for interview (phone call), followed by Huddersfield University (email Q&A). At last, I had been offered by 5 Universities of 6 choices I had. Brighton, Southampton, Salford, Huddersfield and Northampton.


It was June when decision making was crucial. Where should I go? Must cost be an issue? Proximity to London? Environment? People? All were bogging in my head. Alhamdullillah, a sister is just a phone call away. She helped me to decide where I should go. University of Brighton it is then. Why? We chose it on the basis of its reputation on the course being the top 3, as a university on overall as well as location wise being 2 hours away from London.


Another obstacle I had to overcome. Here, the biggest protion of the arrangements obstacle was finance. It was August when we first started roaming around town asking our possibilities getting loan and financial help. I was with Eda then as she was in the same boat as mine. She was pursuing her dreams to undertake a Masters Degree from Manchester University UK. Hoping from one bank to another in KB and since then, people had known us very well indeed as we came several times to their place for the same purpose all over again.

Why was it being difficult? Primarily, we had no credible sponsors in terms of fulfilling their requirement guidelines – “sponsors must be of a government or Shell employees”. On a summary, it’s funny to find out one has to have the money to loan!! Amzing isn’t it?!

Upon desperation, mom has decided to contact a cousin of mine in Bandar asking for her piece of mind on how things can be solved. She started off opening the doors of ideas to my mom. We chose Bank Islam then and we were glad.

Just 2 weeks before the intended date of departure another problem came by. The loan has not been approved yet due to pending paperworks. There were some important documents which were not relayed to the bank and making the application to delay. Had to go to different Ministeries and different Departments to get things sorted out.

A WEEK MORE TO GO – 5 working days left.

Loan – not granted yet. Visa – not granted yet. Mom and I – worried major!

We hurried things up making frequent trips to Bandar to do that. Finally it was Wednesday to get my visa done. We asked the bank to issue us a letter stating we have loan certain amount and the etc. That took us quite a while!! But in the end, all they gave was just a letter stating mom is a credible sponsor for my education. Result: Visa section were not satisfied as they need the figure of money.

Went back to the bank and re-explained. Then, they promised to issue another letter and will fax them right away to the the visa section. The next day, I was at the bank again to get the original copy of the faxed letter. I WAS SHOCKED!!! To see the amount was lowered by 2/3 of the original amount making the figured showed only 1/3 of the agreed amount. I was not satisfied and I knew the visa section won’t be happy. I gave the visa section a call, and yes it was confirmed visa wont be granted as there is not sufficient fund evidence. I was worried, not knowing what to do, I had to go to the bank.

Met this ego lady who then rejected our loan. I thought she was a boss or one of the tough people in the bank. Too bad, she was not even a supervisor! Next Action: Went up straight to MD’s office.

Met the MD’s Asisstant (I shall not call out names here), he listened carefully along with another officer. By right no one should be allowed in that place without appointment or proper reasons. However, I have my own reasons. After explaining, he went down and ask one of the officers what were the possibilities and we were on the good track once again. The agreed amount, the time frame, etc. Loan was granted in less than 2 hours. Money was ready for collection the next day, Friday. What’s the problem now? VISA

That afternoon, got the loan certification, and forwarded the letter to the consulate. She said “come tomorrow and see if your visa is granted or otehrwise”. The very next early morning, mom went to bank to sign documents, and I got my visa on the Friday. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, although I wasn’t with mom as we had to split the work and errands at the bank cos bank hours are only half day on Saturday. The money finally got banked in to my account just 15 minutes before the bank closed down. Mom obtained the money at the VIP room. Hehhe… see the blessings behind obstacles. Things got better soon after.

On that Saturday afternoon, only then we started packing and thinking what to bring. Earlier I was on the verge of giving up but I kept on going in weakness but persistence was there at all times.

During the process, I could never repay everyone’s effort in helping and making things possible. May it be in terms of their precious ideas or even support and prayers. I wish you all the best in life and may god bless you all with happiness and great healthy life. My endless prayers of blessings from Allah to Mom, who consistently preservered, a cousin Ka Limah for untiringly helping us out through, a friend and a sister to me, Cathy, sisters, family and everyone. Thanks and apologies to Eli for having you around but not able to take you around real Brunei. Of course, our biggest thanks and appreciation to that MAN at the bank and some of his helpful staff.


