Friday, February 03, 2006

I Not Stupid Too 2.

Heya folks!

It's 10.20pm. Today was basically my day off. Worked night shift last night. Terrible but smooth. An old man was possessed.... gosh.. and I had to handle it alone!!! But yeah... it was all fine.

Then, today... not much. As usual with how I would spend my day offs. I refused goin out with Kev for murtabak since I was already full besides... aku alum mandi that time.

Evening, Cathy texted me and asked me to join Jolene and her for a movie. I went on saying yes and met them at OGDC.

That was my first time going to OGDC cinema. Well not bad.. ehhehe... provided the spot you chose is a right one. But... paying and going all the way to the Mall to catch a movie still simply worth.

So arrived at OGDC a few minutes earlier than them. And I didnt even know what movie we're about to watch.

It was "I Not Stupid Too 2". Good movie, simply makes one to ponder and reflect. Not just a comedy genre, but really makes one to think about what we have done or have had gone through during our past. So I definitely would recommend the movie!


Kachu: WOW.... Josh drinks on his own!!! That is great!!! He's really a brilliant kid! Boxercise? COOL! ahahah

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TAG HEUER... eh salah.... TAG REPLIES! ahahha

Here we go... ehhehhe

I is the malas to is the post... so tag replies tah saja lah.. ehhehe badak banar kamu sekong sekong!!

Badak Chevvy: hahahah... awu but they found it.. gladly! ahahha... Nah.. it;s impossible for that to happen. It's a digital thermometer yang instant ah... anu macam pistol... so that is HUGE for any orrifice.. ahahha... well at least for mine!

Badak Lina: YEah.... eheheeh it;s my baby now!!!

Bg Saini : haha you have the previledge of me not calling you BADAK.. ahhaa cos respecting you as an elderly! ahahaa... But yeah.. thanx for dropping by. MAAL HIJRAH TO YOU.

KETUA BADAK PHANTOMS: hahaha... dude.. Im giving you the honour being the head of badak! ahaha.. ok? ahhaa Kate's? I go if you go... ehhee but make sure time is right!

Badak Khairy: HEHeh thanx... check saja tia... eh.. but apa saja ko check ani/atu? hahaha

Badak TJK: ooh you the jubo badak yes?? hehehe... Bet you are!

Kachu: shall I call u badak as well? .. but on a second thought... that wont be necessary.. cos you'll always be my RAJA SINGA!! ehehe.. LOVE YOU!!! and LOVE JOSH TOO!!!

Okay..... missed anyone? if I did... sorry saja ah... ahhahaha