Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is back again!

It was scorching hot yesterday in Eastbourne. Although I was busy with my presentation assessment preparation, I couldn't resist from going out enjoying the nice sunny day. Where else could be better when it's nice HOT sunny weather in Eastbourne if not the beach. Hehe plus, it was Shahin's first day off from Sunday work in 2010. He has been studying and preparing lots for his exams. I've been through that period myself, so I told him to chill up a bit and go out. Had lunch at the Balti's but he didn't join the beach as he had to return home to finish his printing. But he joined us back for tea in the evening.

The town centre was not that pack as people were flocking to the beach. 2nd picture, my old street where I used to live. Convenient place for food!!

Then went to the Balti's for their great curry and people. They always gives us discount without even having the loyalty card =D The bajis

Lost a kilo over the week, and stuffed myself up making it 2kgs in minutes!

Then met up halfway with Kak Nora and the rest (finally) after long waiting for them

Didn't do much at the beach, just spending the time and took pictures really. And we found dead crab! It stank so badly but Kak Nora insisted of taking it home just to see things more closely...

Look at them! The blue waters and sky = so beautiful!

Random shots.

A bit of me own shot and ice-cream!

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