On the 17th September 2006, we left Brunei for London before heading down south to Eastbourne. Arriving at Heathrow was a different experience being a student. Alhamdulillah, things went smoothly. NO questions asked etc. Another friend, Hairol was there on arrival to help us get things sorted out and settle down right up to Eastbourne.

Now, here I am writing to you right from Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. (It’s 5.51am now of 20th September 2006)

Was having breakfast yesterday when the hotel owner came by to say hi. We were talking and asking where were we from. He was delighted and amazed to hear we were from Brunei. It’s the first time he had Bruneians staying at his place. He travelled around the world except Brunei. He then offered himself to be the person to call if I needed help throughout my stay at Eastbourne. He sent me off to my uni for registration in a Jaguar!!! I was soo happy and delighted. He promised mom that he’ll take a good care of me. And his name is Reg Jenkins. He also said, he wants to make me like a real English Man! Woo hoo.

One day, I wanna be like him. If I had the money and power, I wanna help people too, Insya Allah.

On my next blogging, I will tell you more on what Eastbourne is like. Till then, Cheerio!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Miri again~~

Today woke up with laziness. Cathy woke me up early see if I was already up. Although I wasn't at the time, I replied her yes anyways. She asked about the laptop and she complained that her laptop's DVD rom unable to eject the bay from the slot. She contacted the dealer and asked. Guess what.. and who is sakai? ahahah. To find out, the DVD-rom is not the usual rom, it's a slot in just like what you have in most car audio player! whahhahaa... sampai malam tah ko tunggu cat! ahaha

Went to Miri around 9 or so. Cathy texted me she's on the way. Rushed to the loo and I got ready in a snap! *honk*... dia sampai~~~

Arrived at Sg Tujoh, long queue. It's school holidays what.. Until we were near to the control post, whilst filling in the forms, found out the car's road tax expired last 2 months!!!! Cathy were hysterically panicked! ahahah. We decided to be obedient and sincere citizen, turned back and changed the car to Fortuner! ahwhahaha.... bahagia nya aku!

Arrived Miri, nothing unusual. Bot myself the skin for the laptop, and my memory stick got stucked in the card reader bay! ahah damn! Had to send it to nearby PC shop to remove it. ahha cuma2 kana bagi cakap and macam sakai!!! whahahaha

But it was all fun! hhehe Thanx Cat and Carol for blanja aku makan... McD and Coffee Bean! *muahz* esuk lagi ah! ahahahaha.... But top of all, thanx for the ride and fun time!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

7th September 2006, MOH interview.

Alright, today was a day indeed. HAd my interview with Ministry of Health, Brunei for Staff Nurse post. On summary: IT SUCKS!

I simply couldnt find any better reasons to why they need to interview each of us. Top it off, they asked stupid questions. When I say stupid, it's really stupid! Here's some previews of it:

> Do you have the qualification to be a Nurse? - DA"OH!
> What do you see in Accident and Emergency Department? - What do I see? or what do you expect me to see? Singing audition competitors? DA"OH again!!
> In Emergency, why teamwork?

Those above are just itsy bitsy of it... *sigh* Most of my mates share the same thought as mine that the interview simply stupid and the questions asked were just out of the real topic!

Anyhoos, felt better after all those I went through. On the brighter side, I got my new laptop! whahhaha... sleek and sexy new laptop yaww!! Built in cam is the highlight! neyeheheh

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Oh btw, Cathy got the same one too! ahahha



p/s: strange about the interview? All certs had to be removed from the clear folder for submission hich includes driving license! ahhaha for a bit... i did this "LOL/ROFL/LMAO"

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Weekend BBQ(s)

Hola! Dieting? I have violated promises to myself. So much of going through dieting... Oh well good food and times, irresistable innit?

Last Sat, Cathy invited me to her "Staff Appreciation Dinner (BBQ)" at Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong. It was held at the Premier Lounge. It was really a nice place. It's new for one masih bau cina, jepun, german, segala lah! ehehe. Small but nice! Food was amazing! I like the minute steak!! So sedap *drooling now* Only Had 2 Drumsticks BBQ ahaha... inda ampit wah and no space on my tummy!

