Sunday, February 10, 2008

Inspired by Takeaway

There's this programme on TV called Takeaway. It is a reality TV show that aimed at people who indulge themselves on takeaway foods. What they do is simply get the targeted people to see the origin of their favourite food including how they are being done. eg. Fried chicken = u need to catch the chicken, killed them, and so on...

From that programme, I simply get ideas on what I eat! ahah

So these are the results - Fish and Chips and Burger!!

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Intersemester Week - London - Kachu's visit.

Today is the last day of the inter-semester break. I've had 2 weeks off uni (one week from exam forthnight and a week from the reading week).

Exams were horrible. It was the scariest experience ever! I thought encountering the butcher was going to be the most horrific nightmare. Instead, the exams ahead proved me wrong. I had clinical pharmacology and local anaesthetics certification examinations as the hardest amongst all. The question paper was the thickest exam paper I had ever experienced. The final day seemed to be a little bit light, but not enough to be said easy, the Viva on pathology. There were 5 questions namely on human papilloma virus, cancers and moles, hydrotic and keratolysis, and the other one left unknown. I had the human papilloma virus. For 10mins, I felt as if I was being interrogated for answers to a planned explosion or terrorist attack of some sort. Here is how it went:

Choose question options 1 2 3 4 5.
Lecturer: It is 11.20 am 25th January 2008 and my name is Mr John Byrne. I am interviewing Mr A Kamis on module code PP225 Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Pathology Viva. The 10 minute starts now.
Me: read scenario and questions... and answer accordingly. *heart pounding like the new BMW M5*
...after 10mins
Lecturer: We are now done. Thank you and well done. Take care mate.
Me: *phew*... wait a minute. Mate??? I ain't your mate... I'm your student! ahahhaha

The break:

Last year, everytime there's long or medium break, I know where I will be heading to, Aberdeen to visit my sister. Now, since my sister have moved back to Brunei, I end up no where to go in the UK. Shahin was kind enough to offer me to come along to London, staying at his place for a week meeting his family and friends. I must say, it was a good week indeed. His family were so welcoming and the parents are simply very kind. Met his grandmother, it reminded me of one of my late aunts. She became a little emotional and she was hoping if there's a chance to perform the umrah with me, albeit being the first time meeting her. Apart of that, I met Shahin's cousins and uncles. Every place we went, there's always food to expect. Not just tidbits, but a full meal!!!!!

I also got the chance to explore more of London, from the central London where Shahin stays, we explored other places like East Ham meeting my friend, South London where we passed by on the way, North London where a friend lives and we visited to see the newborn Fathema. Would have been a complete one if we had the chance to go to Ealing to meet Milan for Kebab. Too bad, the weather was horrible.

In short summary we visited:
  • The British Museum
  • The O2 centre and watched Sweeney Todd, although only watched the first 20mins!! ahah
  • Ice skating at Queensway - I wanna do it again!!!!
  • Bowling
  • London Eye - amazingly, I wasnt scared at all!!!!!!
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At the end of the week, we went back to Eastbourne and picked up my sister on the way. Driving out of London was simply a pain during the peak hours. To Gatwick from central London took almost forever. But we made it on time. Hehhe

Kachu's visit here was simply what I looked forward to. Too bad the weather was extremely cold and windy, although it was nice and sunny. But it was not good and safe enough to explore Eastbourne especially Beachy Head. Her stay was a very short one. I am sure she will come back again.

It's back to uni again tomorrow. I have my clinical rota already. It is so confusing. I have to have it with me at all time, otherwise I might end up not attending or being at a wrong place at the wrong time. My supervisor is a Pharmacology and Paediatric specialist in Podiatry. Simply not easy to impress indeed.

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