Thursday, June 30, 2005

My trip summary.

Hello ya'll. I know many of you are waiting for this bit. hehe.. no worries.

On the 19th June: I got set and ready for my trip to the UK. Purpose is to accompany my mom to the UK as she will be with my sister for her first baby delivery. The flight was fine, recognised some cabin crews from which had served me on some flights before.. that now I realised I travel alot! haha..

On the 20th June, we landed safely in Heathrow after a quick stop in Dubai. After 4hrs or so of transit and long walk in Heathrow, we boarded British Midland BA1306 to Aberdeen on the right time. We arrived few mins before time.

Anticipating that my sister will be waiting us at the gate.. which se usually did. But this time she took the wrong lane instead taking the international route. haha.. so We only get to meet her at the Belt. Waiting and waiting for our bags.. my instinct told me that we gonna be stopped for thorough check cos our bags seems to be the last.

Yes.. I was right... so we were detained fro few mins for thorough inspection. They retained our udang karing and a bottle of honey. Well at least Uk is not as strict as the Aussies'. And I had to put my name on the dotted line! :( am I a criminal already of trafficking? hahah... choi! My mom tu inda percaya!! I had to be no lies yet no truth when I speak lah.. hahah...which was hard.. cos Im kinda lurus bendul.

So for 10 days in Aberdeen, I know where to go and stuff. We had lunch at the Chinese restaurant (my favourite really and drooling now!) and they served us a huge portion of Kway Tiaw.. ala kway tiaw basah in Brunei.. and covered with fresh seafoods!! yes.. basar udang nya!!!! And it was fulfilling.

Besides those, I only managed to grab few bits as part of my shopping. Uk wasnt treating me good this time for shopping. Mostly stuff were limited as in size and suitability. Most of my frens kirimans pun I couldnt find. I was basically there for my family. So without orientation, I took my mom around, get on the bus while teaching her at the same time. So we had fun together and of course with the couple (sis and her hubby).

While the couple at work, mom and I were basically couch potatoes! hahah.. we eat sleep and headed town.

Among the highlights were, visit to Balmoral Castle, Hazlehead Park and of course the Beach! Ramai orang picnic... it was just that one day prolly cos the rest of the days were not Summer basically!! Masih chilly and no sun but angry clouds.

Next time I come to Aberdeen hopefully October... definitely gonna visit that Chinese restaurant again!! Damn!! It's totally different tasting than what you could find here in Brunei.

So I went to many stores, but too bad.. my size weren't there.. and some inda padan ku makai... some mati harganya! and.. probably last season.. cos I spotted stuff that I saw last winter I came. So.. malas ku..

My shopping highlight is my flipflop! ahaha bahagia ku!!

Flight Details.

So... on the 29th June, I got ready and to be sent to the airport. My flight were not as planned! Death I could sense! Supposed to fly from Aberdeen at 2pm and arrives Heathrow at 3.30pm. I checked my baggage in and the lady told me that I can checked my baggage to Brunei only up to Heathrow. Menaing I had to claim and recheck that baggage in just 90mins!!! Man that is not enough time! We're talking Heathrow here! So I managed to ask her.. bla bla bla.

Luck were on my side.. but not quite yet. So she called some of her colleagues.. and managed to put me in a delayed Flight which is just in few mins time. The plane should take off at 11 was retimed to 11.55. So after checked in I ran to the gate, hugs everyone (tears kali here? hehe) and I went off. Berat rasanya...

At departure, I had mix of emotions. Sad, scared and anticipating the possibilities. PLAN B was in my head. There I was... being told again the flight retimed to 1300hrs! Man.. so I only had 2hrs basically in Heathrow! die.. cos policy for check in has to be 3hrs before departure!

Sampai heathrow around 3.30pm... and I ran like mad person starting I disembarked the plane. At the baggage claim, it took me 20mins. And ran for Terminal 3. There were many doors and entry points.. paning ku milih.. luckily my seat mate showed me!

I thot that was the end.. but I was totally wrong. So I took a lift and there.. I saw this sign "Terminal 2,3 and $" bla bla... so.. I took the right path and run run run and run! It was a total Olympics for me. Lucky me I havent had my lucnh for that matter otherwise I wud have thrown up. And Lucky for me being alone.. otherwise.. if my mom were there.. I will put her on my trolley pakah!