Had some games and as usual we won! Watched fireworks from the rooftop just outside the lounge while I enjoy my grills! The fireworks display was in conjuction with the HM's Birthday celebration and lantern procession. Right after the dinner, around 11pm, went to the capital to catch up with Cathy's X-batchmates. It was hard to get around the capital. Major roads were blocked or closed. Had to park my car safely far away. flooded by Indons around, for a second I forgot I was still in Brunei. I though I was in Indonesia sudah pak!! ahaha.. gue lagi bingung mikirin... capek jugak deh!

Trying hard to find the best spot to see the happenings around, and failed to meet up the friends, decided to head Coffee Bean for some caffeine fix for the night. Places were all dirty flooded with humans and rubbish!!! Strangely, rubbish bins either empty or half filled!!! Tak ker bodoh tu namanya!!! Mana utak dorang kan!!! Sampah buang arah tong bongok banar!

*click picture to enlarge the collection at Rizqun*
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The following Sunday, had another BBQ at Seri Kenangan beach, Tutong organised by some close friends of mine. It's a reunion for my nursing batch. Basically we had fun over there and nice time catching up with the rest. The highlight was of course the Beach Buggy ride or the ATV's!!!

Later that afternoon, my mates had a friendly tug of war match with the BruNotts team who happened to have a BBQ as well next to our BBQ shed. I heard, my team won! ahha yay!!!!

Bah atu saja tah! hehe

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Special Entry: Joshua Aman's Birthday!!!!

A special entry dedicated to the beloved nephew, Joshua Aman on his 1st Birthday 2006!! Yay!!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

23rd-27th July 2006 (Kuala Lumpur)

It was a birthday treat to myself at the same time wanting to try out a low cost carrier service on Air Asia. It was indeed a great experience. Flight was fine, altho one needs to rush!!! At first, I felt like I was in a queue for a flight home as a refugee from war!! like.. hey... I need to get onto that plane stat! ahahah... Looking at people's behavious nevertheless made me smile or even laugh once in a while. Although on overall, I'd say it's not my best flying experience yet not the worst. The worst part of it was queueing up whether it be during check in or in line for boarding. Two words of advice for flying that airline is : BE QUICK!

KL really has changed since the last time I came which was in 2000? I really didnt know what to expect, all I know is Bukit Bintang, Starbucks, Masjid India, Shopping and Shopping again... of course which includes at those branded stores of Gucci, Prada, Zeqna, and they even have La Source! aahaha... What ever branded couture you want, you name it and there you are... I dodnt really care much and didnt even botehr to look out for these kind of places as I had no intention of buying or whatsoever. Tunggu ku shopping for wedding sama bini ku! Shopping tah ku tu brabis!!!! But with KL... it's so cekik darah!! I felt so miskin at Marks and Spencer where I could just easily dump anything I want from M&S UK and Singapore. KL, aiyo... tak der duit lah cik!!! Poket dah ciput... tak boleh lah cam gini kan!

What made me happy? Starbucks were basically within an arm stretch! It's so ubiquitous that I could refill myself at anytime! ahaha. I just left mom and sis do their shopping or browse around while I just sit at any bench enjoying the taste of fresh coffee or chocs! ahahaha. Buyung parut yo!!! Baik jua parut ku nada kana chop starbucks brand! ahaa Nandos on the otehr hand was great!!! Tapi panas berangat belaing mata makan!

The highlight!!!!!! *MUST READ*

I was in a hurry to urinate. So I rushed to the nearest toilet at the mall, paid 30cents as what it said on the signboard at this unmanned counter. Rushed into the toilet which has label "MEN" da'oh! ahhaa..

Siap business, I was so annoyed with this bin which I asked myself.. why the hell must there be a bin in the cubicle.. which never happened before. I read this label with instructions.. "Sanitary Bin"..... WTH!!! My eyes wide opened quickly thinking hopefully there will be no one outside!! ahahah. Buka pintu... Tada!!! A lady was washing her hands... hahaha. I was in the ladies LOO!!!

I apologised to the toilet attendant, and ran into the Men's just to wash my hands.. kira tutup malu and cukupkan syarat! aahahaha.

Comparison: the ladies are much more cleaner with no funny smells where as the men's usually smelly with ammonia smell of the urine hahha and smoke smell. Plus dirty too! AND of course urinals!!!! ahahah

Ok atu saja from KL. I bought nothing but samsonite bag, snake skin sandal and some otehrs. see below!

