Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Aberdeen Visit.

As you guys can read from my previous posting, about the decision to fly to Aberdeen was made in the very last minute. It's all for the sake of meeting the newborn Joshua and everyone.

So it was October 4th. Nervous but not as bad. Why? I hate flying alone, that was why! At the airport, not many Bruneians that I could pick. Mostly were transit passengers from Australia. So I went into the departure gate when it was my call. At the gate, they questioned me about my pasport. Well aint suprise at all. Cos my picture in there is soo different. But it went no problem.

So it was my call to board the plane. The flight was delayed a bit and we had to wait for quite some time in the plane. Then, an old Aussie lady came to sit next to me. We chatted a bit and we got along well. Then after take off, she moved since there were some empty spaces left. My front seat was occupied by 2 Bruneians. The crew was great.

As usual on RBA, we landed in Dubai. In Dubai, the two ladies sat in front of me smiled at me. And I find that so dodgy since they were sitting far from me. They looked like discussing over sumthing. In the plane she turned and asked. "Are you Bruneian?" Yes, I replied, and a little relief expression on her face. To cardiff? she asked. No, to Aberdeen. cut short, she was asking so she could get someone to give a hand on her BARANG! is she nuts!

So a crew came over the conversation and telling us that, they are only 4 Bruneians on board, 3 female and 1 male = me. The person they were looking for was a chinese guy with specs on. ahha and the crew pointed me. I said NO NO.. im heading Aberdeen.

Arrived at Heathrow on time. We landed quite far from the exit. At the immigration, it was quite deserted. Not the usual busy Heathrow. So, my turn was almost immediate. The immigration officer was an Indian lady (not trying to be racist here). So she fiddled around my pasport and questioned me with her thick brits accent! She looked at me, and asked me how old I am and stuff. Yes the picture again!!!!!!!!!!! Among the questions were, why do I visit UK more than twice in a year, what do I do, and how come I have free time, what my sister does bla bla bla. Luckily I brought aling my student nurse ID to show her as a proof. So I was released by her Senior after my case was brought to his attention! FUCK! well alhamdulillah.

Claimed my baggage, and ran straight to terminal 1. That was a long walk for me. Checked in and I got £10 voucher to spend on refreshment as British Airways temporarily stop refreshment service on board. Sat outside the Terminal 1 for almost 6 hours! and it was damn cold! Then finally it was my call.

Arrived in Aberdeen safely. There she was! eheh Kachu and her new baby. Gave baby josh a kiss and he looked puzzle. My heart start to *aww* on him. He's my nephew my heart says... ehhehe...

At home, mom was busy washing the dishes. I came in and say hi. She turned her head and just say hi spontaneously! and She turned again for a second time and shouted... "ALAI!!! Kau tu!!! her eyes teared and hugged me kiss me and say.. kau ni banar.. aku inda mimpi??" ehhehe... She was overjoyed and told me how she couldnt sleep and all. It was almost 5 mths! hehhe... and she told me the few nights she had teh feeling that I'm gonna come! ehehhe Mom instict.. dont play play! ahha

There, I spent good time. As usual, get to hang out with kachu's and kolin's friends. We had iftar the evening and I was booked for making my delicious corn soup for iftar at Maya's house. heheh we chatted and updated everyone on what I've done and all...

Shocking period when mom was speaking English well... nicely with complicated english words.. like "splendid" buleh.. ahhahaha and of course, how can I miss shopping in Aberdeen. we went down to Edinburgh in one of the days too. It was nice and walking through the memory lane. I went to Edinburgh with my frens on a school trip. Not much changes heheh but I had good time there. But weather was terribly cold!

Then it was time for me to say goodbye. But this time, I met Garry (kol's Bro) in London before flying to Brunei together. heheh So inflight he was aiming this particular gal and bla bla bla. I bought good chocs that he kept on asking me who are they for. yes the entire flight.. if I could count it was more than 30 times that he asked me the same questioned that I gave no answer. Inflight, I broke the airline headfone as it was stucked! ahhaha.. I did many terrible things. The crew served us were the same guy who served me Dubai London. So we chatted a while at the galley... ahaha...

In Dubai, we had McD.. ahha and Garry was trying his luck with this gal. So it went well. Then on arrival in Brunei, heheh things were back to the usual Bruneian style.....

I certainly miss the UK environment!! heheheh The highlight of the trip was paying a visit to the Spirit of the Dance show. It was worth every penny!!!!! SIOK BRABIS... nice tap dances, good quality singing, jazz and many songs by the Tanner Brothers. all and all... SUPERB, it paid off my exhaustion of coming there and definitely a chilling time for me after the exams. Will see if I have the money and will to go there again! wee hee...

Those were all happening in just 10 days... eheh I could write more but the above are just the highlights. ehhehahha... karang berdepa depa panjangnya! hhaha

Updates... finally!

As usual, it has been ages since the last blog. Just look at the archives section, it says October when I last posted.

Anyways, since the last post till date, many things and events happened. Among the highlights are:
  1. My Suprised Visit to Aberdeen, for mom.
  2. Hari Raya
  3. My Vacation to Langkawi via Singapore.
Maybe for the above, I'll just break it into sections as individual blog posting, OK? ehhehe..


Thank you for your setia-ness. ehheheheh

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