20 mins of forceful run.. I arrived at Terminal 3 just 1.30hrs before departure. I had to run looking for the Right track that displays RBA. So there... met a wonderful Bruneian who I accompanied and vice versa. While in the que, made some friends with some Aussies haha we chat and chat... then The Bruneian gal atu was her first time travelling alone out of Heathrow. So she was lucky to have met me! haha.. prasan. She was nice and honestly terpikat ku!!!!! MAN she was not lawa but just nice.. macam minum teh secukup rasa!!

So I went in to departure.. helped her out with some bits.. and headed starbucks to reward myself. Had the largest size of Caramel Frappu and a Muffin.. that was lunch! Quick shooping at heathrow and we headed the gate. PUN JAUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mati!

Next to my seat was empty and I asked this stewardess yang LAWA if I can put the gal in.. so yeah.. we sat together and chatted thruout till Dubai. And I was not suprised that she was orang KB! hehe...

Oh yeah.. stewardess nya banar banar lawa!!! Unlike the biasa ones.. ani lawa! baik lagi tu...

Ok lah.. that was it... Pics gonna come up soon! Vry soon!

Love yall

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Break.

Well... I guess it's about time for me to appreciate my hardwork and well time to have a break.

Tomorrow is my flight to United Kingdom. As usual, I have mix of emotions. Damn... I bet there will be tears tomorrow.. cos my mom will be staying in the UK for quite long. Besides, there are important events happening while our leave... especially as far as mom is concerned. Cos my mom can be said one of the important people in the family.

Again... Congratulations on your wedding my niece! ehhe Happy life ever after. Chevvy Kambangs... sorry lengs.. me cannot is the live cnn telecast for you.. haha aku pun away di perantauan. You good Luck with ur exams by the way.

So, I'll be taking off at 2000hrs... and arrive heathrow 6am. Next flight around 12noon and arrive Aberdeen at 1.30pm. Gonna be a tiring flight.. but no worries... mom will be next to me.. happy... ada bantal bergerak.

Balik... alone :( grr... I hate flying alone!!!!!

On the brighter note... RIVERISLAND, FCUK, GAP... here I come!!! ahahahah... :P

Love and hugs... high 5 jua..
Sani Xhu

Monday, June 13, 2005

Semester Break?? Or more work?

Assalamualaikum ya'll.

Today is my first day of semester 6's holidays. Man, I have loads to do inspite the break. Altho I am settled with my bookings, I am yet to pick it up probably on Thursday the latest. God knows how much the prices are!

So, today, I went to the hospital for my usual appointment. So it has been quite sometime since I saw this particular doctor. He's considered quite a "person" in the nephrology unit. So we chat a while and he asked about my current career and I told him that I'm in my final year of Nursing training. So as usual the question pops out... "where do you want to be placed?"... and I said.. "definitely not renal.. cos I had too much of it."

So.. we moved on to other topic and bla bla bla. So before I left, he stopped me. He said this " I hope you would think with what you said earlier, cos I can talk to someone about a position for you. We need a nurse like you with first hand experience... to be a health educator. You will be a great asset to us... and no one can take the position the same as you, not even a doctor able to do so. If you want, you will be in a good position and we'll arrange for further education abroad soon. and you'll be working at the RIPAS Education Department under Nephrology."

I replied.." *smile*... yeah I might consider... cos health educator is one of the prospect I'm looking at.." hehe... and he said again "I hope you think it carefully and tell us the answer." heheh..

Gosh... is tat a good one or what?! ahhahah...

Other than that, my niece (my cousin;s daughter is getting married).. oh my gosh!! that is a totally a gunshot into my head! I was like... WHAT!

Oh well... I hope everyone is doing their very best for the best and the best ever after.. gehheheh

I'm off peeps!

Take k.. hehe


*thinking*.. hmm nurse educator,... hmm... hagahhaha

p/s: I have not talked about the payment $$$$ gegegeggege

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sani Kamis is Back!

Right folks. First of all what's with the title line? Hahah no biggie just that, now that I have control over myself and being myself again. The one who is known for his easy goin, charming and sweet?! ahah Did I say that out loud? Bet I "didnt" haha... oh well....