Image Hosted by

Comments on the trip:
  1. Journey was dreadful almost 8hours pakah!
  2. Orang KL ramai penipu.. especially the taxis!
  3. Starbucks, I am happy.
  4. Food and Drinks are sooo easy!!
  5. You can get almost anything but pricey.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Air Asia Flying in To Brunei.

Air Asia is a no frills airline that is aggressively making name in the world of Airline industry within the ASEAN and Asian region. It had also made its name known to the UK as it was the national carrier for Manchester United Football team.

Since the introduction of new Air Asia no frills system by Datuk Fernandez ( he has very thick Brits Accent btw), it has attracted millions of people to travel by air from point A to point B especially within Malaysia. With ticket prices ranging from RM0.99 to RM499 (excluding taxes), and captivating adverts around, undoubtedly it's a choice by many. With the slogan "Everyone Now Can Fly", many indeed who never had the opportunity to fly on aeroplane had the opportunity to do so. Holiday makers on the other hand smile widely due to the money they could save for a short flight.

As consequences of the establishment, its close rival Malaysia Airlines had suspended many flights especially those regional flights covered by Air Asia. Now, since July 11th, 2006, Air Asia made it first debut landing in Brunei International Airport. As a result, many brilliant ideas spurs online with comments such as "RBA is going to make loses" and many others. However, just bare in mind that Brunei International Airport is managed by RBA itself. Any landing fees etc will mean paying RBA.

BruStu is no exception when it comes discussing the above idea. Hence I came up with the possibile pros and cons of flying either RBA (or maybe any other major airlines) between Air Asia (any non frills will apply). This came up when one of the thread posters were saying "RBA sampit and kapal terabangnya damit." ( He was flying on RBA probably to KL and complaining the Airbus being small etc, so I was asking him, how does that make Air Asia any better which would probably even worse!)

Below is what I had to say about it:

I think the new retrofitted 767's are alright... and very good compared to SQ even...

Even the average Mat Salleh's who are commonly big built were able to fit in and sleep. If I were to compare SQ and BI, BI is more generous when it comes to seating pitch. More on the IFE System, BI ones are much better as it has this stop play pause rewind etc features compared to SQ which is on the tube. Altho I admit that BI still faces some glitches on its system inflight. But that is experienced by many other airlines as well.

Maybe I sounded biased comparing BI with SQ only.. cos I only travelled long haul with these two airlines. MH, BA, SI, and the rest are just for short hauls. BA sucks in a way for that matter... ahahha... for a short 1 hour hop in flight, you get "Trolly Granny" to serve you on board! ahahahhaa... That is totally out of the question anyways.

I dont know if I can compare between BI and AK as I have never travelled AK before (in few days time insyallah). But I can anticipate the inferiority in AK compared to BI due to the "No-Frills" idea. We will see how it goes.

Crew attentiveness wise, I dont really know yet what to say. But most of the cabin crew in AK are experienced crews. Some have worked for big airlines like MH, SQ, and even Middle Eastern Airlines. But still they have to suit their service according to AK's guidelines. But hey, as individuals, I dont think the crew would be that stingy to give that warm smile welcoming you on board, would they?

But as far as BI and AK in Brunei is concerned, we just hope for a healthy competition in the name of airline industry. We as consumers, we are now being given choices on which airline that suit your needs to transfer you between Brunei to KL and other cities. So utilise that open choices and opportunity.

If one is so loyal to an airline eg RBA, carry on flying BI and dont even bother with the existence of other carriers.

Advantages I can point out:




1. Our national carrier

2. Safety standards and Aircraft handlers are up to 1st class standards

3. Meals served on board

4. Inflight entertainment

5. Seating allocation and reservations / Guaranteed seating

6. Rescheduling for missed flights

7. Assistance for the needy ones : disabilities, unaccompanied minors, elderly etc (I have read and AK does not provide extra services for these groups of people)

8. Delayed flight services : eg Hotel, refreshment, transfers

9. Lost Baggage insurance refund. (more here compared to AK)

10. Baggage Allowance 20kg compare 15kg for AK

11. Aiport services including usage of lounges

12. and of course the brand

13. Mileage accrual for frequent flyers members (can redeem free tickets and upgrades)

14. Choice of classes

15. Code sharing services between airlines

16. Flexible flight times (depending on your destination)

17. Land at major international airports

Air Asia:


1. Cheap, altho not the case as always

2. Meals available, so one wont be starving

3. Qualified and trained cabin crews

4. Ticketless, so it's easy to arrange

5. Serves many Asian cities (dont know if this is an advantage)

6. Famous? *lame review indeed*

7. On time (it says they're 80% on time)





1. Highly priced

2. Allocated seating are not freely exchangeable unless the intended seat is unoccupied

3. Cabin crew may be sometimes grumpy (low chances)

Air Asia:


1. Price is not always as advertised

2. Need to book via Internet (think for those computer illiterate) altho now there are limited agents but with extra charges

3. Low Cost Terminal Aiports, usually far from city

4. Non guaranteed seating

5. No changes allowed for missed flights

6. NO extra services for delays

7. Refreshment onboard will cost you some money

8. No special assistance for needy ones (unaccompanied minors, handicapped, disabled)

9. Aircraft maintenance may not be as good as BIG airlines, although standards set by aviation authorities are fully met (IATA, etc).

10. Crew training (for novice crew) are not as intensive as major airlines, hence customer service "might" be compromised.

11. Ground services will be limited

12. No class allocation

13. Limited baggage allowance for free

14. Quick turnover flights means less time to clean and check the aircraft prior to next take off. Hence, substandard cleanliness etc.

15. No inflight entertainment

16. No blankets and pillows... jan prasan.. ahhaha so that comes under comfort then

Soon to be added and I will only see the truth when I experience it myself this 23rd July! ehehe so keep posted! Thank you!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Alright... my cravings and obsession.

Oh well at least I have some sort of mind diversion rather than concentrating on cravings for foods. My cravings will be posted in pictures below.

Other than my usual time spent procrastinating, I've made my day productive today. Cathy came with this brilliant idea going jungle trekking at Sg.Liang Forestry. Went there at 5pm where there were practically no one although there were number of cars parked. Had a long walk through the partially-paved jungle, up and down the hills, had a few stops to catch some breaths, then down following the track to the car park. It took around 1.5 hours to complete. Honestly, I could get lost if I was alone.

Had a few minutes rest with my bottled tea, sweat it off then came to think... what's next? Made a trip to Lumut recreation club. Went down and we had a closer look around. Off straight to KB and picked up my things for a swim at Complex Mumong. We started swimming at 7pm. Wow... what a day!! ehehhe

Ok cravings bit:


1. BMW X3.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

The new variant of X series SUV by BMW. Small, Compact and sporty. To me it's the luxury version to my current Vitara. With that of course it comes with a price and power. The small sportish look that attracts me most. It has a typical BMW interior finishing where you simply wont mistakenly it with any other car makers but BMW. The performance is simply sleek and powerful. Comes in 4 variants (I think) 2.0i and 3.0i Sport for petrol engines and 2.0d and 3.0d Diesel engines. On overall, this car really wins me. In Brunei, it is still a rare sight to be seen but there are few on the road.

2. Mercedes ML350.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

This car meant to come first before I fell in love with the X3. However, on overall this car supposedly no comparison to any SUV's within it's range of predecessors. Even Top Gear rated this car as top SUV with no flaws. Simply non negativity, may it be passenger comfort and safety to performance and style. However, the only downside to this car for me is that, the gear or transmission shift stick is attached to the steering wheel rather than the typical centre gear shirt stick. Otherwise, this car would definitely wins me. Hence came second on my personal cravings. Brunei: Also very rare species to be seen, probably will more to come on Brunei roads as it is quite new. Easily visible at the Jati showroom in Gadong.

3. Volkswagen (VW) Touareg .

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

In two strong words, I could sum up this car as TOUGH and STRONG. Physically this car is wide and low making it looking tough and powerful. Those two features that attract me the most on this VW. Close predecessor of look to the powerful and highly priced Porsche Cayenne. Interior wise, cockpit is the best with cool gear stick and dashboard. The control panel is simply elegant but sporty. Comes with many electronic features with mostly digital panels compared to the earlier X3. Why 3rd? Simple.. cos I prefer BMW and Merc.. ahhaa.. otherwise.. Touareg you could have won the battle.