Right... Thanx for those peminat setia! hehe.. Hotdamn.. I know you're one of them! ehhe.. DingY, my sweetie.. than for the support, Mistress.. thanx to you too.

So for the whole long break of this blog.. I had loads of good moments which deserved to be blogged. Unfortunately, time did not permits me to do so. But then, I'm not gonna disappoint you guys out here cos I;m gonna summarise it all in here!

First, I've finished my dissertation at last!!! Yes.. and many was quite impressed with my work done. On top of that, I even finished it before time... woo.. I didnt expect I could manage. hehe.. So that's the biggest thang happening to me. Well that is really the triumph in the course. Again... results awaiting... die die die !!!!

Secondly of course, I had a call saying my flight confirmation. Sad or Happy.. I dont know which emotion to use. Sad, cos the time I;m gonna be spending in the UK will be short! Yes I HAVE NO LONDON TRIP!!! too bad innit! How is that possible to go to UK not spending time in London! ahha On the brighter side, I am happy because gonna be spending time with my loved ones there! heheh.. and flying too.. although a dreadful flight I anticipate.

So in detail, I'm flying off to London on the 19th evening and arriving London around 6am UK time. Then about 4hrs transit in London, fly to Aberdeen on the following. Then... antah... balik on the 29th arriving 30th!! Short innit???

So during the absence, I had a spongebob plush given to me by Pinky! ahha.. Tell ya what.. that was my first time given a plush toy! ahha... On top of that, Pinky gave me a rose symbol of friendship! eheh.. We gonna start a tradition soon! well that I cant tell.. hahaha... So in total I had a rose, spongebob plush and spongebob phone chain! ehhe... bahagia kan??

So I guess, Ive spilled everything out aight? heheh...

So okie dokie peeps! Enjoy!



Mistress: thanx !!

DingY: nah.. my flight details as above! ehhe

Chev: me sana 10 days! ahha...

Hotdamn: enjoy!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The journey! hahha

Holla ladies and gents! sorry for the long absence. I certainly have good reasons for that!

I just had my one and only exam paper for this semester. How was I doin?? Damn, I deserved a shit for that. Why? I didnt study much? Prolly because my new room is soo gloomy that makes me just wanna go sleep. So what did I do before hand?.... I went around town, driving in my luvly SUV babeh! ehhe.. Went to panaga club makan makan... then enjoying the serenity of green golf course and of course the pool. It's a poolside restaurant tho. Then went DVD hunting, bought 10 of them. And watched all of them. I only studied what... 5hours? damn! I have in total about 15 topics ... but hell! I only re-read what I have forgotten, others will depend on how much I've gained throughout my concentration in lectures. That is just my way really... pay attemtion in class and participate!

So during exam? I just smile and kusuting! hhaha.. I targeted the right questions really.. but I neglect to study them. So whose at fault? Ya bet! So I answered blindly on the

  • theories of child growth and development and it's association with home accidents.
  • nephrotic syndrome
  • a haematoma in the occipital lobe, discussion of diagnosis and emergency intervention <-- this I DIE but I like questions like this.
  • The primary and seconday assessment in triage.
  • lastly the discussion of patient undergoing General anesthesia.
Iatah bahagia kan?! iish... tuhan saja tahu... hahaha.... But I am not alone to have this situation. Evryone did, and everyone was complaining how hard the paper was. It's not the question itself but how the question was presented and critical thinking as well!!

On a brighter note, I;ve booked my tickets to Aberdeen! YAY! hehehe.. then My dissertation is complete and only waiting for Kamini to check it for me... hopefully by Monday. I cant wait for my semester holidays!... hmm time to fly alone .. again! gosh!! 24hours of boredom throughout the journey!

I also able to get my laptop live again! hahah... I bought a new adapter's cord! yippie...

So what are or were my coping strategies? I went to makan as usual! A BIG FAT MAKAN! hahaha..

So loving you guys!


Hotdamn: I know you're gonna read! hehe thanx

Xeno: waves balik

Nisa: hi hi! heheh

DingY: nothing much to say but missing you! Meeting ya soon before I leave for the UK okay!! HUGS!

Chevvy: hehe KAMBANGS!