*alahai~~~ pandai2 buat review... mampu beli ku pun inda (for now) ahhaha....~~~ tiada kena mengena pada yang hidop ataupun yang dah kondem!

Sunglasses or Shades or Sunnies.. whatever lah. hahha I need a new pair.
Image Hosted by

A collection of RayBan aviator shades. They're not the typical aviators but they are! ehehe. They may look the same, but they have some distinctive features to it. Simply hard decision there. Really need a new shades indeed.

I think for now that's it. My brains are all spoilt now! ahhaha

Have fun!

I got Punked!

Time: 3.30pm
Day: Wednesday
Date: 12th July 2006.

I received from an unlisted KB number. Answered the phone and the conversation starts:

Me: Hello
Her: Can I speak to Sani please..?
Me: Hi.. yes... may I know who's on the line?
Her: remember me? I'm from Ireland...
Me: oh yeah... *excited tipu* Hi... how are have you been?
Her: oh great.. I'm fine.. I was wondering if I could stay at your place?
Me: hmm... I am not really sure about that as I am staying with my parents. For how long do you intend to stay?
Her: a month...
Me: *geleng kepala*... owh... a mth... I am not really sure.. I will need to talk to my parents about that.... Where you at btw..
Her: I'm at Jalan pretty... cos I remember you said... you're from Kuala Belait...
Me: yeah.. I stay in KB... *speechless sekajap*
Her: burst into laughters and said... lai.... *cakap melayu*
Me: *still bangang* finding words of excuse....
Her: Carry on talking in malay..

then sekali siapanah!!!! Mummey BondGrrl!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and she said this "YOU GOT PUNKED!" hahahhah DAMN!!!

lamah jantung tulang menulang ku eh!

Being happy over small things isn't a crime.

Heya! For the past few days/weeks, I've been such a happy person. Maybe because my birthday is coming up soon! ahaha

Well yesterday, I had a great swim. Just to get back into shape. I lost a little waist centimetres and hopefully some Kilos as well. Have been on a diet plan and seems to be on track indeed. Had a wonderful thai dinner at lemon grass. It was damn goood!

This afternoon, I received two early birthday greeting cards. One of it is soo special that it came from an 11months old nephew. With his handprints on it! hehehe

So, I'm off to KL in few days time. Hopefully it's a gonna be all good! ehhe


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another embarassment?

The title says for itself! For the past few months I've been embarassing myself. If you've read my past writings, then you would know.

Ok, what fool have I made today?

I bought an item online via Malaysia company.. so they wrote me a confirmation email that reads like below:

Dear Tuan Haji Abdulah Sani Kamis ,
>>> Assalamualaikum,
>>> Saya Mohd Aman bin Muhami dari Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Saya CC this
>>> email to Big Marketing Group di UK, jadi saya kena guna bahasa English
>>> supaya mereka disana faham dengan apa yang nak sampai pada Tuan Haji.
>>> Terima Kasih!
Since he addressed me with the word "TUAN".. I was a bit prasan and honoured in a way. Although it's a common thing here in Brunei for a Haj to be addressed as Tuan and Hamba... but in Malaysia it does mean some sort of respect and status in a way (assumption?). So I decided to show off my kambangness to Cathy which reads:

woo hooo... I feel soo honoured and like a VIP to be called as TUAN!!!!
>> wahwhawhhawhahwa
>> But yeah, he got it right. "Tuan" is addressed to a Haji and the reply
>> would be "Hamba"
After sending, browsed the net for a bit and thought, eh? how come I did not have to put Cat's address? HOLY SHIT!!! I clicked "REPLY" instead "FORWARD"... so yeah.. basically he receives the above email from me! Such an embarassment kan?? Allah ma... sungguh memalukan.... too bad, internet was damn fast!!!!! Cannot undo... aiyah!

Ok have fun!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

What's Universal? English?

What is Brunei without people who are never satisfied? But we all are human beings, prone to disatisfaction and complains. Here's what happened last two weeks. A "brilliant" writer came up and wrote "the O'Level English in Brunei is meant for native speakers and not suitbale for our local pupils, and that the standard should be lowered" - along those lines. This triggered many other Bruneians to disagree. Many blogs have started to discuss about it including my kembangs KUMBS. She nudged me and asked bla bla bla... it was around 1 or 2am in the morning. While she was questioning me, I bombarded her with lots of opinions. I though why not put it up on opinion page. A week later (which is today) it is published on today's paper!! ahhahaha

Lowering standards is not the answer

Brunei is once again in a state of World Cup frenzy where all international football giants and fans gather for a common aim - the World Cup victory in the name of football.

At the same time, while after months, outbreaks like HFMD and Bird Flu are slowly becoming history, Brunei is once again being introduced to a new chapter of issues where the O' Level English has come into focus.

Why must this be happening in the first place?

Brunei has one of the best education systems in the region.

This can be seen as our qualifications are widely acceptable worldwide and the Brunei Cambridge GCE 'O' Level English is no exception. It acts as a passport for one to step forward in life such as employment and further studies.

For decades this has benefited many of our Bruneians to fluently converse, comprehend as well as writing in English.

The English language is universal. It brings international parties to a common language usage. One does not have to be genetically "English" to learn and articulate in English.

There are many factors that influence one's ability to do so. Like any other subjects, practice makes perfect. Looking back at many opinions raised so far, to say that 'O' Level English in Brunei is only suitable for English native speakers, is quite wrong.

Why do we need to downgrade the current standard when it is at its best?

What the authority needs to look at is the way the English Language syllabus is being carried out, the effectiveness of the teaching aids, methods as well as the quality of teaching personnel.

Are they up to standard to facilitate the GCE 'O' Level English candidates to grasp the art of mastering English Language at the same time passing the exam?

If facilities are in an acceptable condition then it is time to see the students' lifestyle and environment. Do they use the language fluently and read English books adequately?

Are parents making an effort to support their children learn English?

If so, but students still failed the exam, then the 'O' Level exam might not suit that particular individual's capability.

However, that does not justify for the standard to be downgraded and will not solve the problem at all.

A better suggestion would be providing struggling students with extra help and more alternatives in addition to the available English exams such as the IELTS and other few alternatives if one needs proof of English competency.

The point that I would like to make here is that there are alternatives to lowering the standard of 'O'Level English in Brunei.

The current system is still here today because there are solid reasons behind it.

In this regard, I hope the authority concerned would understand we have the best sytem going for our students and strives to improve it instead.

Last but not least, the Borneo Bulletin should also be acknowledged for successfully providing the nation with English reading materials all these years.

It is indeed time that Bruneians realised we are counting on progress and not regression, to take us to the highest possible standard in everyday living.

No pain, no gain, mate!

If topics like SARS, HFMD and bird flu can go obsolete, and then the idea of lowering down English standards in Brunei must surely have come from an obsolete thinker.

From the Weekend Borneo Bulletin, June 24th 2006.

My say is that, dont blame the floor or the music if you cannot dance!!!! Why blame the standard which is considerably low, but change the perspectives of our Bruneians and learning/teaching techniques.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Bum Lazy Bum!

I've been a lazy bum, hence the lack of updates here. I've been soo buruk sampai talur masin pun rotten pakah ku jaruk!

Today I've made a record again, I did not shower! ahahahahaha. Jimat air bagi Brunei tanah air tercinta ku!

Past week socialise quite a bit. Met Jimbo for the first time at Riviera Cafe along with Solinis (Nisa) and her hubby wubby jiwa raganya... Sham. We had a smashing night. It was when England Vs Paraguay match! ahaha.. gosh.. the game was I soo dont know. So make me paning. They were loads of people at the cafe with high football spirits and kejiwa mental nya ah!

Then the following Sunday, had a small gathering with my frens as a graduation get together. I knew I supposed to do it earlier, but what the heck. There were loads of foods and laughters. Hhaha.. Eda was soo amazingly BLONDE!!! hahhaa... So she was telling me with her master future plans... and yeah we decided to survey all the banks here in KB. And we did the next day.

Early morning, picked Eda and headed to Shell HQ and picked up Cathy. Had lunch at Riviera. It was great. Then came a master plan from mister ME!... "guys... let's watch movies.. at OGDC"... "I wanna watch cars" says Cathy... "but i wanna watch Xmen3" says Eda.. and I agreed. So to be fair.... I agreed to both of them.. let's watch both movies! ahahahahhaha... at Empire it was. That night we had tons of fun and laughters. 1am was still young for us. While waiting for Cathy to finish work, we lepaked moi nam for 4 hrs!!! Flat jubo ku slajur!

Currently, I am overwhelmed by all the letters I have received from University and all. I enrolled myself to the student intranet and I got myself an uni email addie. Went around trying the featured services. Came across the BOSS and emailed her to say hi and all. Hope she replies it soon!! ehehhe.

Gonna start arranging my medical arrangements and Hepatitis Screening etc. Gosh.. will have to start injection lagi. Gonna be hectic soon.

Last Friday, went to the Gym studio for 2 hours of cardio latin and aero dance! Mati kapisan ku eh. Nyasal ku.. ahah it's all my ego to be blamed! ahaha. I was dredfully karing! The next day what did I get? DAMAM!!!! over strain! So ladies and gentlemen... the lesson is.. ego can kill! ahahah.... But it was fun.

Ok... the verdict of the Bank surveying (on bank loans for Education purpose):

  1. HSBC - 5 stars for both customer service and products.
  2. BIBD - I asked at IDBB 3 Generous stars for customer service but not facilities!
  3. Standard Chartered - half star - stupid customer service, although friendly but stupid and stupid products!!!!! totally discouraging.
  4. Baiduri - Dont even think! It's all down the drain!! Useless personnel, not professional, and stupid product offerings!!!!!!!!!!! PALOI!!!
Ok... aku palau udah ni! ehhehe ciao!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today = cam-whore

Yeah, the title says it all. I cam whored today as I was totally bored. Sleep pc and sleep again. That's what my life evolves around the day of 24hours. However, the passion I have in photography is kinds igniting day by day. I find happiness when I shoot a nice photo and even more when I get to share them and make the other person happy.

So take a peek here what I had for today. CLICK HERE and enjoy! ehehe

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAlso, currently I'm reading this book. It's about instability of the world since Sept 11 and the author is trying to foresee what's the future like.

Ok that's all. Have fun yeah!!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Town bloopers!

Today I was a driver to Madamme Cathy! ahhha.. bleh. But I had jolly good time driving. At least that kept me awake rather than being a couch potato! Had good lunch at WyWy and tea with Pinky. Had a chat session with Pinky regarding future plannings.

Later on, went to town to get few DVD's. Parked a lil far than the targeted spot. After I got my DVD, arrived at my car, got the ticket and BOOM.... I couldnt open my car!!! Could be my remote said I! Then I saw a blue cartoon character tissue box! HOLY CAMOLEY!!! It's aint my car! ahahahaha.... then dengan muka selamba... aku menjadi tontonan umum di Kuala Belait! ahahaha...
I couldnt stop smiling myself and I rushed to my car which was like 6-8 cars away! ahhaha.

As of today: printer got dead and no spare part! and best of all I got embarrassed! ahaha


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Karma - what you plant is what you get as a fruit.

Greetings my readers.

Today woke up with a shocking news regarding death. Cleaned myself and got ready while waiting for mom and sis to come over. Later on I came to think whether I should go or otherwise. Then finally decided to go.

SIS: eh ikut tia ko ani?
ME: awu eh... karang aku mati nada orang aga aku! ahah...
SIS: tau pun.

So yeah, we should rajin attending invitations unless we really couldnt make it, funerals cos that's the last respect we could ever give to those who died and as a respect to the grieving family and friends as well.

I always hold onto this principle of KARMA, you do good, and people will do you good. It may not in instant but sooner or later without us realising you get back on what you have done to others.

Another thing that kept me thinking is how inconsiderate humans can be and why can't they have that a little respect out of them for a moment. I felt bad looking at people standing at the funeral giggling and talk about business and the joys of their life! I cant believe people would do that during a funeral while the dead body was still lying around! It should be moments of mourning not BBQ party for someone's triumph.

I do not against people gather around and talk to each other during funeral, nor do I against them to laugh within the limits as in just smile to that extend. But laughing like in a party is just too much while that someone next to you is sobbing crying over their loved ones. What were they thinking? Coming just to show you sympathise on the outside but not to empathise the grief one has. And again, if they wish to speak about anything else, do it in a low tone or wait till the body left the place in peace.

I thank god and being grateful that I had to see all those as to aware myself. I am posting this as I couldnt find any ways I could express the above and at the same time to share amongst us all.

Remember, what goes around comes around. It may sound cliche' but do trust the saying. Things happen.

Sani Kamis.